RPC-263 at the time of its recovery

Item #: RPC-263

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-263 is to be contained within a 5 m3 chamber, where it has shown to be most comfortable. The chamber must include a list of items originally requested by RPC-2631.

One (1) Class C must be stationed within RPC-263's chamber for at least one (1) hour a day and interact with RPC-263 in a friendly manner. Stationed personnel are instructed to follow RPC-263's advice, as it has been shown to be benefitial for growing as a person. Failing to do so will make RPC-263 really angry.

Personnel is adviced to refer to RPC-263 by using the complex set of etiquette and formalities that it has designed2, otherwise RPC-263 is likely to get a bad mood.

As a preventive measure, stationed personnel are to be reminded that RPC-263 is not human, as it is possible that intimate bonds could develop with RPC-263, which would ultimately be counterproductive for containment.

Should any personnel begin displaying obsession with RPC-263, they are to be issued a Class A Amnesiac and transferred away from RPC-263. Transferred personnel must be monitored constantly for any signs of relapse.

Description: RPC-263 superficially appears to be a road sign of variable forms and weight. RPC-263 is completely sapient, it also has demonstrated to be highly proficient at logical thinking and other highly-skilled areas. RPC-263 is also capable of manifesting human-like emotions for which it has developed the ability to change its mass, shape, and colours to reflect its current mood; Another ability that RPC-263 has also developed since its acquisition by the Authority is the capacity to hold a conversation with personnel by changing its message repeatedly, which in turn seemingly developed a need for human interaction in RPC-263, due to when it's deprived of it, it will act as if it were depressed and angered. The scope of how many human emotions RPC-263 can feel and understand is currently unknown, but it's known to be able to manifest love, jealousy, and hate which were all simultaneously expressed against Dr. ██████ for whom RPC-263 claimed to have a love interest before he "made out with that [REDACTED] of his3."

People that interact with RPC-263 have shown to become temporarily happier, with some entering a highly euphoric state. The extent of this effect, and wheter it is a memetic property or simply caused by the amiable nature of RPC-263, is currently being researched.


RPC-263 in containment

Apart from its apparent human behaviour, RPC-263 is also capable of vision and hearing, though the nature of how it is capable of doing so is unkown.

RPC-263's rapid shape-shifting abilities allow it to quickly move through most terrains, despite this, RPC-263 has described itself as "a lazy one," and if pushed to continue it will eventually stop and refuse any orders given to it, claiming that it is "too tired to do so."

Though RPC-263 is seemingly immune to any attempt at physical damage, colder environments have proved to slow down its shape-shifting speed significantly4.

Evidence indicating that RPC-263 possesses memetic properties exist, as shown by Incident-███-████5


  1. Due to the confidential nature of this anomaly, but its requirement for active personnel to tend to its needs, a lower clearance version of this document is to be provided to the personnel stationed with the anomaly, and the amount of information provided will be relative to their clearance level.
  2. 263 is human, don't believe what that bastard ████ tells you. -Cpt. Driscoll

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