Moenennbys' Big Boys

A photograph of RPC-ΛΩΣT taken during the Tokyo Incident. RPC-ΛΩΣT's "humanoid" form is visible in the distance.

Registered Phenomena Code: ΛΩΣT

Object Class: Omega-Black

Hazards: Psychokinetic Hazard, Memetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-ΛΩΣT cannot be contained. Containment protocols therefore consist of preventative measures to be taken to reduce casualties and/or mass extinction upon RPC-ΛΩΣT's manifestation.

Upon the manifestation of RPC-ΛΩΣT, Protocol Lazarus-Ereipio is to be engaged. Should Protocol Lazarus-Ereipio fail, Protocol Kasai-Perdido is to be engaged.

Protocol Kasai-Perdido is as follows:

A database containing the DNA of all known living organisms will be transferred aboard UCA-113 "Ark". A group of 20 pre-selected individuals will be transferred aboard to serve as the primary facilitators of Protocol Kasai-Perdido, henceforth MST-ΛΩΣT "Denizens of Eden". Immediately prior to the total destruction of reality by RPC-ΛΩΣT, MST-ΛΩΣT will be responsible for engaging UCA-113 "Ark", thereby creating an independent reality plane, and as such, rebuilding the entire universe.

Should Protocol Kasai-Perdido fail to be engaged, or should an unforseen error occur, it is recommended that personnel follow Protocol Spe Amissa.

Description: RPC-ΛΩΣT is a quasi-metaphysical entity comprised of a black substance which appears to be unaffected by conventional notions of matter, linear time, physical laws, spatial consistency, and reality. Matter that comes into contact with RPC-ΛΩΣT will be completely erased from reality. RPC-ΛΩΣT is sentient and sapient, and has repeatedly presented itself as a deity, having been revered or studied in various forms by groups such as the Artelixi, Church of Malthus, and Children of Nihil, among others. RPC-ΛΩΣT has attempted to escape its self-imposed containment multiple times, causing numerous extremely devastating events both in our universe and others. RPC-ΛΩΣT is also believed to be capable of manipulating the mental state of those in its presence, typically resulting in the rapid onset of psychosis.


A depiction of RPC-ΛΩΣT created by instances of RPC-983-1

RPC-ΛΩΣT possesses absolute control over all aspects of reality when released from its containment. This has occurred at least 4 times, 2 of which happened in our native universe. The first occurrence of RPC-ΛΩΣT in this form is theorized to have caused, or at least contributed to the Big Bang. The second occurrence was during RPC-499, during which RPC-ΛΩΣT attempted to free itself by implanting a small "clone" within a pregnant human. The birth of RPC-ΛΩΣT caused a massive reality-destabilizing event, during which reality temporarily ceased to exist. Due to an unknown force, RPC-ΛΩΣT was forced back into imprisonment, and reality was thus restored. Protocol Lazarus-Ereipio was successfully utilized to restore normalcy and insert false memories in those affected for the duration of RPC-499.

The intentions of RPC-ΛΩΣT are unknown, as it has never made explicit communication with Authority personnel. It is assumed that RPC-ΛΩΣT's primary goal is to destroy humanity.

RPC-ΛΩΣT is believed to have been contained within RPC-983 for the majority of its existence. Examination of RPC-983 have shown it to be an instance of a Safford-Treddough Omnipresent Reality Constant, giving reason to believe it was intended to bind RPC-ΛΩΣT to a nullified form of containment.

Addendum-1: RPC-983 has been compromised, leading us to believe that RPC-ΛΩΣT has manifested itself in some unknown location. Protocol Lazarus-Ereipio will be engaged.

Following the breach at RPC-983, a memo was sent regarding instances of RPC-983-1 in custody.

Addendum-2: A memo regarding the breach of RPC-983 was sent.

Attempts to seize documents pertaining to RPC-ΛΩΣT in GoI custody are pending approval.

Addendum-3: Approximately one month after the events that took place in RPC-983, RPC-ΛΩΣT manifested in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Task forces assigned failed to report back after 30 minutes; As a result, a series of unmanned rovers were sent to survey the scene.

The arrival of these unmanned rovers confirmed the instance. RPC-ΛΩΣT was in a form approximately 200 meters tall, and was killing most of the city's inhabitants. In addition, the buildings surrounding RPC-ΛΩΣT were completely destroyed, with most matter immediately ceasing to exist upon contact with RPC-ΛΩΣT. Numerous appendages composed of a black substance were being utilized by RPC-ΛΩΣT to attack civilians. One rover was able to see a group of members of the Children of Nihil preaching to nearby civilians before being impaled by one of RPC-ΛΩΣT's appendages.

Notably, RPC-ΛΩΣT was continuously increasing in size throughout the event, causing all of the rovers to eventually be destroyed. Approximately 1 hour after the event, a satellite image was broadcast that showed that the entire island of Japan had been consumed by RPC-ΛΩΣT. The governments of China, North and South Korea, and Taiwan issued nationwide declarations of a state of emergency, and subsequently martial law.

The manifestation of RPC-ΛΩΣT caused an Omega-Level Security Breach, resulting in Scenario 21-C "Lifted Veil". Immediately after this, co-operation between the Authority and other similar large-scale organizations began in an effort to contain RPC-ΛΩΣT.

Addendum-4: The rapid growth and destruction caused by RPC-ΛΩΣT has created a refugee crisis throughout the world. A surveillance team stationed in Strassbourg, France, documented an event at the Germany-France border.


A photograph of RPC-ΛΩΣT taken from Site-99.

Addendum-5: Following the destruction of Europe and Asia, Protocol Lazarus-Ereipio has been engaged.

Addendum-6: Protocol Lazarus-Ereipio has failed:

  • Attempt 1: Succeeded, RPC-ΛΩΣT immediately manifested again following this.
  • Attempt 2: Partially Succeeded, reverted to before RPC-ΛΩΣT had destroyed all of Japan
  • Attempt 3: Failed, RPC-ΛΩΣT located and destroyed a Lazarus Entity before the protocol could be completed.
  • Attempt 4: Failed, RPC-ΛΩΣT located and destroyed a Lazarus Entity before the protocol could be completed
  • Attempt 5: Failed, RPC-ΛΩΣT destroyed all remaining Lazarus entities.

Protocol Kasai-Perdido has been initiated.

Addendum-7: Protocol Kasai-Perdido Live log:

<Begin Transmission>

We have successfully finished loading all of the remaining supplies aboard UCA-113. Request all clear signal.


Control, do you copy?

They're no longer with us. Shit.

Amber, we need to engage the protocol now.

Control, do you copy?

Just fucking do it already!

Fine. Now launching UCA-113. Farewell Earth.

Amber, Earth's been destroyed.

Shit. Have we reached peak speed yet?


Uh… Miss Treddough?


The entity appears to be extending itself beyond Earth's former location.


You, I mean, we did prepare for this, right?

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Colin, have we reached peak speed yet?

And, now. Yes, we have.


Mrs. Treddough?


This is going to work, right?

I hope so.

Heather, give me an update on Lamda-Omega-Sigma-Tau.

I'm afraid it's consumed the sun.

Shit. It's faster than I thought.

Mrs. Treddough, I have some urgent news!

What is it?

The entity is catching up to us!

What? Colin!


I need to ask you something.

Go ahead.

Do you think we could successfully activate UCA-113 right now?


Do you think it would work?

Why? We still have a long way before we arrive at the STORC, I don't understand?

The entity is catching up to us.

What? I… I don't know. Theoretically, it could work, but…

But what, Colin!

There's a chance we could end up dying in the process.

Amber, just a chance?


At least it has a chance of working. Everyone, prepare to engage UCA-113's "Ark" sequence.

The entity is gaining on us.


Please, god…


Miss Treddough?


Amber, I…


I have a visual on the entity!


What… what happened?

No, No, No, No, NO! Goddammit! Fuck it all!

It didn't work…

We had a good run.

Miss Treddough, the entity i-

<End Transmission>

That's how it ends, I guess. Sure, you could say it's a downer ending, but that's pretty much how things are. Funny, huh. I used to think that happy endings were real, back when I first started with the revolution. That's why I started to begin with. That I could solve all the problems in the world.

That was 10 years ago. Of course, I was able to accomplish my goal. I thought I was actually going to be able to make some sort of change. The speeches and rallies, the people told me I was their shining light.

Some light, I guess. I should've seen it coming from a mile away. All the friends and colleagues I surrounded myself with, they didn't truly share my ideals, no. All they cared about was their power. I was upset when they decided we needed to crack down on dissent. First, they used force. I was even more upset when they started using technology. They changed the minds of those who dare speak up about their own corruption.

The people grew resentful towards me. Where was I to stop all of this horror? I was thrown into a cell, at the bottom of the monolith, left alone to rot away. I had but only a small window through which I could observe the fetid, decaying corpse of society. The smog and grayness took over not long after.

Of course, I was allowed some living things, like this diary. I started writing various things, mostly personal, although occasionally I would dive into creative writing. Through this, I created a world where the nasty deeds of humans and nature alike could be ascribed to tangible things. Each and every day was a time to craft these entries, those objects in which I ascribed my soliloquy. It was a pleasant escape.

All good things must end though. Today, I am due to be released. The idiots who rule over this planet, however, have decided to notify the populace.

A mob has gathered outside, and I can hear their bloodthirsty cries. With that, I must end this entry. I only ask of one thing… God, please save my people.

The guards have sent for me.

This is the End.

The Thinker closed his dusty, decrepit journal for the last time as the guards approached to unlock his cell. The gruff, harsh voice of one of them told him it was time to be released. The Thinker dutifully arose from the makeshift desk within his cell and exited the cell. The guards led him down a long, barren corridor down to the area where he would be released from.

As they drew closer, the frenzied cries of the crowd gathered just outside the monolith grew louder. The Thinker closed his eyes to remember the future he had desired, for one last time. When he opened his eyes, he had been forced out of the monolith by the contemptuous guards. He uttered not a word, nor any screams of anguish.

He simply closed his eyes once more, and accepted his fate as the feverish mob tore his flesh apart.

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