Registered Phenomena Code: 399

Object Class: Theta-White Epsilon-Red

Hazards: Sapient Hazard, Ideological Hazard, Visual Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-399 is housed inside an Andromeda-Class2 containment chamber at Containment Sector B of Site-074. No forms of written media that include redaction of any method are to be brought within a 15 meter radius of RPC-399. Due to this; the containment chamber of RPC-XXX has been specifically modified to withhold movement from RPC-399, while it remains stationary in the center of the containment chamber. Under no circumstances is RPC-399 to be allowed near any computer containing a version of the Authority database.

Description: RPC-399 is a quadrupedal entity, possessing a mixture of phylum Mollusca and mammalian features. Though RPC-399 possesses a human skull, multiple tentacle-like protrusions can be observed extending from where the human chin would normally be. A full physical examination of RPC-399 has yet to be conducted, due to its anomalous effects on human vision.

When viewed through biological means, RPC-399, and the space around it, appear visually distorted. The viewer will then feel an urge to look away from RPC-399, lest resulting in severe discomfort, nausea, and/or an urge to have their memory wiped of the event. It is unknown at this time whether this is caused by anomalous means, or that RPC-399 is simply biologically contorted enough to cause general discomfort.

Despite possessing no non-anomalous medium for verbal communication, RPC-399 is able to verbally communicate with those in its containment chamber regardless of native language or forms of ear protection present. When conversing with RPC-399, individuals have noted an extreme urge to tell the truth, in any way possible. Ignorance of this urge results in physical pain in both the skull (notably areas surrounding the brain) and vocal cords of the individual. RPC-399 has also expressed an inability to lie when confronted with questions, however this could merely be out of choice. recent developments have proven RPC-399 is incapable of lying. When asked a question, RPC-399's standard response will be a one-word reply that sufficiently describes the answer to the question it is asked. For in-depth answers, RPC-399 shows a tendency to wait until upwards of 15+ questions have been asked in one sitting before providing a longer explanation.

Any and all redaction methods brought within RPC-399's containment chamber are instantly nullified. This includes methods such as amnestics in human subjects. Due to this, only personnel who have not been subject to so-called "mental redaction"3 are not to be permitted inside RPC-399's containment chamber. This anomaly also applies to material describing RPC-399, including this document.

Addendum: RPC-399 was discovered beneath a church in rural England. Upon discovery, the inhabitants of the church claimed that the anomalous properties of RPC-399 were "god's will" and served to aid in their duties. Those who came to the church with the reason of "telling the priests their sins" would find RPC-399's anomalous properties hindering them from withholding information from the priests. RPC-399 was later moved to Site-074, and the priests were charged with misuse of an anomaly.

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