Registered Phenomena Code: 309

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Bio-hazard, Animated hazard, Extra-terrestrial Hazard, Organic Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: The area surrounding RPC-309 is to be updated every 30 days due to possible degradation of scanners as well as other equipment lost to the effects of the field. Any unauthorized aircraft in the radius of 50 miles of the site will be documented, communicated with, and told to leave the area if the pilot has declared a May-Day or Pan-Pan they are not allowed to land in the area as well. If upon any refuses to the requests sent, the pilot will be given two more warnings and be given the threat of missile interception, if after all requirements have been met and the pilot does not co-operate, SAMs are authorized. However, if the pilot does not answer or appear unconscious, a team MUST be sent to investigate, upon confirmation of the pilot unconsciousness. The team must escort the aircraft to a stable altitude, approved drone teams are allowed in to investigate possible wildlife within the site, Ship fragments, and possibly other objects, however no physical contact is allowed within Rpc-309, due to the ecosystem being adapted over an assumed 100 years. If any signals are detected that are not authorized or recorded around the site use of mines to eliminate the signal are authorized.

Description: RPC-309 is a temporal field surrounding a hiking trail found in Southeastern Holland. Within the field, there are multiple species of unknown fauna and fungal types of life showing origin in several different ecosystems around the galaxy, however the exact locations of these ecosystems were not fully documented in the logs recovered from the ship. In the center of the anomaly, there has been a noted ██████ ship which is supposed to have crashed on Earth about ███ years ago. The vessel shows several breaches along the port, bow, and starboard sides showing evidence of corrosion, followed by atmospheric burn up and finally by the assumed crash. At sunrise it is known to send a "blank signal" with varying frequencies in no way similar to the last, however the Authority has made no sense of it at the time being other than a possible encryption and description system. The vessel also has multiple skeletons along the interior hallways, which have also not been found to be the crew or the cargo, it is assumed there may have also been saboteurs aboard when the crash incident occurred, thus causing the incident as a whole. It is also believed that the systems had remained intact after years of wear as shown by ██████ ██, however it is also assumed that within the 36 years the Authority has had to document this, the field has shown an increasingly lower levels of energy following in increments of 7% over 1986 - 1992, to 18% over 2007 to 2013. Some theories speculate that the field may collapse on itself and thus render the anomaly removed and with it RPC-309-1 and ██████ ██, see log for information about ██████ ██ for more information.

Fauna & Fungi Documentation
Fauna - Carnivores
** Rpc-309-1 ** [ 1 Left ] : Known to be aggressive - shows direct aggravation to moving objects withing visual vicinity whether said object is to or to not have any organic components - Rpc-309-1 currently stands at last time of documentation at approx 9 feet tall - noted to have bone material similar to tusks on lower section of jaw line. Rpc-309-1's Life span is unknown at the time of last expedition.
Fauna - Herbivores
** Rpc-309-2 ** [ 17 Left ] : Armored creature - Spanning range of approx 3 ft to 5 ft in width and 1 to 3 ft in height. No single eating times noted, Rpc-309-2 usually eats grass as well as ferns native to Earth, also known to be extremely adaptive to its environment. Rpc-309-2 is also noted to have a total of 6 legs and a hard exoskeleton, specifically on the spinal column. Rpc-309-2 has a lifespan of approx 30 years.
**Rpc-309-3 ** [ 9 left ] : Rpc-309-3 known to be extremely mobile and is also known to be bipedal. Due to the speed documented it is assumed to have been a species adapted to a hit and run strategy of gaining food, also has been noted to scavenge for food in groups, usually taking a liking in leafs off of trees. Rpc-309-3 is also noted to span approx 5 ft tall and an approx diameter of 2 feet, it is also physically very similar in shape to the kangaroo. Rpc-309-3 has a life span of approx 55 years.
**Rpc-309-4 ** [ 4 left ] : Weakly armored creature - Rpc-309-4 is noted to be extremely frail but lightweight, which is assumed that the species was very early in development. Rpc-309-4 is noted to vary extremely in sizes from ~10 inches to ~3 feet in width and ~8 inches to ~4 feet in diameter. Rpc-309-4 is known to have an approx life span of 12 years.
**Rpc-309-5 ** : Due to the species of fungi growing off the ship to be conjoined to a point of becoming a central biomass, it had been given a single designation. The biomass of said fungi is to have a width of approx 27 feet, and a length of approx 19 feet with a depth of approx 2 feet. Fungi also has been noted to have luminescent features during the night, the colors from the fungi are also noted to glow light blue.

Log ██████ ██ *Restricted*

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