Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX should be kept in an secure object container at Site-88. The container should be kept under constant surveillance to prevent unauthorized access. Due to its memetic effects, any personnel suspected of unauthorized access are to be assessed by the Site-88 psychiatrist and administered class A EG's. Upon a second attempt personnel should be administered class B EG's and be transferred to a different Site. Should an instance of RPC-XXXX-1 form then MST Lima-02 "Disarmers" will be called to exterminate. RPC-XXXX should then be returned to storage.

Description: RPC-XXXX is an below elbow prosthetic arm made entirely of an unknown reddish metal, similar in appearance to other medieval prosthesis save for an large hole on the outer arm. This hole shows what appears to be tendons made of an softer version of the same red metal. When not worn by an human the arm is non-anomalous and can be opened and closed with an crank on inner wrist. The arm's anomalous properties manifest when in the presence of below elbow amputees, people who view themselves as "unproductive" or "worthless," and those who have strong trans-humanist ideals.

When near the arm (believed to be in a radius of 10 meters) persons matching these descriptions will be overcome with an desire to wear the prosthetic. If multiple people fall under this compulsion then they will fight for the arm, often leading to either unconsciousness or death in all but one combatant. The compelled person will then attach the arm, either by holding the prosthetic against the elbow (no harness or surgery is needed as the arm "melds" with the skin) or be attempting to amputate their own dominate arm by what ever means available. If no tools are available, the subject will begin to bite at the arm, attempting to sever it. This may either lead to shock and death or the subject successfully attaching the arm.

If the subject is able to attach the arm they should be classified RPC-XXXX-1 and be considered extremely hostile. RPC-XXXX-1 show overall increased abilities including durability and agility. The arm itself is capable of immense strength, able to exert over 200 psi in a single strike. RPC-XXX-1 will exhibit an strong sense of superiority and will attack any human on sight, this is shown to be the arm influencing the subject as apposed to a result of personality. (see recovery log RL-XXXX and ARS Anomaly Details File 178) RPC-XXXX-1 will seek out others to attack until the entity expires due to ignored biological needs or MSF interference.

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