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Miscellaneous Anomalous Documentation

A.001 (✔)



Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Transmutable, Aggressive, Sentient, Ideological, and Sensory.

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to remain at its current location within OL-Site-72C, and any requests to conduct experiments or enter the containment cell are to be approved by the onsite Chief Researcher.

The containment cell is to be fitted with walls that are designed to produce a magnetic field around the containment cell. Due to security concerns, onsite security is to be managed by a Mobile Strike Team assigned within the OL-Site. Authority personnel that has any religious affiliation towards Catholicism are to be barred from entering or be near the Site by a two-mile radius.

In the event of a containment breach, security resources are to be diverted to the containment and retrieval of RPC-XXX and is to be considered a top-level priority.

Description: RPC-XXX is a humanoid entity that measures to be 1.43 meters tall and weighs 40 kilograms. RPC-XXX does not appear to display any kind of intimation of clothing nor physical structure in any way,1 which can be contributed by its darkened epidermis making RPC-XXX almost unidentifiable in terms of facial or physical identification. However, the only identifiable features of RPC-XXX is its distinctive white pupils and the clear translucency of the skeletal structure of the hands. Additionally, RPC-XXX appears to be sentient and shows high functioning intelligence prior to its containment.

Close observation shows that RPC-XXX's anomalous properties consist of phase shifting properties that enables RPC-XXX to change its current physical form to a non-physical form. Essentially, this ability grants RPC-XXX to enter a subject's dream state and would feed on that subject's phobia. RPC-XXX purposefully targets subjects that have an affiliation with Catholicism, but will also target those who intimidate or threaten RPC-XXX in any way. Furthermore, RPC-XXX somehow physically shifts through the shadows as a means of either concealment or means of transferring from one place to another.

RPC-XXX has been observed to remain dormant until its need to instigate and covet on a subjects phobia once presenting itself to which RPC-XXX will immediately institute a persecuting atmosphere with both visual and auditory hallucinations of the subject's phobia, and will cause the subject's heart rate to fall into a ventricular tachycardia (VT) and may degenerate into a ventricular fibrillation (VF) in longer periods. Upon exposure, subjects have been observed to immediately ensue into a panicked state and will either attempt to harm themselves or harm others within their surrounding area.

It has been clear to many researchers that RPC-XXX appears to be mute as evident by previous attempts to communicate RPC-XXX, but have been met with responses by leaving via messages on the wall of its containment cell.— Following recent revelations in an interview conducted by Dr. ███████ it became apparent that RPC-XXX was quite capable of speaking and also appeared to be multilingual. (Refer to Addendum XXX.02)

Discovery: In January 3rd, 1969, following the discovery of the remains of a senior researcher within Site-██, a subsequent investigation was launched onto the matter and had been determined that an anomalous occurrence had taken place. Upon further investigations of the incident, security footage had identified and discovered RPC-XXX walking through the hallways before subsequently disappearing upon glancing towards the security camera. Furthermore, the researcher in question was a devoted Catholic who attended the local cathedral in ██████, South Dakota, USA, which investigators have uncovered that 82% of the attendees within that cathedral have been either missing; or found deceased within their homes.

Further investigations onto the cathedral lead the Authority straight to the Catholic Church, who had been contacted for any prior information or knowledge regarding RPC-XXX. Additionally, the church had acknowledged the existence of RPC-XXX since its first reported sighting in the Protestant Reformation, and all documents relating to the RPC were transferred to the Authority under a lease granted by the Pope.

According to historical documents that traces its era to the late 17th century, stationary operatives from the defunct Catholic Church's Psychological Initiative Occult2 had initially reported RPC-XXX in March 23rd, 1642, when RPC-XXX had been witnessed by locals to have disappeared from a local church; which lead PIO operatives to discover the deceased corpses of Catholic followers within the building. Furthermore, the documents lack any references of any attempts to contain RPC-XXX which was elaborated by the Church that they had limited resources and the lacking methods to contain RPC-XXX at that time. Nonetheless, the PIO was ordered by Pope Urban VIII to suppress any such reporting of RPC-XXX to ensure that the credibility of the church isn't damaged prior to these incidents. The last reported sighting by the PIO of RPC-XXX was in 1650.

In ██/██/1972, embedded operatives within the South Dakota Highway Patrol have managed to locate the whereabouts of RPC-XXX to an abandoned church near Sisseton, South Dakota, where a platoon of a Mobile Strike Team was dispatched to apprehend RPC-XXX. However, the Mobile Strike Team had face issues upon arriving at the church, which according to the after-action report; MST members had reported that RPC-XXX began attacking upon his team encountering RPC-XXX, and his team had sustained major casualties resulting in the escapement of RPC-XXX.

However, the surveillance and tracking of RPC-XXXhad led them to an underground cemetery near the ███████ South Dakota, where a specialized Mobile Strike Team was sent in and had met the same misfortune as the previous team, but managed to contain and transport RPC-XXX to Site-██.

Addendum XXX.01: Aftermath of Containment.

Initially, following the containment and retrieval of RPC-XXX by a Mobile Strike Team, RPC-XXX was ordered by the Global Directors to be relocated to OL-Site-72C as this was lightened by RPC-XXX's recent behavior to nearly causing the Site into the brink of multiple containment breaches, when two Authority Security Force guards were comprised when coming into contact with RPC-XXX and had begun attacking onsite personnel. Furthermore, RPC-XXX had attempted to sabotage the Site's power grid, where it would've caused further damage to the Site.

Addendum XXX.02: Interview Log-XXX-██.

Dr. ███████ conducted numerous interviews with RPC-XXX, they attempted to extract as much information as possible about the subject's history and other essential information to understand the subject, which many haven't came with any tangible results.

However, on June 23rd, █████, RPC-XXX had eventually communicated with Dr. ███████, but spoke fluently in English during the interview. The following excerpt is an interview between Dr. ███████ and RPC-XXX.


A.002 (✘)




RPC-XXXX (Satellite View).

Registered Phenomena Code:

Object Class: Alpha-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Magnetic Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Entering the Icarus Islands' are to be prohibited from being accessed by public vessels under the pretense as a military facility operated by the British Government. Due to the inaccessibility and unpredictable nature of RPC-XXXX, the Authority Naval Operations Department has jointly operated with the British Navy and Canadian Navy to conduct maritime security around the Icarus Island to intercept unauthorized vessels from entering further.

A maritime exclusion zone was established by a fifteen mile radius, and any requests to access these Islands is to be immediately denied. Furthermore, due to the RPC-XXXX's remote location, the Authority established OL-Site-82D within St. John's, Newfoundland. Mobile Strike Team Lima-044 ("Deep Radars") is to be permanently garrisoned within OL-Site-082D to collect-data and monitor the activities of RPC-XXXX. Any unusual activity taking place within RPC-XXXX is to be reported to the Director of OL-Site-82D immediately.

Description: Located 1,874 km² off of St. John's, Newfoundland, RPC-XXXX refers to an oceanic island, known as the Icarus Island, that approximately measures to be 744.6 km² and appears to be inhabited by an unidentifiable sentient radio station that transmits unfamiliar cryptographic messages to an unknown point of destination. (Refer to Addendum XXXX.01)

The radio stations infrastructure, as highlighted within the satellite imagery, appear to be located within the foreground of the island. Upon close observation, imagery shows a radio tower that has a complex design with an unknown power source as heat signatures by via satellites show the facility to be producing immense amount of heat signature.

RPC-XXXX appears to be dormant until provoked when being approached by naval vessels or aircrafts that have breached through the maritime exclusion zone, which somehow initiates a civil defense siren, and continues playing as a warning towards trespassers. When subjects continue closer towards RPC-XXXX, RPC-XXXX will detonate a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) as a defense mechanism that will disrupt aircrafts and vessels from functioning, and venturing further towards RPC-XXXX.

However, if subjects continue to remain present within the maritime exclusion zone for a fifteen minute period, RPC-XXXX will begin to emit a low-pitched frequency that will increase exponentially to the point where subjects will begin to experience brain hemorrhage and ultimately expire.

While it has been observed that RPC-XXXX releases an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) as a defense mechanism, it some how does not appear to affect the radio wave station, which has been observed to continuously function following detonations of an EMP blast. Following various unsuccessful attempts to gain access into RPC-XXXX, the Global Directors have established a restriction zone towards RPC-XXXX to prevent further casualties of RPC personnel.

Discovery: On January ████, 19██, the Royal Air Force Menwith Hill Station had received an unsourced cryptographic message that were collected by via military satellites as it had passed RPC-XXXX's location. Believing it to be a secret-message sent by the Committee for State Security (KGB), a subsequent investigation was launched but was transferred over to the British Directorate of Military Intelligence 13, also known as GoI-0224 ("MI13"). Further investigations lead to the location of RPC-XXXX.

By February 6th, the Pathfinder Platoon (16 Air Asslt Bde) was dispatched to the location to conduct ISR operations, and layout the geographical area of the targeted location. However, upon the insertion of the platoon, communications on the ground had inexplicable been gone silent prior to their deployment 0400 hours ago. Several attempts to make contact, along with search and rescues operations, have been deemed unsuccessful.

It was later revealed that the Islands were previously occupied and operated by the American Office of Strategic Services, now the Central Intelligence Agency, and was used as a broadcasting station under the MK Ultra Program. (Refer to Addendum XXXX.02)

Following the unsuccessful operations regarding geospatial intelligence on the Islands, the British Government has contacted the Authority for joint-operations on the recommendations of the Defense Anomalies and Security Committee.3

Addendum XXXX.01: Cryptographic Messages

Since the mid-19██s, MST Lima-044 ("Deep Radars") have analyzed these cryptographic messages broadcasted from RPC-XXXX, and discovered that some of these messages appear to be secret encodings for other radio wave stations across the globe. Often, these encodings would contain information regarding intelligence operations within Western and Eastern Europe.

Addendum XXXX.02: Classified Information Regarding Icarus Islands

The American Government had constructed a broadcast station within the Icarus Islands as a research facility for the Environmental Science Services Administration (ESSA), in 19██. However, classified information obtained through back channels revealed that the Icarus Islands were secretly a CIA blacksite for the MK Ultra Program4.

The purpose of this facility remains vague, but it has been fundamentally highlighted that the facility was purposefully used to mind-control foreign citizens through the use of complex messages, and radio waves through this facility.

Unknowingly, by 19██, the U.S Government abandoned the facility following an anomalous incident that caused the facility to become self sentient, and began broadcasting unknown messages worldwide. 52.7% of these cryptographic messages were trajected towards [DATA EXPUNGED].

A.003 (✔)


Exterior of the Quarantine Zone.


Interior of the Quarantine Zone.

Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: Perimeter walls that measures 5.9 meters tall and 1.8 deep in the ground, along with electrical barbed wires were constructed around the Quarantine Zone of OL-Site-132, as to contain and prevent instances of RPC-XXX from escaping. Due to the unavailable to transport the instances of RPC-XXX, OL-Site-132 was retrofitted with a permanent research facility outside of the Quarantine Zone. Any suspicious activity observed within the Quarantine Zone are to be reported to security personnel immediately.

By no means should onsite personnel enter the Quarantine Zone without the approval of the Director of OL-Site-132. However, upon approval, personnel are to be accompanied by four security personnel, and wear a Level B hazardous material protection suit as the Quarantine's atmosphere is environmentally contaminated with high levels of cyanogen chloride (See Addendum XXX.01).

Progressing further into the ecological habitat of the instances of RPC-XXX is strictly prohibited. In the event of a containment breach, all instances of RPC-XXX that are attempting to breakout of the Quarantine Zone are to be immediately terminated on sight.

Description: RPC-XXX refers to a species of sentient organisms that resemble the spider species of Lycosa Tarantula, but are different in terms of size towards their counterpart, which a matured instance can be measured at 2.48 meters tall and weighing at approximately 975 kilograms.

Instances of RPC-XXX have a unique chemical within their poison gland that releases a neurotoxin upon initial injection onto a subject. These neurotoxins would later develop into cells at an accelerating rate, which overtime have been observed to developed into these invertebrate eggs that would later appear on the subject's skin as bulging boils around their body, and can appear hundreds— if not thousands over the period of twenty four hours. Upon initial injection within twenty four hours, these aforementioned eggs will hatch by bursting and instantly kill the subject in the process.5 The deceased corpse of the subject will then be used as a food source for the developing instances of RPC-XXX. (See Addendum XXX.02)

RPC-XXX-1 refers to a larger sentient than RPC-XXX instances that have been identified to act as a principal leader towards the RPC-XXX instances, which is lighten by the fact that RPC-XXX-1 appears differently as it has a larger abdomen; six white eyes; and appearing to be accompanied by six instances of RPC-XXX that have also been observed to act as a security guards towards RPC-XXX-1. However, information regarding RPC-XXX-1 is currently unavailable as previous attempts to attempts to main visual contact have been unsuccessful, and the latest visual contact of RPC-XXX-1 was in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Arachnologists stationed within the permanent research facility of OL-Site-132 have been studying RPC-XXX, and have discovered that they have a defensive feature that involves web projectiles from their abdomen. These webbings have been analyzed to be ten times tougher than a Level IIIa ballistic armor.6

The ecological habitats found within the Quarantine Zone are built and hosted by RPC-XXX, and are widely believed to be massive habitats for incubation of captured and injected subjects. Under the orders of the Director of OL-Site-132, along with the approval of the Global Directors, the termination of these ecological habitats are to be operated once per month as a means to control the rapid population increase of RPC-XXX.

Discovery: In ██/██/██, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was monitoring an unidentified object that had passed through Kepler-186f as it drifted off course at an accelerating rate, which was estimated to be traveling at the cruising speed of [DATA EXPUNGED]. By the ██rd, the unidentified object had collided with a military satellite upon entering the Earth's orbit, and crashing onto a nearby isolated town in ██████████, Arizona, USA.

Following the object's initial crash in Arizona, a U.S Army detachment was dispatched to investigate and contain the crash site, and established a military exclusion zone around the vicinity of the crash site. A decontamination center was also established due to environmental concerns of extraterrestrial bacteria, or other organisms that may threaten the Earth's biosphere.

During the initial phase of decontamination, communications with onsite military personnel failed to report back prior to their check-in three hours ago. Eighteen hours later, the military exclusion zone had gone silent, along with the nearby town of ██████████, Arizona. The U.S Army had then expanded the perimeter of the military exclusion zone into a five mile radius, and redesignated the area as the Quarantine Zone. Due to the unsuccessful attempts to maintain security and communications within the Quarantine Zone the Authority was shortly contacted, and had immediately took over onsite operations.

Addendum XXX.01: Environment Report of the Quarantine Zone.

The Quarantine Zone had been analyzed by onsite environmental specialists, and discovered that the atmospheric levels contained high concentrated levels of cynaogen chloride. It's currently unknown to how the atmospheric levels were altered, but it has been theorized that the crashed object within the military exclusion zone had released some sort of chemicals that merged with other chemicals, such as sodium cyanide, to form cyanogen chloride.

With concerns of these atmospheric levels spreading outside by onsite management, a controlled ventilation system was constructed to control the atmospheric levels that entered and exited out of the Quarantine Zone.

Addendum XXX.02: Transcript of Neurotoxins Experiment.

On ██/██/██, Dr. ███████ was supervising the experiments of the neurotoxins sample that was taken from a captured specimen from the Quarantine Zone. An ASF Team, equipped with Flamethrowers, were standing by outside of the testing chamber for the termination of D-24738.

Note(s): The experiment was to observe the administer, and the biological side effects of the neurotoxins reacting within the human body.


A.004 (✔)


Illustration of RPC-XXXX.

Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression, Regenerative, Sapient, Auditory, Sensory

Containment Protocols: Due to the current unknown whereabouts of RPC-XXXX, RPC-XXXX is currently uncontained and unable to be located at this time. Due to the dangerous nature that RPC-XXXX exhibits containment for RPC-XXXX is to be considered a top-level priority. Until the appropriate containment protocols have been established, security resources are to be diverted into the locating and retrieving of RPC-XXXX with minimal civilian exposure. (See Addendum XXXX.03)

Description: RPC-XXXX is a humanoid entity that approximately measures to be 1.97 meters tall and appears to be sentient with minimal muscle mass. RPC-XXXX's body mass is at the advanced stage of decomposition that arises from the soft tissues that have been either decayed or dried to the point that some of the skeletal structure have been exposed. Additionally, RPC-XXXX is immensely stronger than natural humans.

Close observation reveals that RPC-XXXX does not appear to have any eyes nor visual sensory organs, but does appear to heavily rely on its sensory system, which enables RPC-XXXX to greatly hear its environmental surroundings by an eighty meter radius.

RPC-XXXX has been denoted to remain passive but will enter an aggressive state when subjects agitate RPC-XXXX by producing sounds with a frequency of 218 Hz, or upon close proximity of RPC-XXXX, and begin screeching at a high pitch noise of 130 dB that has an immediate psychological effect on the subject7 and will cause RPC-XXXX to attack anyone within their vicinity.

All auditory devices that have recorded RPC-XXXX's high pitch screech are to be redacted, and reclassified to a Level 4 access. (See Addendum XXXX.02)

Discovery: In Manchester, England, the Authority was contacted by GOI-0224 ("MI13"), Military Intelligence Section XIII, following British Security Services spotted and surveyed an unidentified anomaly roaming through Manchester, and had confirmed at least fifteen casualties. (See Addendum XXX.01)

Mobile Strike Team Foxtrot-048 along with the 1st ISR Brigade was dispatched from JS-Site-██ towards Manchester. Upon arrival, both teams have reported to experience issues with communications when initially agitating and engaging RPC-XXXX.

Maj. Donovan, Battalion Commander of MST Foxtrot-04, reported that RPC-XXXX withstood their firearms and radioed in additionals towards their location. Multiple casualties had been reported during the situation. RPC-XXX was subdued with reluctance following the situation lasting for almost two hours. Field investigators abstracted that RPC-XXXX may have taken numerous blows that had resulted in RPC-XXXX being pacified. (See Interview Log XXXX.01)

Interview Log XXXX-01: Audio Transcript of Interview.

Forward: At approximately 19:24 PM Greenwich Mean Time, MST Foxtrot-04 ("Prey") was dispatched with other operators of the 1st ISR Brigade as part of a joint ops to contain, and retrieve RPC-XXXX in the incident of Manchester, England. The following is a transcript between Dr. ██████ and Cpl. Alex Tremblay.

Addendum XXXX-01: Initial Contact of RPC-XXXX.

Shared information from GOI-0224, Military Intelligence Section XIII, had revealed that British Security Service first observed RPC-XXXX when embedded operatives within the Greater Manchester Police reported a loud disturbance that caused numerous windows to be broken near the area. No one was harmed in the process, but operatives immediately reported that RPC-XXXX was heading towards East of Manchester.

By the time British Security Services notified GOI-0224, RPC-XXXX was reportedly to have already caused a casualty when a group of hikers insinuated RPC-XXXX's aggression state and were killed in the process. The Authority was immediately contacted following the incident with the hikers.

Addendum XXXX.02: Auditory Redaction of RPC-XXXX.

At the request of Assistant Director ██████, along with the approval of the Global Directors, any recorded audio of RPC-XXXX's high pitched screech are to be subjected into redaction due to psychological concerns. However, a copy is to be made for the purpose of archive and research onto the psychological effects.

Note: The auditory recording of RPC-XXXX screeching has been turned down to prevent listeners from being affected by the effects.

Addendum XXXX-03: Incident Report XXX-A1

Foreword: On June 14th, [REDACTED], ASF security personnel were dispatched onto RPC-XXXX's containment chamber following an experiment that resulted in two security officers being caught in the process which both have subsequently been killed, and the Site immediately went onto a full lockdown. The incident escalated as RPC-XXXX was abrupted by the facility's containment alarms, and had approximately killed [REDACTED] ASF personnel upon insinuating an aggressive state.

At 04:49 AM, a garrisoned CRT was dispatched to assist ASF personnel as RPC-XXXX had immediately breached through the Office Wing, and had enraged RPC-XXXX further as they had engaged onto RPC-XXXX. By 05:17 AM, RPC-XXXX had escaped out of the facility with high casualty. The following is an interview transcript between an Interviewer and Dr. Chrome.

A.005 (✔)



Registered Phenomena Code: 047

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX is to be contained in a wall-mounted display case that is hung at 2.62 meters from the ground, and constrained within the display case to prevent unauthorized removal. Accessing the display case will require a special set of keys that are entrusted by four security personnel that are stationed outside of RPC-XXXX's containment chamber.

While in close proximity of RPC-XXXX, onsite personnel are to deter from establishing visual contact and to vacate away from RPC-XXXX. In the event of a containment breach, RPC-XXXX instances are to be immediately terminated on sight.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a British royal crown that resembles St. Edward's Crown that measures .31 meters tall, weighs 2.23 kilograms, and is .66 meters in circumference. It has four fleurs-de-lis and four crosses pattée, supporting the two dipped arches topped by a monde and cross pattée, the arches and monde signifying an imperial crown.

The anomalous properties of RPC-XXXX are evident when a subject establishes and maintains visual contact with RPC-XXXX for over 18 seconds, which causes the subject to approach RPC-XXXX and forcefully attempt to wear RPC-XXXX (referred as RPC-XXXX-1 henceforth). RPC-XXXX-1 will act violent and authoritative, and have been observed to refer to themselves as a Monarch of a non-existent kingdom.

Additional subjects who come into contact with RPC-XXXX-1 will also be affected by RPC-XXXX's anomalous properties, and will adhere to RPC-XXXX-1 (referred as RPC-XXXX-2 henceforth). RPC-XXXX-2's will tend to have erratic behaviour, having been observed to be both homicidal and suicidal (Refer to Addendum XXXX.01).

However viewing RPC-XXXX through other methods, such as photography or video imagery, does not appear to provoke the cognitohazard effects.

Acquisition: As part of an established agreement between the Authority and GoI-0224 ("MI13"), or Military Intelligence Section 13, all anomalies in possession by the British Government were immediately transferred to the Authority. Furthermore, any intelligence operations on suspected anomalies across Great Britain and Overseas territory were to be jointly shared with The Authority. One of these acquisitions being transferred to the Authority was RPC-XXXX.

According to historical documents, following its apprehension, RPC-XXXX was originally taken into government custody in 1649 when Charles I of England was executed for committing high reason during the early stages of the English Civil War. However, it was later revealed that RPC-XXXX was secretly hidden away in an early form of a government storage facility that was under control by the British Government at that time.

By 1904, the Esher Report had shifted the aforementioned government facility into a subsection field office for MI13, and a containment facility for anomalous entities. Since then, the government facility has been redesignated as JS-Site-23C as part of the agreement between MI13, and the Authority.

Addendum XXXX.01: Research Log of Anomalous Properties.

Foreword: Experiments commenced at 1900 hours GMT PM and had been supervised by Dr. Walker. Four D-Class personnel were escorted by security personnel to the containment chamber and have been instructed to not observe at RPC-XXXX unless being instructed otherwise.


A.006 (✔)



Registered Phenomena Code: 502

Object Class: Alpha-Purple

Hazard Types: Aggression, Regenerative, and Metamorphosis.

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX is to be contained in a blast proof metal container that measures 120 cm in length and 25 cm in width. The container should only be accessible through a five-digit keypad entrusted by Dr. ████████, and a few within the Research and Containment Department.

Onsite personnel should be equipped with sound-proof headphones and polyvinyl chloride gloves as to prevent personnel from being affected upon insinuating physical contact with RPC-XXXX.

Onsite observation and containment for RPC-XXXX is to be handled by four security personnel. Site personnel are prohibited to enter and conduct research onto RPC-XXXX without the approval from the Site Director. Additionally, All experimental activity are required to be approved by two-thirds of the Global Directors, and no more than two Class-D personnel are to be present during the experiment. (Refer to Addendum XXXX.01)

In the event of one or more instances are affected through RPC-XXXX's anomalous properties, all RPC-XXXX instances are to be immediately terminated on sight.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a long African blackwood staff that is decorated with an ornate silvery fixture depicting a goblin holding a red orb. This fixture has been revealed to be made out of aluminium, and upon closer observation, the orb appears to be made out of tourmaline.

Upon subjects interacting with RPC-XXXX through physical contact, they will instantly be affected by the anomalous properties of RPC-XXXX, and experience one of the following side effects:

  • Feeling of numbness within the body.
  • Body temperature decreasing to -5°C degrees.
  • Development of sharper forefront canines.
  • Decelerated production of red blood cells.

Following initial contact with RPC-XXXX, subjects (henceforth designated as RPC-XXXX-1) will appear to act homicidal and will harm any person, including animals, within their vicinity causing RPC-XXXX-1 to assault and extract blood through any parts of the body.

Affected instance's erythropoietin9 will rapidly decrease the production of red blood cells and will heavily influence RPC-XXXX-1 to extract blood through other means, such as exsanguination on organisms that have a circulatory system. Further observations has shown that RPC-XXXX-1 significantly heals injuries at an accelerating rate and is immune to known strain of diseases, but does not appear to be immune to fungal related diseases.

Observation onto RPC-XXXX-1 instances have shown that unaffected subjects may still be affected by the anomalous properties when in contact with RPC-XXXX-1 through biting transmission. Additionally, more than one subjects can be affected through RPC-XXXX's anomalous properties— and does not appear to have any sort of limitations onto how many subjects can be affected.

Discovery: Following an increase of unsolved homicidal cases that involved victims having their blood exsanguinated by unknown means within ████████, WA, Authority operatives were dispatched to investigate these cases under the cover as federal agents. Further investigations led Authority operatives to an affected instance of RPC-XXXX-1 when a 911 emergency call was intercepted regarding an unknown individual attack people within the streets. The individual was later identified as RPC-XXXX-1, and was terminated by Authority operatives when RPC-XXXX-1 attempted to harm an operative in the process.

RPC-XXXX-1's apartment was later searched, and after extended searches around the property, they later uncovered RPC-XXXX within an opened chest along with a journal that appears to contain historical information regarding RPC-XXXX (Refer to Addendum XXXX.02). Authority operatives were unclear how RPC-XXXX-1 had obtained RPC-XXXX in the first place, but it was later revealed that RPC-XXXX-1 had purchased the object through an anonymous buyer.10

Addendum XXXX.01: Incident Report XXXX-A3

Foreword: During an observational test that involved seven D-Class personnel, ASF stationary personnel outside of the chamber were ordered to move in and terminate the remaining instances of RPC-XXXX-1. However, security personnel faced heavy resistance, and had caused a containment breach upon multiple RPC-XXXX-1 instances began exiting out of the chamber.

The containment breach caused an immediate facility lockdown until Crisis Response Team11 had been dispatched, and assisted local ASF security personnel to contain the situation. The following is an interview transcript between Supervisory Agent ████████ and 1st Lt. ████████, 0300 hours following the incident:

Addendum XXXX.02: Historical Background Information

Following the initial containment of RPC-XXXX, the journal was brought with RPC-XXXX and appears to not be anomalous in any way. Analysis shows that the journal original belonged to one of the current containment entities within the Authority, known as RPC-█████, or 'Vlad III Dracula'. According to the journal, RPC-█████ had used the object to make their enemies kneel before them, or turn against one another; essentially creating an army of soldiers under their control.

While the journal never specifies where RPC-█████ had originally obtained RPC-XXXX from, but what is currently known is that RPC-XXXX appeared to be originated from the 15th century during the conflict between Wallachia and the Ottoman Empire.


A.007 (✘)


Registered Phenomena Code: 502

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types:

Revised Containment Protocols: RPC-XXXX is to be contained in a specialized containment chamber that is materialized out of carbon fiber, and must be measured by six meters in length and width. However, the entrance to the chamber is to be constructed out of a complex blast resistant door to prevent the internal locks from being manually opened through RPC-XXXX psychokinetic abilities. Additionally, a yellow safety line is to be established by a twelve meter perimeter as a safety precaution.

Onsite personnel are not permitted enter the containment chamber unless granted upon by the onsite Site Director, and are to not make any physical interactions with RPC-XXXX.

Any unusual activity or behavior being exhibited by RPC-XXXX within the containment chamber is to be reported to onsite security immediately. Any onsite personnel exhibiting unusual behavior when passing through RPC-XXXX's containment chamber is to be also reported to onsite security.

Description: RPC-XXXX is considered the last biological species of anomalous entities known as the Ancestors, and appear to be 2.67 meters tall and have an elongated head, which sits over a mouth-like tentacles underneath its two eyes. Although not appearing to have reproductive organs, nor digestive organs, RPC-XXXX does appear to have respiratory organs that seem to be complex to that of a regular human. (Refer to Addendum XXXX.01)

While posing as a constant threat to onsite personnel, RPC-XXXX exhibits its' anomalous properties through telepathy, which allows RPC-XXXX to communicate with others, and intercepting messages. Interestingly, their telepathic abilities include, but not limited to, sending out commands to any individual within their proximity, and these controlled individuals can be used or monitored by RPC-XXXX. Furthermore, RPC-XXXX has also been observed to have the ability to use psychokinesis.

Discovery: Originally discovered in Panama, Central America, on October 28th, 19██. An archeological expedition team uncovered an ancient ruin that had resembled a gateway of some sort that many believed to be originating thousands of years ago. Transcripts on the walls were indecipherable, but attempts to open the ruins were unsuccessful, and had some subsequently caused some locals, whom were guiding the expedition team, to flee due to their belief of the ancient ruins being cursed.

The expedition team, however, were forced to halt their activities when the Panamanian Government sent their military force to conduct archeological research onto the area. But, on November 4th, the military forces had inexplicably deserted the area, and the ancient ruins were left untouched until it was discovered that the gateway had opened prior to the military's desertion.

RPC-XXXX instances have been sighted throughout the territory of Panama, and within a span of a few years, RPC-XXXX has been sighted across North and South America. The Authority had encountered RPC-XXXX during Operation ███████. (Refer to Addendum XXXX.02)

Addendum XXXX.01: Relations to Human Species.

Current research onto the understanding of RPC-XXXX's complex structure are ongoing, but was later uncovered that DNA samples taken from RPC-XXXX show that their DNA structure somehow correlates to that of a human individual, which has lead the possibility that the evolutionary process of human development may have been genetically evolved through RPC-XXXX.

Although, this abstract has lead to the possibility to the evolutionary development of humans, but is still unclear whether or not it is the case as it has been a subjective debate within the Research and Containment Department. However, research onto this abstract has been discontinued under the orders of the Global Directors. (Refer to Memorandum.01)

Addendum XXXX.02 After-Action Report of Operation ███████.

**Foreword: **On June 23rd, Mobile Strike Team Foxtrot-04 ("Foxhound")12 was dispatched and inserted into an abandoned town within ██████, New Mexico, following intelligence reports of a possibly Gamma-class entity being sighted throughout the area.

The following is a field transcript of the action-communications during the operation:

Date: ██/28/████
Location: ███████, New Mexico
Entity: RPC-XXXX
Unit Designation: Mobile Strike Team Foxtrot-04 ("Prey")
Team Leader: Capt. Rodrigo Shepherd (FX-04 TL)
Team Members: Spc. David Williams (FX-04-1) / Pfc. Adam Riley (FX-04-2) / TSgt. Amari Kassandra (FX-04-3) / Sgm. Alex Rogers (FX-04-4) / 2nd Lt. Matthew Reyes (FX-04-5)


FX-04 TL: Captain Shepherd to High Command, you copy?

High Command: Captain, this is High Command, send traffic.

FX-04 TL: Command, we have arrived at our destination point, but we have no signs of MST November-07 yet, over?

High Command: Copy that, be advised, Major Sanders hasn't reported in since their insertion at the opposite end of the area, over?

FX-04 TL: Ah, shit. High Command, orders?

High Command: Captain, proceed with the task at hand, and locate Major Sanders as your secondary objective. For now, locate the entity. Command out.

Team moves into the main entrance of the abandoned town, and stays overtly around the buildings. A HH-60G Pave Hawk ("Sparrow") sweeps and monitors MST Foxtrot-04's surroundings as they make their way around the town.

Sparrow: Sparrow to Captain Shepherd.

FX-04 TL: Go for Shepherd, Sparrow.

Sparrow: Captain, we are detecting several FLIR signatures two kilometers away from your current position.

FX-04 TL: Copy that, send us directions to that A.O, Sparrow.

FX-04-1: (Gets on Comms) Sparrow, can you confirm those signatures to be MST November-07, over?

Sparrow: Unsure, however, I am detecting—

(Communications with "Sparrow" had inexplicable been cut off and doesn't appear to be responding with the Team on ground)

FX-04 TL: Sparrow? Repeat that again, over?

(No response)

FX-04-3: Did we just lost communications with our air-support unit?

FX-04 TL: It appears so, I can't get High Command on the communications. Lieutenant, can you get on your comms?

FX-04-5: Negative, sir. I can't get any communications.

FX-04 TL: Shit. Right, we're gonna stick together, and continue on finding that entity without "Sparrow" supporting—

FX-04-2: (Whispers) S-sir! I got contact at our north!

(FX-04 TL spots movement at north, and the Team gets into position and aims at their rifles at the north)

FX-04-4: What are they even doing? They're just standing.

FX-04 TL: Hold up, that's Major Sanders and the rest of November-07.

FX-04-1: If that's the case, why are they just standing there and looking on the ground at our direction.

FX-04 TL: They're probably compromised. Williams, get High Command on the radio and don't stop until you get their ass onto ours.

(FX-04-1 tries different frequencies on the radio to attempt to establish comms with High Command)

FX-04-3 Captain? Do we have a green light to engage MST November-07?
FX-04 TL: Negative, we'll wait until High Comman—

(A loud explosion could be heard far away from their position)

FX-04-4: The hell was that?!

High Command: (Radio static) Cap— yo— cop—y?

FX-04 TL: I copy Command, can you hear us?

//(Silence abrupted until //

A.008 (✔)



Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha

Hazards: Self-Replicating Hazard, Bio-Hazard, Contact Hazard, Radiation Hazard, Toxic Hazard,

Containment Protocols: As part of an international agreement with the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee, along with administrative orders from the Global Directors, relocation for RPC-XXX is to take place every two months. Security and transportation of RPC-XXXX is to be selectively administered by Mobile Strike Team Delta-072 ("The Keepers"). Additionally, any attempts to access this file must seek authorization from GD-██. (See Addendum XXX.01)

RPC-XXX is to be contained in a lead-lined storage container with no more than two padlocks in place. Personnel attempting to remove said padlocks without authorization will be detained immediately and removed from the containment chamber. RPC-XXX-A instances are to be immediately transferred to Site-051 in Groom Lake, Nevada as a stockpile facility for any usage of RPC-XXX as a resource material. This stockpile facility is to be off limits to any personnel below Level 4 access.

Personnel authorized to enter the containment chamber of RPC-XXX are to be equipped with a Level B hazardous material (Haz-Mat) suit as to prevent the bio-aerosols being inhaled, and being affected by RPC-XXX through physical contact. Decontamination stations are to be installed outside of the chamber to sterilize and remove any bio-aerosols that originate from RPC-XXX.

In the event that RPC-XXX's current whereabouts have been discovered, or in the event of a containment breach, Protocol Exodus is to be initiated and RPC-XXX is to be evacuated and designated to a secure off-site location.

Description: RPC-XXX is an unprocessed uranium ore, that weighed at 70 kilograms and 60 centimeters tall in height. While distinctly appearing to have luminescent green crystals, RPC-XXX has been observed to release unknown amounts of hazardous bio-aerosols within the atmosphere when in a subject is in its presence by a seven meter radius.

Close observation on these bio-aerosols have revealed that upon inhalation, the respiratory organs, specifically the lungs, will mutate and convert into enriched uranium (henceforth designated as RPC-XXX-A) by various of sizes and amounts. During initial process, subjects will begin to experience pain within their chest and the loss of oxygen production before collapsing onto the floor, and forcibly regurgitate out RPC-XXX-A. However, due to the variation in size and volume among RPC-XXX-A instances, subjects will most likely expire before any such instances of RPC-XXX-A has exited the body.

RPC-XXX-A instances expelled from infected subjects has not demonstrated any forms of anomalous properties, but has been detected to be emitting low-frequency of gamma radiation. However, further analysis has shown that RPC-XXX-A instances appears to be more atomically active than a unit of enriched uranium when it absorbs with a neutron that causes nuclear fission, and releases a nuclear chain reaction that results in an unstable precedent level explosion if not stabilized. (See Addendum XXX.02)

Additionally, any experiments that involves RPC-XXX require approval from the Global Directors. A representative from the Human Resources Department is also required to be present as a supervisor for any ongoing tests as to ensure that onsite personnel do not abuse, nor create more RPC-XXX-A instances.

Requisition: In 1976, President Gerald Ford had signed an executive order that approved a classified military research project on nuclear warheads, which led to the formation of Project Protection, and was headed by the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA). Originally, the ERDA had allocated multiple research facilities across the United States to acquire sources of uranium to further increase the country's warhead stockpile.

During a mining excavation in ████████, New Jersey, a worker was reported to have fallen ill and was pronounced deceased during excavating operations taking place. This incident had lead to the discovery of RPC-XXX by the U.S Government. RPC-XXX was subsequently mined and transferred to a U.S Army Biochemical Research Facility for analyzation. While the U.S Government kept its existence hidden, it was not until in 19██ that an embedded operative reported the U.S Government's possession of an anomaly during their station in the facility.

When the Authority had requested to turn over RPC-XXX, the U.S Government had adamantly refused to transfer over RPC-XXX to Authority custody, and lead to condemnation by the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee for the U.S Government's regulatory violations of the International Anomalous Accords. Fortunately, President George H.W Bush agreed to transfer the custody of RPC-XXX along with dissolving Project Protection. This was enlightened by recent events to the signing of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I) in 1991, where they agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenal with the cooperation of the USSR.

Addendum XXX.01: Authority Intelligence Report-A10263

Following the requisition of RPC-XXX from the U.S Government, there were security concerns among the Administrative Department that possible hostile forces could potentially breach and capture RPC-XXX for their own purposeful interests in the development of warheads or unknown objectives that could increase the threat towards the Authority and the civilian populace.

Due to the importance of RPC-XXX and the threat it may pose towards international and nuclear security, the Global Directors implemented security protocols to ensure information surrounding RPC-XXX is restricted to only a handful of personnel, and the establishment of Mobile Strike Team Delta-072 ("The Keepers").

Addendum XXX.02: Observation Report on RPC-XXX

Foreword: Global Director-██ authorized Dr. ██████'s request to conduct an observational experiment onto the atomic properties that RPC-XXX-A exhibits. This to observe if RPC-XXX-A presents any hazard towards Authority personnel when using RPC-XXX-A has a nuclear energy source.

Note: The observational center was located thirty miles away from the testing ground as an extra precaution in the event that RPC-XXX-A releases a nuclear chain reaction that may result in a nuclear meltdown.

Addendum XXX.03: Administrative Memorandum

Foreword: Internally, Head Departments and Site Directors worldwide had requested the use of RPC-XXX-A instances for the beneficiary of their Site operations and scientific research— but, following this fundamental highlight that has been raised by senior officials, the Global Directors had implemented policies regarding the use of RPC-XXX-A instances and placed restrictions to prevent unauthorized removal.


Miscellaneous Tales Documentation

Conflict Between The Three

"You know, it's not quite easy keeping a secret about your employment from your family, or someone that you trust." She glanced over to her right as she turns her signal to caution the car that was behind her. "I know what you mean Natalia, but its jobs like these that we have to maintain the utmost secrecy- and all that kind of bullshit." Natalia chuckles as she turns left and defaulting up her signal. "Including the one we're in about the paranormal and all?" He raises his eyebrows and looks at her.

"Yep. I'm pretty sure a woman like you don't keep secrets."

"Oh? You saying I can't keep secrets?"

"I-i mean, you can, but I just don't really care about the secrets you carry- or the driver behind us." He looks behind his seat to view the van behind them, waving with a smirk at the driver. "So? They still following us?"

"Yeah, but, I think he's just annoyed that I pulled the bird at him." He turns away and looks back at his front view with the smirk fading away from his face. "So? How far away?" Asking Natalia the question, she looks over her Global Positioning System (GPS) at her vehicle's screen that shows their location away to their destination. "We're approximately two mikes out, and the chief says our coordinator will be there to brief us."

He sighs as he itches his chin in annoyance. "Why do we always have to be briefed by some bloody idiot- who I must tell you; the last coordinator we've got was chopped into two when he ran away from the armed support officer." Natalia raised her eyebrows and replies to him. "W-well, I guess the agency doesn't like wasting resources …?"

"Whatever, we're here anyways." He takes off his seat belt as Natalia passed through the armed support officers who were pointing the direction to parking at the crime scene. Pulling up the breaks, he exits out of the vehicle, and sees the van behind them parking at their side. "Oh look; its the people from MI5- wonder why they showed up late." Natalia exits out of the vehicle and looks behind her to see six officials disembark out of the van. "It's a joint investigation since our agency, MI13, has almost the same role as them- except we do anomaly containment and counterintelligence." Says Natalia as she leads him inside the building where a man in suit directs them inside.

They ducked under the crime scene tape and viewed a deceased corpse laying up on the ceiling, and other furniture were too up on the ceiling. "Now that's something you don't see everyday .." He says as he looks at the ground which was covered in blood from the corpse that dripped down. "Yep." Natalia glances over to the coordinator who was talking to one of the evidence collector officials. "Hey! What do we have here?" She barks at the coordinator who jumps and hurdles towards her.

"My a-apologies. So, we have a body."

"Obviously." He places his left hand against his face in frustration as he glances backup at the body laying on the ceiling.

"I'm sorry, my partner is new, he was just recently transferred from MI6." Natalia suggests to his partner to shake the coordinator's hand. He walks over to do so and shook his hands. "My name is Shore, and as my partner just said; I was just recently transferred."

"Ah? Someone from British Intelligen- nevermind. So, the corpse we got here is Daniel Kuznetsov, age fourty two, and was recently back from a holiday in Moscow, Russia."

"Moscow? Okay, that cannot be a coincidence." Shore says as he takes out his notepad and pen to collect information of his surroundings. "How so?" Natalia asks Shore.

"Well, he's Russian, and he just came back from Russia. Who today; was just found killed in this .." He flares his hands showing the crime scene. "This! My money is on the table that he's actually a Russian spy for the FSB or the SVR."

Natalia crosses her arms towards Shore as he writes down on his notepad, and turning back to the coordinator for more information. "What else is there?" She asks the coordinator. "Well, not much actually. But, we recently uncovered Mr. Kuznetsov's previous transactions, and he recently received a sum amount of money from an anonymous account."

"Were you able to track down the account?" She unfolds her arms and takes out her phone from her jacket. "Yes, NFIB has got the address, and a local armed support unit is being dispatched there immediately. Shall I send you the address?"

"Yes please," Natalia begins to walk towards the exit and shouts to Shore. "Hey! Shore! We're leaving." Shore looks at her before following her to the exit.

Stopping at the side of the road, both disembarked the vehicle and walked towards the building that has already been secured by the Hampshire Constabulary. "I'm still calling the dead to be a Russian Spy." Shore suggests to Natalia. "And then what? You are aware that if your theory was true; we'd have to involve MI6 into this? Right?"

Shore glanced at her as they continued to walk. "Heh, I guess. Welp, it's gonna be a conflict between the three siblings." Natalia shook her head as they passed through the constables, and entered in the building. They further gazed around until the reached a particular room that had an man with a bow tie in handcuffs, and was accompanied by officers. "How about you asked the guy for questions while I check the place out?" Natalia suggests and Shore nodded at her as he walks towards the man in cuffs.

Shore confronted the man in cuffs as he took a seat across from him. "Hello sir, my name is Agent Shore, and I'm with the National Crime Agency." He introduces himself towards the man in cuff as the man glimpse over at him. "So? You with the government?" The man had a Russian accent as he spoke through English towards Shore. "Yes sir, I am with the British government. Can you please tell me your name?"

"Nyet. I cannot tell you name."

"Sir, if you refuse to comply with me, you will be taken into custody under the Official Secrets Act of 1989." Shore tries to make the man sweat by threatening him. The room was filled with absolute silence as the man tried to look away from Shore who refuses to share any information. However, before the man could speak any next words, two men appeared through the door and shouted to the man to shut his mouth. Shore looked at the two men as he stood up. "Who are you lots?" Shore asked them as one of them proceeded to grab the man and drag him with the. "We're with Interpol, we'll be taking this man into custody under an international warrant submitted by the Canadian authorities." The man says as they both walked out of the building with the person they dragged.

Natalia walked in the room where Shore was



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