Mikem3's first RPC



RPC-XXXX when found in apartment complex.


Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX is to be contained in a standard cell in site-███. While the exact conditions of the cell RPC-XXXX is being stored in do not matter, it is required that the cell allows personnel easy traversal of the room and should be able to hold at least 6 people for emergency purposes. No important staff level 2 or lower should enter the room without permission from a senior scientist of level 3 or higher to avoid unnecessary causalities.

RPC-XXXX's cell should be well maintained and cleaned regularly to avoid the build-up of decomposing flesh and blood. Any personnel entering RPC-XXXX's cell should stay at least 1 meter away from the east side of the room due to RPC-XXXX's anomalous properties. Any questioning of D-class personnel experiencing RPC-XXXX's effects should be done whilst the personnel is inside of RPC-XXXX.

Description: RPC-XXXX is an unbranded bathtub made from white plastic and stainless steel. RPC-XXXX cannot be moved in pieces as attempts with power tools and machinery proved futile in the movement of RPC-XXXX unless moving the object as a whole1.

RPC-XXXX shows anomalous properties when any being, which understands the purpose of and how to operate a bath, enters it. Immediately after entering RPC-XXXX subjects will feel disgusting, descriptions include, feeling sticky or slimy, while some subjects describe it as, "being drenched in a vat of mucus," or, "being drowned in a tub of fecal matter."

After a short interval of time between 2-10 seconds, subjects will have the sudden compulsion to use RPC-XXXX. The subjects will lay down in the tub and turn the handle of RPC-XXXX which will dispense water at 274 Kelvin exactly. RPC-XXXX is able to materialize water through unknown means as when the connection to the water-works was severed from RPC-XXXX, it continued to dispense extremely cold liquid2.

After the water fills to about an inch in the tub, subjects will begin to scrape away at their skin with force, occasionally drawing blood. Any attempts to remove the subject past this point results in the subjects showing suicidal tendencies. After approximately two minutes and twenty-three seconds, the subject will experience extreme symptoms of hypothermia. Just after three minutes and eighteen seconds, the subjects will have died from hypothermia. Once a subject dies in RPC-XXXX their skin and muscles will begin to decompose rapidly. If this process is left to its devices, the subject will rot to the bone.


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