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Idea Outline

Zeppelins and blimps are biological creatures from another dimension or maybe plane of existence that are summoned by some random ritual. Henri Giffard summons the first blimp and Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin accidentally performs this ritual and summons his first zeppelin, but they can't just say they summoned them, so they have to cover the idea up by saying they designed and built them. Every one ever 'made' was actually summoned. Later on, they attempted to synthesize them because them being biological and having to summon them is not a viable idea considering the fact that there are multiple species. One example being the Hindenburg, which was a volatile sub-species. The risk of summoning these massive beasts is greater than the risk of just synthesizing them, so they begin to kill off the blimps and zeppelins.

Their nature as sentient gentle giants is abused by humanity and they are enslaved.

Additional Ideas

  • They're fleshy, but the flesh is hidden with construction inside.
  • What if their screams of death can't be heard by humans?
  • As stated above, the Hindenburg was a volatile sub-species. The summoning is random.

Timeline of Zeppelin Stuff (in the real world with story bits mixed in)


1850 - Henri Giffard begins experimenting with anomalous occult rituals.

1852 - Henri Giffard accidentally summons the first blimp following a failed demon summoning ritual. He covers up its existence by saying he designed and built it.


1861 - Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin begins experimenting with anomalous occult rituals.

1867 - Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin learns of the true nature of blimps and begins attempts to summon one.

1869 - Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin fails an attempted summon of a blimp.

1891 - Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin gives up his attempts to summon a blimp. He begins to research the origins and function of the original ritual.

1900 - Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin deviates from the standard summon process and summons a rigid sibling species he promptly names Zeppelins.

1906 - The German government commissions the construction of a fleet of Zeppelins to be used in World War 1.


1917 - The journals of Ferdinand von Zeppelin are recovered by the Authority. Summoned airships are designated RPC-XXX and containment attempts begin.

1920 - Airships begin to realize they are being enslaved.

1921 - The British R38 Zeppelin is contained by the Authority. It is dissected to learn more about its species.

1922 - The US airship Roma crashes following an attempt at freedom.

1923 - The French Dixmude crashes.

1925 - The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company begins constructing non-living blimps, oblivious to their original nature.

1928 - The attempted summoning of a Zeppelin results in the appearance of the British R101, a Zeppelin part of a volatile sub-species.

1930 - The British R101 crashes violently due to interference by an attempt at containment from the Authority.

1931 - Suspicions in the dangerous nature of airships rise. Construction of naturally made airships begins.

1932 - The Hindenburg is summoned, but its construction is feigned. It is also a volatile sub-species.

1933 - The USS Akron is contained by the Authority.

1937 - The German Hindenburg crashes. Occult summoners begin to realize the airships are dying in their numerous attempts escape human control.


1940 - Construction of airships becomes standard. Previous summoned airships are killed.

several creative liberties have been used when modifying history

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