RPC-XXXX instance attacking a ship belonging to the Japanese coast guard, January 9th 2009

Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Omega - Red

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Aquatic Hazard, Climatological Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Grouped Hazard1

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX instances are currently un-contained by the Authority with no feasible way to contain the anomaly as of yet. Research is still being done into determining the number of instances and into the possibility of containing an instance for research. Currently the authority uses geosynchronous weather satellites to detect potential RPC-XXXX manifestations and then deploys Pacific based units of MST Alpha-2 "Maritime Praesidio Subvehi" to rescue the targeted crew. If the assigned unit cannot rescue the target, that is the mission would result in the total loss of the targeted crew, major losses of the unit or the unsustainable loss of authority equipment, the rescue is to be deemed a failure and the assigned unit's objective will be recovery of survivors and information of RPC-XXXX. Rescued/recovered persons are to be interrogated in the nearest available authority facility and then promptly amnesticised and handed over to the proper authorities.

Description: RPC-XXXX are an indeterminate2 number of beings resembling the umibōzu3 of Japanese folklore. Instances of RPC-XXXX can range in size from around 5.8 centimetres to nearly 13.3 metres tall. The form of RPC-XXXX is universally that of black ellipsoidal being lacking any discernible features aside from what appear to be two luminous white eyes. RPC-XXXX lack proper limbs and instead can create limb-like structures similar to pseudopods4 in order to interact with objects. It has been discerned that RPC-XXXX instances aren't actually physical beings as they are completely made of mundane sea-water, it is currently unknown what causes the water making up the instance's physical form to become black, or glow in the case of the eyes, and it is simply assumed to be an anomalous property of RPC-XXXX instances in general.

All RPC-XXXX instances have been reported in the Western Pacific Ocean, with a majority of instances reported between the longitudes of 120° East and 170° East5, and North of the Equator. Most reports describe a single instance of RPC-XXXX manifesting, however groups of RPC-XXXX have been sighted and the largest group yet reported being twenty-six instances.6 There is a correlation between whaling and military vessels and the manifestation of RPC-XXXX instances with nearly three quarters of all boats targeted being in these two categories.

Initially, the craft targeted by an RPC-XXXX instance passes into an area ranking an absolute 07 on the Beaufort wind force scale8. If the craft is any form of sail powered vessel, it will lose momentum due to lack of wind. This stage of the RPC-XXXX manifestation can last anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours, during this time any crew will feel increasingly stressed and paranoid which is able to severely hinder cohesion or ability to properly man the vessel. After this initial period is over, RPC-XXXX instance(s) will rise out of the water. Once the RPC-XXXX instance is above the surface of the water, the weather conditions change from a 0 to a 129: winds have been recorded reaching ~40 m/s and waves reaching heights of 20 metres. As well as this, wind and wave direction is highly unpredictable with it being able to change rapidly, increasing the risk of the vessel being struck dangerously. The most common cause of death during an RPC-XXXX manifestation is drowning due to the likelihood of being thrown over board or capsized. It isn't known if RPC-XXXX instances are directly attacking ocean vessels or if it is the passive presence of an instance that causes the weather to change so drastically. RPC-XXXX instances remain manifested until an hour after the vessel is destroyed, not much is known about this time due to the few reports that are able to be obtained, but those we do have described wildly differing behaviours from RPC-XXXX instances ranging from hostile instances that actively seek out dying or wounded sailors to deliberately drown, to passive instances that simply look over the vessel before peacefully de-manifesting.



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