Registered Phenomena Code: 902

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: No Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-902 is the glass of RPC-902-1 in the village of ██ on the island ██ of Scotland. RPC-902-1 moved to site-007 in 20█. No other abnormality appeared in RPC-902-1. RPC-902 does not require an extra Containment Procedure due to its structure

Description: RPC-902 is a normal glass when viewed from the outside. In research, it was found that it does not have a different effect than a normal glass when viewed from the outside. However, when viewed from the inside, RPC-902 looks like a galaxy. The owner of the title of RPC-902-1 Mr Breen ████ not found. It will be questioned as soon as it is found. One of the attempts to insert a camera into the RPC-902 was successful and in the other 17 tests cameras were melted. The RPC-902 appears to be at a point 624.476.030 light-years away from the earth as it seems. RPC-902 will be used for waste disposal for the benefit of the RPC Authority.

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