Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha Yellow

Hazards: Ecological hazard, Regenerative hazard, Transmutation hazard, Bio-hazard, Gravitational hazard, Sensory hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX-1 must be contained at a 100 meter square containment area at site-██. Personnel may access containment area for under 30 minutes by allowance of a class-4 personnel. If personnel are exposed for a longer period of time, they must be decontaminated. No unauthorized personnel or civilians must enter containment area.

Description: RPC-XXX-1 is a 5 meters tall, wide and 10 centimeters thick circular loop made of a metal-like substance of unknown origin. When RPC-XXX-1 is damaged, it seems to "grow" back to it's original state despite it's inorganic nature. RPC-XXX-1 stands attached into a metallic structure that extends underground, seemingly made out of the same material. Every evening from 19:00 to 20:00 RPC-XXX-1s circular loops center ignites in a purple flame. When a person goes through SCP-XXXX-1 when this happens, they end up in an unknown dimension named RPC-XXX-2, which is not normally observable.

RPC-XXX-2 has multiple anomalous beings and features. RPC-XXX-1 has multiple Animal and plant species not seen on earth which have been named RPC-XXX-3 to 8. Gravity is also observably higher, leading onto more difficult movement. Nature and buildings around 100 meters from RPC-XXX-1 seem to convert and/or deconstruct, and be replaced with nature typical to RPC-XXX-2.

RPC-XXX-2 contains a specie of virus named RPC-XXX-3, and when personnel are exposed to it, it will start to convert the surroundings into nature typical to RPC-XXX-2 around the infected for an unknown reason, ultimately covering the body of the infected and using it as nutrition to grow. Personnel infected with RPC-XXX-3 also get symptoms inducing blurred vision, decreased brain activity and heavy fever. Personnel exposed to RPC-XXX-2s nature must be decontaminated asap to avoid possible infection.

More species await discovery

Addendum XXX-A: RPC-XXX-1 has two sides, which from the other resides in RPC-XXX-2

Addendum XXX-B: RPC-XXX-1s metal composure seems to be very light and durable, resembling titanium. Testing is ongoing.
Addendum XXX-C: RPC-XXX-2 is very similar to earth, due to a gravity and an atmosphere able for life to form.
Addendum XXX-D: RPC-XXX-1 extends underground, and seems to be a top part of a giant temple, or some kind of castle.


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