Military Intelligence Section XIII Hub

Throughout the 20th century, Military Intelligence Section XIII expanded its structure and internal divisions to ensure that the state security of Great Britain is always one step ahead against the anomalies and groups of interests without disrupting the functioning of society and government. It's unclear how structurally large Monarch Security is, but it's been speculated that the agency garners funding and resources from government and the commonwealth.


Buckingham Palace


In times of our history as a constitutional monarchy, this kingdom has continued to carry on its title as the United Kingdom against foreign and domestic threats in the past, and the present. The Crown recognizes your commitment to the front lines against those who do tyranny and evil against the Crown, mankind, and god himself.

You are to tread into the darkness, and defend against this evil lurking beyond our barriers, and with righteous fury, slay them in defense of the Crown that we all respect. You will not be alone, there will be others in the darkness to guide you to locate the source of evil, and destroy it if necessary to protect god and country.

It is with my pleasure, and great honour, to welcome you to the Institute for Monarch Security.


Institute for Monarch Security.

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