MarUltra122 Pleasure Iron

Class: Not Safe For Work

RPC-S429 is a set of anomalous objects found originally in
1. [REDACTED] , Arizona. Objects are:
2. [REDACTED] Co. Stainless steel iron
Power co Testosterone Pills.
Upon seeing the iron, subjects are compelled to use the iron.
Subect now known as RPC-S429-1 will proceed to iron RPC-S429-2. RPC-S429-1 will then wear RPC-S429-2 and abruptly cease bodily functions. After a 24 hour span, RPC-S429-1 will begin reanimation. RPC-S429-1 abruptly grows (or enlarges their own) Breasts. RPC-S429-1 will then take the Power. Co. Testosterone pills and immediately grow a pair'a balls. After thus, RPC-S429-1 Will then acheive.

I'm bad at RPC Writing.

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