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Due to the sensitive nature regarding the anomaly, all related files are subjected to a Level 4 classification.

Accessing this document is strictly monitored to prevent unauthorized access.

— Site Management


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Red Gamma-Red (See Incident.Log)

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Mind Alteration Hazard1

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained in a specialized containment chamber located fifteen kilometers below the surface of Site-██. The chamber is materialized out of titanium alloy that measures to be six meters in length and width, however, the entrance to the chamber is constructed out of a complex blast resistant door to prevent internal locks from being manually opened by RPC-XXX's psychokinetic abilities.

The containment chamber is to be secured by at-least five onsite security personnel that is equipped with a specialized-issued firearm that is manufactured out of carbon fiber. Onsite personnel are prohibited to make any interactions with RPC-XXX, and are prohibited from entering the containment chamber unless approved by the Site Director. Additionally, a yellow hazardous line is to be established by a six meter perimeter as a safety precaution.

Any unusual behavior being exhibited by RPC-XXX within the containment chamber is to be reported to onsite security immediately. Additionally, any onsite personnel exhibiting the same behavior when exiting out of the containment chamber is also to be reported to onsite security.

Description: RPC-000 is an ancient anomalous entity that is last of its species, and appears to be 2.67 meters in diameter with an elongated head which sits over a mouth-like tentacle of tendrils and four illuminating eyes. While not appearing to have any reproductive organs, nor digestive organs, RPC-XXX does appear to have respiratory organs that seem complex to that of a regular human.

MRI scans reveal that RPC-XXX's respiratory organs appear to have four distinctly lungs that are separate apart and are not connected to each other. Each of these lungs have a large capacity to store and hold in oxygen for long term periods. Interestingly, RPC-XXX has been shown to capably inhale oxygen and carbon dioxide, and would often convert inhalation depending on the environment that RPC-XXX is exposed to.

While posing as an aggressive entity towards onsite personality, RPC-XXX manifests its psychokinetic ability through neural impulse manipulation. This ability allows RPC-XXX to detect and control neural impulses, and influence the subjects thoughts and consciousnesses which can include in the termination of the subject through blocking the heart's contraction or overloading the target with neural impulses.

RPC-XXX can also establish a link between individuals to mentally pick up and transmit these neural impulses. Additionally, RPC-XXX's psychokinetic ability allows objects to be manipulated but excludes any objects that has been fabricated out of carbon fiber reinforced polymer. (See Addendum XXX.01)

Addendum XXX.01: File Attachments

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