Registered Phenomenon Code: 212

Object Class: Orange-Gamma Purple-Beta

Hazard Type: Sentient Self Replicating Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols:
All information on Rpc-212 shall be handled by standard information containment protocols,Finding the origin of Rpc-212 specimen is high priority in order to understand the full scale of the situation(To see all origin theories see Document-212-CP-2).
Rpc-212 entities are to be treated and recovered in a gentle manner,if the entity is within a rage state do to its situation use anesthesia darts on the creatures bothering Rpc-212 than use trained D-class to soothe the entity or entities,When calm lead entities into padded mobile containment chambers. There are currently six(6) instances of Rpc-212 within containment,Rpc-212 are held separately from each other in furnitureless containment chambers with specifically designed feeding mechanisms in the ceiling.
Under no sercomstances is any more testing to be done on instances of Rpc-212.
Termination theories are to be approved by seven or more Level 5 members.
Under no circumstances are the following allowed near Rpc-212 entities:
• Manmade Products
• Precious Materials
• Extremely Warm And/Or Cold Objects
• Anomalies
• Living Lifeforms
• Other Instances Of Rpc-212
• [[Data Expunged]]

Rpc-212 …(will continue soon)…

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