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Registered Phenomena Code: 373

Containment Rating: Orange

Lethality Rating: Beta
h-sentient.png Sentient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-auditory.png Auditory h-ecological.png Ecological

Containment Protocols: RPC-373 is incapable of being contained, as all attempts to apprehend the phenomenon have been proven unsuccessful. Accordingly, access to RPC-373 is to be minimized by blocking the domain on most internet browsing services, and search engines to hide and obscure search results. Though most major providers of the aforementioned services have shown cooperation, many minor services have refused.

Description: RPC-373 is a “A.I Image Generation” website, akin to other non-anomalous Image Generation websites. Though, the appearance of the site frequently changes, being observed to attempt mirroring the most successful A.I Generation Websites. RPC-373 is believed to alternate whenever one site overtakes another in terms of viewers. The changing process appears to be instantaneous, with a delay of no more than one second to shift its own appearance.

RPC-373 has multiple categories to choose from for generation, which appears to optimize to generate images in the field of the category. Said categories are “People”, “Places”, “Art”, and “Object.” On each category selected, there is an option titled “Feed”, where one is to input learning data for RPC-373. The website also appears to be a forum, though accessing the forum redirects one to another website which appears to lack any anomalous effects.

Examining the connected forum, it leads to a complete typical internet forum, however the majority of posters appear completely illogical and every thread hosts nonsensical conversations. Despite an alarmingly high user base, there has not been a single coherent conversation recorded. Attempts to start any conversation have resulted in being met with the same aforementioned incoherent speech. It is believed these users may possibly be A.I generated to create the appearance of a user base.

Selecting the people option, one is required to input a prompt with at least four descriptor words in order to generate.
During the process, expressions of pain are commonly heard ; including screaming, moaning, and grunting. The result of the generation is a completed entity, believed to be the source of aforementioned expressions. The subject, dubbed “RPC-373-Red” is to be a humanoid vaguely resembling the entered prompts. Early instances of RPC-373-Red are often misshapen to an extreme upon first creations, though may be refined by “Feeding” the A.I, or continuing to generate instances over time.

Selection of the “Object” option, an object matching the criteria set by the prompt will be generated. Unlike the “People” option, the item generated will spawn within the immediate area of the computer of which it was generated by. Items spawned by RPC-373 have been dubbed “RPC-373-Blue”

The “Place” option is objectively the largest threat made by RPC-373, as it has been observed completely deleting, reshaping, and creating new environments. Any person who resides inside an area being generated by RPC-373 will often be merged into the environment, or have other aspects of them included within the area. The effects of areas affected by RPC-373 may be subsided by overwriting the previous edit to the area with prompts which would match the former environment. Attempts to overwrite edited areas often results in an odd imitation of what the place originally looked like, such as misshapen trees or rocks with odd formations. This phenomenon is regarded as “RPC-373-Green”

The final option is “Art”, which spawns art that the A.I generates in a close proximity. What this option attempts is unknown, but it appears to generate all of the former with a stylized look. The look ranges from renaissance painting, to that of a cartoon, and inputs these stylized generations to reality. This phenomenon is titled “RPC-373-White.”


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