Main OperationalWolf



Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazards: Chronological Hazard, Meta-Physical Hazard, Translocation Hazard1

Containment Protocols: Due to the constant evasion and disappearance from Authority field agents, physical containment for RPC-XXX has been deemed impractical following all recorded attempts.

All incremental information that circumstantially involves RPC-XXX are to be suppressed and redacted from public access, along with historical documents and current events. Personnel are strictly forbidden from approaching or interacting with RPC-XXX during any surveillance operations.

In the event that RPC-XXX's current whereabouts has been located, field agents are to document the activities of RPC-XXX when in visual contact. Additionally, all documents and imagery that have been recorded are to be subjected into a level 3 access.

Description: RPC-XXX refers to an unidentified humanoid male, measuring approximately 1.9 meters in height, and appearing to distinctly wear a black suit, fedora, and often would be seen to carry a black briefcase.

RPC-XXX's anomalous properties becomes evident when an incident occurs anywhere in the world, and RPC-XXX will instantaneously locate to that incident through teleportation. RPC-XXX has been previously documented to relocate to several places at once following multiple incidents having to occur. This has been documented when RPC-XXX was observed to be at London during the 7/7 Bombings, and an espionage scandal occurring in Ottawa, Canada in 2005.

Observational reports have shown that RPC-XXX would often blend in with civilians to an unknown extent amount of time. However, RPC-XXX has been seen to position itself in crowds or near obstructing objects where a surveillance team would have difficulty maintaining visual consistently, and is often seen with a small notebook recording it's surroundings.

Previous surveillance operations shows that RPC-XXX would document its surroundings by writing it down on a notebook, however, close observation reveals that RPC-XXX to be writing in an encoded language. Decoding the notebook gathered from surveillance imagery have been almost impossible to decipher due to RPC-XXX's consistent change of its encoding method by symbols and writing. Although, some symbols would often be recognizable and easily translatable into dates; it's unclear the significance of these dates as the time of the year is not included.

Discovery: On ██/██/████, onsite personnel at Site-███ reported sightings of an unidentifiable man wearing a black suit and fedora wandering around the facility. Onsite security attempted to apprehend the man, but were unsuccessful after reporting the man had exhibited anomalous behavior. One hour following the man was reported, RPC-███ breached containment and had escaped the facility. RPC-███ reaches [REDACTED], Switzerland, causing ███ fatalities and ██ casualties. MST ██████-███ had been dispatched and managed to recontain RPC-███. During recontainment process, MST personnel reported sightings of the same suited man as reported at Site-███. Director of Site-███ launched a preliminary investigation regarding the suited man and had resulted in a wide scale operation to track the aforementioned individual. The suited man was designated as RPC-XXX on ██/██/████.

Addendum XXX.01: Observation Report

Addendum XXX.02: Incident Report

Addendum XXX.03: Historical Accounts

On May 3rd, 1901, a conflagration occurred in Downtown Florida which resulted in many structural buildings being destroyed and leaving at least seven casualties. During the incident, however, many witnesses had reported of an unidentified individual in a black suit leaving the Cleveland Fiber Factory minutes before the conflagration had occurred.

On November 8th, 1929, when Adolf Hitler attempted to bring a coup against the Bavarian Government, many bystanders reported of a man in a suit standing in St Mary's Square and took down in his notes while the coup was taking place. Authority field agents from the German branch have noted that the unidentified individual had disappeared following the coup being suppressed by Bavarian forces.


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