Association for Parapsychological Research


  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Seeker
  • Sculptor
  • Structured
  • Multinational

The APR or Association for Parapsychological Research, founded in 1932, is a covert research organization dedicated to the study of the connection between the human mind and the anomalous world. The use of anomalies that primarily affect the sentient mind is extremely common within the APR, as they are used to create experimental treatment methods along with testing the effects of such anomalies.

Experimental methods are used to treat depression, PTSD, obssessive-compulsive disorder, etc. and have a varying success rate when attempting to cure the patient. Successful trials often result in profound results, often enhancing the patient mentally to a great degree.

Other non-anomalous experimental methods of treatment are used, such as methods involving the use of psychedelic substances to treat illnesses

The APR puts great emphasis on exploring the depths of the human mind along with the expansion of it when running experiments, believing that there is a strong connection between the anomalous and the human mind and that there are "great secrets to be unlocked."

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