Registered Phenomena Code: 154

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow (White reclassification pending on request of Dr. ███████)

Hazards: Auditory Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the mobile nature of RPC-154, containment is impossible at this time. Although RPC-154 has yet to harm any civilians, its anomalous mobility poses a threat to secrecy, and MST X-Ray 6 'Anullifiers' is to be dispatched if RPC-154 makes any form of local/international news, or appears in any social media platforms.

In the event RPC-154 manifests, Authority personnel are to be dispatched to the area, however not engage RPC-154. They are instead to watch it sing, and ensure no videos or images of RPC-154 are leaked onto social media, or other platforms. RPC-154 has been recorded singing an extensive variety of songs, with the majority being released between 1980 and 1990.

Description: RPC-154 is an anomaly manifesting in the form of a 27 year old individual, vaguely resembling a Japanese male. At this time, RPC-154 has yet to pose a threat to any Authority personnel or civilians. However, due to its sapient status, it is to be classified as yellow until further research is conducted into its anomalous effects.

At this time it is unknown the methods by which RPC-154 manifests, or the circumstances required for it. The anomaly has only been observed to manifest in shallow bodies of water (anything less than a meter deep) with a tendency to manifest in rivers. Once this occurs, the entity will procure a pair of headphones and a microphone and proceed to sing.

The songs RPC-154 sings possess anomalous properties of their own, believed to be generated by RPC-154, and not the songs themselves. In all recorded cases of RPC-154 singing, the following has consistently occurred:

  • Listeners experience an increase in dopamine levels.
  • Listeners' hostilities towards one another cease.
  • The weather in the area clears.1

Discovery: RPC-154 was first discovered in a river in █████, Japan. Upon manifesting, local Authority personnel were alerted to the disturbance and attempted to contain it. Containment efforts were inconclusive. No personnel or civilians were harmed by the effort.

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