Nitris' Serndberks

Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class:

Hazard Types: Aquatic Hazard, Contact Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Auditory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-XXX and it's anomalous effects, it cannot be relocated from its current position. As such the surrounding area has been acquired by the Authority, reconfigured to A.S.I.C.1 camouflage, and designated OL-Site-XXX.

Perimeter fences are to be patrolled by armed guards with a canine unit and inspected on an hourly basis. Any repair work necessary must be carried out immediately by the on-site maintenance team.

Warehouse 01 has been built around RPC-XXX. Entry to warehouse 01 is only permitted with level 3 clearance and if all persons are wearing ear protection.

Any persons attempting to enter warehouse 01 without ear protection are to be non-lethally neutralized, taken in for questioning, and must have Class A amnestics administered within 3 hours to avoid lethal cognitive dissonance.

Description: RPC-XXX is a typical rectangular outdoor swimming pool measuring 5.2m by 7.6m and approximately 1.8m deep, although it appears that the depth is entirely variable. The main body of the pool is made out of concrete while the coping and 1m decking are made out of natural local stones. Despite the complete lack of a filtration and pump system the water is crystal-clear at all times.

Humans within approximately 500m of the pool experience audio-hallucinations described as 'waves gently lapping at a beach'. The audio-hallucinations invoke a strong compulsion to jump into the pool which increase in intensity the longer an individual is exposed.
Hearing protection equipment, such as those commonly used in construction and around heavy machinery, are able to block out these audio-hallucinations, however why or how hearing protection equipment is able to defeat this anomalous property is currently unknown.
Standard Authority sensor equipment2 have failed to pick up any abnormalities emanating from RPC-XXX or the surrounding area.

Anything that makes direct physical contact with any part of the water is forcefully pulled into the pool until fully submerged where upon it will immediately vanish. If the object has a greater Y dimension than the pool's Y dimension (approximately 6ft) the object will still be pulled in until fully submerged. It appears that the pool's Y dimension will adjust to any depth in order to accommodate the object. (See Test Log 04 for more information)
Should an object that makes contact with the water be larger than the pool's X and/or Z dimension the object will be forcefully slammed against the edges of the pool and will be bent, warped, and/or crushed as it is pulled into the water. This can obviously cause extreme damage to the object, however the edges and coping of the pool have never shown any signs of damage regardless of the larger object's composition or material. (See Incident 02 for more information)

Discovery: RPC-XXX was discovered on the ██th of █████ 19██. It was brought to Authority attention by reports of a large number of missing persons all sharing the same general location. RPC-XXX was originally located in the backyard of door number ███ on ██████ Drive in Memphis, TN, United States.

Due to the anomalous nature of the audio-hallucinations a number of Authority agents went missing during the initial investigation. Attempts were made to neutralise the RPC by dismantling the pool, but all attempts failed to damage the pool in any way. Incident 02 covers the attempt at removing the water from the pool to see if the water itself was the cause of the anomalous properties, and to see if the water could simply be transported to a more secure facility.

Eventually it was determined that RPC-XXX could not be relocated, so the cul-de-sac and the surrounding woodlands was acquired by the Authority and fenced off. The buildings were all demolished and the woodlands cut down while a faux industrial complex was built to camouflage the RPC and the research facility.


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