the man who sold the world



A mutated Ambystoma tigrinum, somewhat resembling RPC-XXX.


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Omega-Yellow

Hazards: Extraterrestrial Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is contained via the ongoing diplomatic efforts of MST Whiskey-7 'Space Force', the U&IIB1, and the AEDF2. Relations with RPC-XXX and its affiliated mechanical constructs are to be routinely communicated with in order to maintain diplomatic relations, as detailed in protocol 058-Sigma. In the event RPC-XXX becomes hostile to Authority personnel in any way that is uncharacteristic, an Authority-wide emergency situation is to be declared.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation for a member of the 'Shos El As'3, seemingly in the upper class. RPC-XXX is distinguished from other identified members of its species by its willingness to communicate with Authority personnel, and its unusually large pool of wealth.

There has only ever been one instance where RPC-XXX physically interacted with Authority personnel, labeled Event XXX-058-Delta. During this event, a physical analysis of RPC-XXX was conducted. RPC-XXX is, seemingly, part of an animal kingdom not native to Earth, resembling a mixture of hexapod and amphibians. RPC-XXX physically resembles a member of the Ambystoma tigrinum species, however with six limbs. When standing on its hind legs, as it did when conversing with Authority personnel, it is approximately 1.5 meters tall.

RPC-XXX, along with the rest of its species, communicates via a mixture of color-coded bursts of light, generally being emitted from the heating of scale-like plates on their chest and limbs. Verbal communication is also conducted via a chirping sound, which can then be converted into standard morse code/binary for interspecies diplomacy. RPC-XXX, despite being entirely extraterrestrial in nature, has shown numerous times that it is fully capable of understanding and/or operating inside Earth political/economic systems, the most notable of which being capitalism. RPC-XXX has shown interest numerous times in participating in the economy, specifically in the United States. These requests have so far been denied by Authority personnel, however RPC-XXX has been assured that, if the non-anomalous community ever discovers extraterrestrial life, it will be allowed to partake in capitalism.

Despite RPC-XXX having its main mode of communication located on its chest and limbs, it has been observed wearing clothing composed of a fabric-like substance. RPC-XXX has informed Authority personnel that this is 'formal dress' for its species, and that RPC-XXX is a 'wealthy businessman'. These claims have been backed up by the level of technology observed in RPC-XXX's possession being more advanced than that of its species main government. RPC-XXX has assured Authority personnel that it is not a government official, just a very wealthy individual, that owns a private space agency similar to those found on Earth.


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