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Full Name: Sophia █████, D-9876

Date Of Birth: 21/09/████

Position: Test Subject

Clearance Level: Level 0

Physical Description: Currently ██ years old, 1.78m tall, and weighing 57 kilos.

Biography: Prior to their arrest in ████, D-9876 was discovered attempting to infiltrate Site-002, claiming they had found "Area 51". After being investigated by Authority personnel, they were found to have had an extensive criminal record, and were thus mind-wiped and forced into testing on RPC objects.

Due to D-9876's continued involvement in experimentation regarding high-risk anomalies without suffering fatal injury, this document was created to list prior sessions. Despite the sustained success of tests involving D-9876, this document serves as a reference for prospective personnel seeking D-9876's participation, not as a document for possible anomalies affecting them.

Researched Anomalies:

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