Me Verás Volver (by Oveja)

Previous iteration of RPC-XXX-1, referred to as XXX-1959, before coming into the Authority's attention.

Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Neutralized Gamma

Containment Protocols:



Under no circumstances outside of testing is interaction with RPC-XXX by non-security Authority staff to be allowed, any non-authorized person found interacting with RPC-XXX are to be immediately quarantined and placed under observation, should RPC-XXX's memetic properties manifest the subject is to be immediately terminated, unless otherwise required.

Personnel used for testing with RPC-XXX should be limited to Class-D and other individuals with a Cognitive Resistance Value of no less than 15, 172.

Recording of RPC-XXX-1's voice for experimentation purposes are to be approved by the Site Director and five Senior researchers. Handling of any vocal recordings are to be conducted with utmost caution, as failure to contain either RPC-XXX or audio recordings from outside of the Authority control is expected to lead to an SK-class dominance shift scenario or an UK-class end-of-the-world scenario.

RPC-XXX-1 is to be contained in a standard humanoid cryogenic containment unit. The cryogenic unit will be placed on the center of a 25 m3 anechoic chamber equipped with 5 cm-thick foam panels on all surfaces.

RPC-XXX-1 is to be kept in a medically induced coma at all times, with security personnel constantly monitoring its life signs, except when required for testing. The subject will be assisted to live, nourished, and hydrated mechanically in order to be kept comatose for prolonged periods of time.

Containment Notes:

  • In case of a containment breach, the Site is to begin full lockdown immediately. Personnel is advised to subdue the RPC-XXX-1 by non-lethal methods, only resorting to termination as a last resort.
  • In the case that ASF Units were unable to re-contain the resulting anomalies from a containment breach, the Site is to be completely sealed off and flushed with ██-class nerve agent until RPC-XXX-1 is confirmed as terminated.
  • Any instances of RPC-XXX-2 are to be killed on sight.
  • Were RPC-XXX-1 to perish under any cirscumstance, Retrieval Protocol XXX-5-PGB is to be immediately executed.
  • It is to note that it is impossible to terminate RPC-XXX by any current means, as the anomaly will seek out a new host as the previous one perishes; Thus, it is in the best interests of the Authority to keep the current host alive for as long as it is possible in order to maintain the anomaly contained.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of RPC-XXX's anomalous traits, the subject is to be indefinitely kept in a medical induced coma as of ██/██/20██ by order of the O5 Council.
  • Absolutely no injuries are to be sustained by RPC-XXX-1 on any of its vocal systems, i.e., the throat and the pharynx; RPC-XXX-1 should be terminated were this to be the case.

As per Incident XXX-1959-3, Research Personnel are expected to dispose of any audio recording of RPC-XXX-1 in the on-Site incinerator should they no longer be of any value to the Authority.

As of ██/██/20██, RPC-XXX-1 is to be permanently contained within Site-██ as the present space-time anomalies are favourable for containment.3

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation for an anomalous phenomenon that is manifested in RPC-XXX-1. RPC-XXX's effects over RPC-XXX-1 have been known to vary between iterations, but due to the nature of RPC-XXX of existing within only one host from birth to dead, the observation of these differences are minimal at this time. While the information on the phenomenon is indeed very little, one particular trait that has been observed in all known past iterations of RPC-XXX-1 is the ability to produce a powerful memetic agent that manifests in the speech of the host, allowing it to command individuals without resistance or doubt.

Subjects affected by RPC-XXX-1's memetic agent are to be refered to RPC-XXX-2. The affected subject demonstrates absolute compliance towards the anomaly. Instances of RPC-XXX-2 are not to be approached by non-security personnel, as they have shown to be belligerent and dangerous to Authority personnel, and are known to cause empathy and compassion feelings over non-affected humans, leading them to collaboration, or even [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED], as observed during several containment breaches.

RPC-XXX-1 anomalous traits have been documented to go from a simple athletic proficiency, to dangerously powerful [DATA EXPUNGED], which was manifested by XXX-1-1959 and XXX-1-████.

When RPC-XXX-1 perishes, RPC-XXX will immediately seek out a new host.

When picking hosts, RPC-XXX has shown clear preferences, as it has almost always chosen people born into powerful or wealthy families, except for the XXX-1-1959 iteration, when it was born into a middle-class family in ████████████, █████████, but the reasons why the anomaly behaved this way remain unclear.


Salvaged image of XXX-1959 during childhood.

While RPC-XXX appears to be simply an anomalous trait that manifests on different people, it has been theorized that the anomaly itself is sapient, as behaviour indicating this has been observed, as during XXX-1-████'s retrieval operation RPC-XXX-1 seemed to identify Authority personnel and made several threats in English4 to those involved before being subdued, thing that would not have been possible with RPC-XXX-1's overall knowledge at that time, as it was only █ years old, only making this possible by RPC-XXX being capable of retaining past memories.

It should also be noted that RPC-XXX-1 and RPC-XXX seemingly do not share a consciousness, but rather seem to swap them when the latter deems necessary. Another particular thing to note from this particular subject is the conflict for control that has been observed to happen between the two at times, which usually ends in RPC-XXX-1's consciousness being supressed for long periods of time by the anomaly.


XXX.1 Discovery Incident XXX:

RPC-XXX first came into the Authority's attention in ██/██/20██. RPC-XXX-1-1959, formerly known as ███████ █. ██████, was finishing a music tour around Latin America. The subject was performing at Caracas, Venezuela, when it is believed that the anomaly decided to expose the crowd to its memetic agent.

In a few hours, RPC-XXX-2 instances numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Civilians spotted by groups of RPC-XXX-2 were forcibly exposed to XXX-1959's memetic properties in order to fall under its command, causing the RPC-XXX-2 numbers to escalate on an ever-increasingly rate.

MSF Units were quickly scrambled after the initial alert, not long after initial insertion they would confirm the anomalous nature of the situation as they engaged groups of RPC-XXX-2. The situation was then contained in ██ days, after heavy fighting which destroyed the city. The final damage toll ammounted to ███ Authority personnel killed, ██████ civilians death, and ██ billions of dollars in damage.

The magnitude of the incident made it impossible to contain, so the Authority decided to stage it as a revolution against the Venezuelan Regime which ended with the city in ruins. All footage pertaining the real situation was confiscated and deleted, in its place the Authority forged footage and media to back-up the facade set.

RPC-XXX-1 was successfully captured by the Authority and immediately classified, original containment achieved in Site-██.

XXX.2 Protocol XXX-1ED

Protocol XXX-1ED is considered to have been rotundly succesful, as the only anomalous records of XXX-1-1959 that are known to still exist are found in the Authorithy's custody.

After Incident XXX-1959-3, it was unanimously decided by the Global Directors' Council that all XXX-1959's anomalous records had to be located and neutralized.
We had to intervene on a magnitude of different media and places, memetics were used on a large scale to ease the burden.

Special Units were assembled to localize and destroy music records, administer amnestics, and to put memetic agents in any required area, all the while keeping people from realizing what was going on.

It took around 2 months or so, but we are confident that we were able to delete most, if not all, anomalous records from XXX-1-1959. Which, considering who he was, has made this an enormous feat to the Authority and I greatly commend everyone who made it possible.

But in all honesty, who really knows if we really got everything?
-Dr. █████

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