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Object Class: Alpha-Yellow



Containment Protocols: Anomaly-X Is to be left in a chest, hidden under a house with 2 guards posted posing as civilians. The 2 keys to Anomaly-X are to be distributed to the Security generals in Site-[Redacted]. Testing is to be done on remote isles along the shoreline of [Redacted], Greece (situated approximately 200km’s from site [Redacted] to ensure minimal civilian exposure). Any exposed civilians will be administered amnesetics and detained in a nearby asylum, while class D are to be executed after testing.

RPC-X is currently on display in the ceremonial hall behind reinforced glass and restricted to lvl 4 access and higher. Under no circumstances should testing occur, and any occurrence of testing or unauthorised relocation (unless by express order of the Heritage director) will result in severe punishment up to and including demotion to CSD.

Description: RPC-X is a large sealed storage jar, that dates between 1000 B.C. and 500 B.C. RPC-X is in relatively good condition, with the only notable damage being discolouration on the lip of the vase and fading paint. RPC-X is considered by certain records as the mythical Pandora’s Box Jar1.

The interior of RPC-X contains ethereal entities, that currently do not fit into any type of scientific categorisation and are unable to be contained in anyway. These entities will usually float passively in the air for 5 seconds, before homing in on a person within 50m of RPC-X and “possessing” the subject. These “possessions" can drastically change the emotions or personality of anyone in that 50 metre radius. These changes have been recorded and documented below. A subject previously exposed to effects cannot be affected again, seemingly building an immunity to all other instances. Testing is prohibited due to extensive knowledge in Documents 1-5 and extensive testing viewable in Document-X-34.

Discovery: —Anomaly-X was given during the first few years of our creation by our █████ the Vatican GOI, and to ensure no information leaks occur, documents also included along with Anomaly-X are only viewable by the current Authority leader.— RPC-X was given over by the Vatican GOI in 18█, due to an agreement. The documentation acquired alongside RPC-X dissuaded testing to limited extents and eventually it was discontinued altogether.

Addendum: As of 12/06/193█, Anomaly-X has been relocated with all other Alpha & Beta Anomalies to fledgling Site-02 in the United States due to the threats on Anomaly sites by GARD. Notice to Staff with combat training and MST, report to Site-02 (notification soon on exact location) for enlisting in the RAVAAF to retake Captured sites of Gamma Anomalies: [Redacted by Global Directors]. —

Head Researcher’s notes: I’m still seeing outdated sections for this RPC. Wasn’t this supposed to be cleared up in 195█ with the big modernisation? Can someone fix this? - Dr Fedrikson

The following documents are restricted to personnel with Level-4 clearance and above

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