Registered Phenomena Code: 786

Object Class: Omega-Black Omega-Purple Gamma-Orange


Containment Protocols: RPC-786 is currently under constant observations, should any opportunity occurs, RPC-786 is too be immediately lured to Site-7861 filled with suppression devices that should be enough to hinder is capabilities in reality-altering, should this failed MST-Alpha-1 "Angels of Eden" will be deployed in hopes of contain/terminate the entity. RPC-786 is currently within at Site-786, to ensure that it stays within Site-786, arrangements have been made with Regional and Global Directors to made Site-786 into a containment site for lesser anomalous items as well as other low-threat anomalies which would made it easier to keep RPC-786's interest. Base on limited interviews with RPC-786, the implementations of Reality-Stabilizer seems to have no effects on the entity, but as basic behavioural pattern indicates, RPC-786 will not caused any Large-Scale Reality-Alterations if the the entity was not disturbed or otherwise provoked. If a containment breach does occur, MSTs stationed near Site-786 are to immediately engage RPC-786 and to notified MST-Alpha-1 "Angles of Eden" for immediate deployment.

Description: RPC-786 is a caucasian male, 16 to 20 18 years of age. RPC-786 is believed to be a Class-V Reality-Altering entity with multiple Large-Scale Reality-Altering events the entities caused with multiple witness to support these claims. of undetermined levels due to it constantly interfering with devices which made it impossible to identified its limits if there are any of, Reality-Alterations have also conflicted with the Reality-Alterations that GD-██ claimed as RPC-786 is only seen to have caused minor/minuscule Class-I/II Reality-Alterations within Site-786 throughout its containment. Despite possessing such magnitudes of powers, area around RPC-786 is not in any way or fashion distorted/warped2. Due to the lack sophisticated data on the entity, it is undetermined if the entity posts a threat to humanity or not.

Discovery: RPC-786 was discovered on ██/██/████ by GD-██ who encountered the entity prior to being assigned to the current position, when debriefing the anomalies's description, GD-██ claimed to have seen the entity use this ability to erased the existence of a "[Redacted]" National Park as well as the existence of a Site-███ which GD-██ claims to be a have worked at.

Interview Log-786L: The following interview was conducted on ██/██/████.

Interviewed: RPC-786

Interviewer: Dr. Hannah ███████

Foreword: The following interview was conducted to establish a psychological profile on RPC-786.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Hannah: Hello, RPC-786 I'm Dr. Han-

RPC-786: █████.

Dr. Hannah: I'm sorry?

RPC-786: You shall call me ████ ████████ █████ ███████████ "███ ██ ████ █████".

Dr. Hannah: Ok ████ ████████ █████ ███████████ "███ ██…. look can I just call you █████?

RPC-786: That is not a choice from but very well.

Dr. Hannah: Can you tell me about your life?

RPC-786: I honestly I can't remember much though. I had a lot of friends, all of which is mortal beings not similar to me.

Dr. Hannah: Okay then…. what about some other interesting events?

RPC-786: That would be when some fools think that they can "contain" a god like myself.

Dr. Hannah: Is that day ██/██/████?

RPC-786: Indeed.

Dr. Hannah: Alright, are you capable of revers-

RPC-786: Questions after question where does it ends? SERVANTS. What do you have in mind for me today?

Agent █████████: Right away sir we currently have a magical gun tha-.

RPC-786: Sounds interesting, take me to it.

Dr. Hannah:

Dr. Hannah: Dammit.

Closing Statement: Further interactions are require.

Incident-786A: On ██/██/████, RPC-786 used its Reality-Altering capabilities in an attempt to terminate D-5423 due to offhanded remark on the entity which angered the entity, D-5423 was believed to be terminated, that is with the exceptions with researcher ████████ and researcher ██████ who claimed to still see D-5423 and continue to interact with "D-5423" for approximately 25 minutes, comparisons between the 2 researchers and other personnel reveal no clear indications of causes for this occurrence, noticeable difference are as follows:non-smokers,█████ ██ ███████████ █████████████, former members of memetics department, having inhaled Nucorp-produced "Mind Ward"3 35 minutes prior to Incident-786A.


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