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RPC-XXX after being summoned.


Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is by self-containing by nature. RPC-XXX may be summoned via the smoking of a Venturi pipe, of only organic wooden materials. After doing so, the user may utter the phrase "No shit, Sherlock." RPC-XXX will manifest, and act annoyed at the phrase.

Description: RPC-XXX is the shadow of a humanoid (presumably male, judging by characteristics) that acts like and claims to be the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. It is unknown how RPC-XXX moves, speaks, or indeed does anything, since there is no physical object casting the shadow.

The main characteristic of identifying RPC-XXX after summoning is, ignoring obvious differences from normal shadows, it possesses what appears to be a fedora on its head. It also possesses the ability to move and speak, speaking in a British accent accurate to the character. It has shown excessive knowledge of traditional Sherlock Holmes literature, although only knowledge the character would have.

In addition to this, RPC-XXX has repeatedly claimed to be the founding member of the Authority, and shown knowledge of inner Authority workings. This has been disproven by Level 5 personnel numerous times, but RPC-XXX has not been told this. Further investigation into how RPC-XXX has gotten this information on the Authority is ongoing, as well as how it knows information that are not from the characters' time period. RPC-XXX has shown extremely high-level deduction and academic prowess, as to be attributed to the character it claims to be. To date it has outsmarted approximately [REDACTED] Authority personnel, although only in show of skill, and not in a combat environment.

RPC-XXX has shown the ability to seemingly predict the date and circumstances of personnel's death, but only when it has proper information gathered on the person. Instances of this have been labeled XXX-1, as they will die at the exact time and circumstances that RPC-XXX predicts. This is generally warned against when summoning and/or communicating with RPC-XXX.

Although RPC-XXX is generally cooperative with Authority operations, Theta proposal is denied, due to RPC-XXX being theoretically able to outsmart the researchers testing on it. RPC-XXX has, however, been used in numerous containment operations to date.


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