Maintenance Union Tale #1

"sir" "don't call me sir" "sorry, was only two Union guys at OL-site-bumfuck" "ah shit, I understand"

pamphlet/promises - "not enough clout with Comms"
Cooks don't want better meat, they want more meat. Comfortable bet to make

Russia Maintenance Union - "I don't think really get it…" - like Putin's strongmen in Chechnya. Penultimate scene is Bates triumphantly crowing over the new Authority site in Belarus

"He can't never beat fair and square, so she's tryin' to change the rules till she wins.

Look, I really, I truly, I from my bottom heart do not give a shit between boy, girl, black or white, Juan and Tyrone and Reginald dear boy, ain't none of that matters to me. S'long as you're a dues-paying Union member, you got my respect and you get to vote."

"We don't pay dues."

"Yeah, well, sounds good sayin' it."

Even Shelley, or god forbid Pritchard the Prick, they a

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