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RPC-XXXX Photographed in August 4th, 196█. A boulder on RPC-XXXX's Carapace has been magnified to show scale.

Item #: RPC-XXXX


Crater ████████, RPC-XXXX's "territory." 84 km in diameter and 6.2 km in depth The central hole is the entrance to an underground cavern presumably constructed by RPC-XXXX for habitation.

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: [protocols]

Description: RPC-XXXX is a 135.4 metre long, 68.7 metre wide and 41.3 metre tall1 terrestrial isopod and resembles a species in the Armadillidiidae family albeit over 7,500 times larger.

Uncommon for Armadillidiidae species, RPC-XXXX lives in a burrow below Crater ████████ on the Moon. RPC-XXXX's behaviour is consistent with that of a typical woodlouse and is generally docile.2 The feeding habits of RPC-XXXX are currently unobserved however various other actions and a general routine has been recorded over extended periods of observation - although this routine doesn't coincide with the lunar day causing researchers to create a "routine clock" based on the time between the first action observed on one routine and the same first action the next time the routine is performed. The routine on average is roughly 29 hours long.

Average Time (29 hour "Routine Clock") Action/Event Additional Notes
00:00 - 02:00 RPC-XXXX wakes from rest and leaves the underground habitat. RPC-XXX is slow and easy to follow just after waking.
02:00 - 05:00 RPC-XXXX patrols the whole of the crater, on occasion it will move to the southernmost edge of the crater and either walk in tight circles or stand completely still for a ten minute interval. RPC-XXXX gets quicker during this time. It is currently unknown what the occasional activities in the south are for.
05:00 - 17:00 RPC-XXXX returns to the underground, not all the activities during this time are documented but it has been determined that it visits at least third of the internal chambers.
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