Trande’s Sandbox

Item #: RPC-x

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocol: RPC-x is to be kept in a containment chamber with basic humanoid amenities1The chamber is to be partitioned 5 meters away from a bullet-proof window, with another bullet-proof window set in the partition. This is to ensure that interviewers and other personnel are unaffected by the properties of RPC-x. Similarly, In-person contact with RPC-x is to be kept to a minimum. Interviews with RPC-x will be conducted via the speaker system set in the chamber.

Sustenance and all other items entering RPC items, including MRE’s, will be wheeled in via conveyor belt, protected by a double gate system. A trash receptacle is to be installed in a corner of the chamber, emptied daily by a trap door system that connects to the Site’s trash disposal area.

Description: RPC-x is a humanoid entity bearing a somewhat muscular build with male characteristics, in addition to a bluish-grey pigmentation, and shoulder-length white hair. Above each eye of RPC-x is a black, horizontal line tattooed into the forehead. It is of note that RPC-x expresses a chronic dissatisfaction with Authority personnel, often making attempts at verbal abuse during interviews, utilizing vernacular associated with low income areas.

The anomalous effects of RPC-x manifest when an individual comes within at least 4 meters of the entity. Upon entering this range, the subject will begin to gradually perceive RPC-x as another individual at whose hands the subject has suffered physical or emotional trauma. The subject will also begin to perceive his/her environment as one associated with said trauma. At 4 meters, this alteration of perception completes in 1 minute, while at less than one meter the alteration completes in less than 10 seconds.

Addendum: As of Incident and Interview x-RL001, a new property of RPC-x has been discovered; after an individual has been exposed to the cognitohazardous effects of RPC-x for a total of 3 hours, the individual’s behavior will develop a resentment for figures of authority2, similar to that of RPC-x. Once removed from the presence of RPC-x, it is speculated that the acquired personality trait may fade over an extensive period of time, but will resurface under extreme stress. Individuals suffering this side effect are to be designated RPC-x-1.

Incident and Interview x-RL001:

Interviewer: Dr. Emerson

Interviewee: D-4003

Foreword: As RPC-x was being escorted to his containment chamber, D-class personnel D-4003 caught sight of the entity. Quickly entering an emotional breakdown, D-4003 then attempted to escape Authority custody, and was sedated by ASF personnel. Of particular note was the fact that D-4003 had previously confessed to being involved with the GOI known as the Raven Mafia. Given the possible connection between RPC-xxx and the aforementioned GOI, D-4003 was brought in for an interview.

Begin Log

Dr. Emerson: All right, let’s start.

D-4003: Uh…yeah, ok.

Dr. Emerson: I’m going to guess you used to know RPC-xxx. Is that right?

D: Y-yes, you have to-

E: How?

D: Isn’t it obvious? I knew that…thing, back in the Mafia days!

E: What role did he play in the Mafia?

D: H-he was someone who’d check on the…loyalties of certain people, scare ‘em straight if they weren’t paying protection. You know what he can do, so he was only for…special cases. If there was no other way to get the money, he’d pay them a visit.

E: And how did you first meet him? Were you one of the…

D: No! no! No, I was just someone who would make…I mean, stir shit up, cause a distraction. But…something happened. We were in a safe house underground, and the army was on our ass. Or maybe the FBI, I don’t know, or maybe you guys. Anyway, I think they were tracking him, and he had to hide. A fucking nightmare; we were cramped already, and here comes this guy you literally have to keep a distance from. Then those bitches come in and start swinging. I think one of them knocked over one of our antiques, and…well, I got caved in with that…

(D’s breathing begins accelerating to a concerning speed)

D: I just got in that fucking Mafia! I was new to that shit, and I’m stuck with that fucking thing for four hours! I was done with Patrick for years, and…that fucking cheese grater again. Doesn’t even matter that it wasn’t…It was just me and him, and a pile of rocks gave us

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