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Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazards: Chronological Hazard, Meta-Physical Hazard

Containment Protocols: As RPC-XXX constantly disappears during initial containment process, along with limited knowledge regarding RPC-XXX, physical containment for RPC-XXX has been deemed impractical. Due to the sensitive nature and circumstantial events that pertains to RPC-XXX, all incremental information that involves RPC-XXX is to be suppressed and redacted from public knowledge. Any discovery of RPC-XXX being referenced to any historical document, or current events, must be reported immediately.

In the event that RPC-XXX's current whereabouts has been located, Authority field agents are to maintain visual at all times and document the surroundings for any possible occurrence. Additionally, all documents and imagery of RPC-XXX is to be subjected into Level 4 clearance.

Description: RPC-XXX refers to an unidentified humanoid male that appears to be 190cm tall, and is observed to be distinctly wearing a black suit, fedora, and often seen to be carrying a briefcase.

Observational reports has shown that RPC-XXX often walks and blends in with civilians to an unknown extent amount of time. However, RPC-XXX has been observed to be positioned near a crowded area or near a certain angle where Authority personnel could not maintain visual, and would takeout a small notebook and begin writing down its surroundings. Oddly, RPC-XXX would not view its notebook, but instead would continue viewing its surroundings and at the same time record it, and it has been noted that RPC-XXX writes down his notebook in an encryption.1

While RPC-XXX does not exhibit any known anomalous properties, it becomes evident once an eventful occurrence has happened, or in anyway attempts to physical interact with RPC-XXX, RPC-XXX will immediately disappear from any individuals line of sight and that includes surveillance cameras. Additionally, it has been observed that RPC-XXX would switch from one occurrence to another worldwide as this was the case during the 2005 London bombings, while a espionage scandal occurring in Ottawa, Canada in [DATA EXPUNGED].

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