RPC-XXX-1 prior to termination.


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Red Omega-Yellow

Hazards: Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Anti-Physical Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols:Following the incident on 01/10/2016, RPC-XXX, previously contained by the prolonged efforts of RPC-XXX-1, is now currently incapable of being fully contained. The remains of RPC-XXX are to be kept in Bali, Indonesia, and guarded by Authority personnel disguised as local civilians. the Indonesian government has been told of the Authority presence, and is currently cooperating with containment efforts. The entrance to the location containing RPC-XXX's remains is to have at least five personnel stationed at all times, and the direct location of the remains are to have at least two personnel. If RPC-XXX-1 manifests anywhere near the location of RPC-XXX's remains, an emergency situation is to be declared and negotiation efforts are to be made.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation for an anomaly formerly surrounding the English singer/songwriter David Robert Jones1, to be classified as RPC-XXX-1 for the purposes of this document. Before 01/10/2016, RPC-XXX manifested solely around RPC-XXX-1, and only showed hostility to those that RPC-XXX-1 had previously had negative relations with.

RPC-XXX, when manifesting, assumed control of RPC-XXX-1's body, and used it as a way to express itself. It is unknown whether or not RPC-XXX-1 willingly allowed this or not. When RPC-XXX was in control of the body, it showed a number of anomalous abilities not present in a normal human. The foremost of the anomalous capabilities shown by RPC-XXX is the ability to significantly warp probability, however only in relatively minor ways. The cause for RPC-XXX only being able to warp probability in minor ways can be pinpointed to approximately 02/10/1980, wherein RPC-XXX-1 was observed having a verbal argument with RPC-XXX. Prior to this event, RPC-XXX had never shown any form of restraint in its anomalous capabilities.

Although RPC-XXX on its own prior to 01/10/2016 was a relatively safe anomaly, since RPC-XXX-1's termination, RPC-XXX has been observed showing symptoms of a mental breakdown. Since RPC-XXX-1 elected to have their body cremated upon death, RPC-XXX has been observed manifesting as a transparent humanoid that only vaguely resembles RPC-XXX-1. The day following RPC-XXX-1's termination, RPC-XXX manifested and promptly told Authority personnel it wished to revive RPC-XXX-1. When this request was denied, RPC-XXX attempted to do so regardless. It was stopped by the efforts of Authority personnel, however an armed presence at RPC-XXX-1's burial site has been required ever since this event.

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