Nitris' Serndberks

Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX is contained within a large warehouse in the █████ industrial park located in █████████, England. The Authority has acquired the warehouse and surrounding buildings, and designated the area OL-Site-XX.

OL-Site-XX is to be guarded and patrolled by ASF members disguised as mundane security guards 24/7. Standard perimeter defences (Barbed wire fencing, CCTV, thermal sensors, motion detectors, pressure sensors, and laser tripwires) are to be checked on a daily basis for damage, and maintenance.

The section of the warehouse in which RPC-XXXX manifests is to have a 40m wide x 20m tall x 40m long reinforced steel containment chamber built around it. A circular line with a radius of 30m centred on the manifestation point must be painted on the floor of the containment chamber. The chamber is to be inspected both internally and externally for any damage after a manifestation event. Any repair work must be carried out immediately.

When a manifestation event begins all personnel are to immediately evacuate the chamber taking all items/objects brought into the chamber with them, unless part of an experiment.

After an event ends and the rift has fully closed all objects and liquids ejected from the rift must be collected by staff wearing Class 3 HAZMAT gear.

Any unauthorized individuals attempting to enter OL-Site-XX are to be detained and questioned.

Description: RPC-XXXX is the event of a rift in reality manifesting, assorted objects being ejected from it at random, and after an indeterminable amount of time, the rift closing itself. Time between manifestations is also completely random, and cannot be predicted.

The event starts with a low audible hum and bright purple sparks that crack in and out of existence. The sparks are few and far between at first, but quickly grow in number and frequency. The audible hum progresses to a roar of noise recorded in excess of 100 decibels and stays constant until the rift begins to close, where the roar will lower in volume proportional to the size of the rift until it becomes a hum again, and eventually stops when the purple sparks cease manifesting.

After approximately 15 seconds have passed since the start of the event the rift will begin to form, taking another 15 seconds to fully form. The rift is tiny at first but grows in size until it reaches approximately 10m wide, 12m tall, and 0.2m thick.

When fully formed, the rift is oval in shape and is opaque at all times. The central body of the rift moves like water, and its colour continually scatters light similar to a diesel or gasoline spill. The outer edge of the rift is composed of a purple and white crackling energy that stays at an almost constant 1800 lumens. Tests have been unable to determine anything useful about the energy, other than it disintegrates all matter that directly touches it at the quantum level.

The amount of time between the rift being fully formed and beginning to shrink and close is entirely random. However, the rift will close at the same rate that it opened; Approximately 15 seconds will pass before the rift fully closes, while purple sparks will remain in ever decreasing numbers for another 15 seconds before all anomalous activity ceases.

Other than its anomalous and random materialisation, the rift displays the following anomalous characteristics:

  • All electronic equipment in a 30m radius of the rift will cease to function, regardless of EMP hardening. Any electronic equipment moved out of this radius will not function until the event has completely ended, whereupon the equipment will function as normal. No lasting abnormal or adverse effects have been recorded on any electronic device used in testing.
  • All recording devices pointed at the rift from any angle at all tested ranges [outside the 30m radius] will function as normal, however in all recorded footage the rift simply does not appear, while being clearly visible to the naked eye. No thermal, radiation, sonar, laser, or █████ sensors can detect the rift. The rift is essentially invisible to electronic recording equipment. However, both video and audio recording devices will pick up all the sounds that the rift produces, with no issues.
  • At entirely random intervals various objects and liquids are ejected from the portal. See the event log attached to this document below.

The rift does not stay active for the same amount of time each time, instead the active/open period seems to be anywhere between 2 minutes to ███ hours.

Exactly what powers the rift, or where it leads to is completely unknown. See Experiment log below.


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