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Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: IDK Hazard


RPC-XXXX in a Site-028 hallway. One ASF personnel can be seen in the background.

Containment Protocols: Due to its nature, there is currently no possible way to reliably contain RPC-XXXX. Investigations regarding methods to contain RPC-XXXX or reducing its threats are still ongoing. For now, only MST Echo-25 brown personnel1 Indra and Tirta who are capable of preventing its attack.

When an RPC-XXXX attack begins, the Site-028 alarm is to be activated immediately. All personnel must take shelter to the nearest place of worship based on their religion. For MST Echo-25 brown personnel Indra and Tirta however, they must constantly secure Site-028 by performing repelling ritual against RPC-XXXX until they presumed that the threat is gone. Once the situation has been rendered under control, investigations regarding the person or persons that used RPC-XXXX to assault the Authority's assets must be held immediately.

In the event of an occurrence similar to that of an RPC-XXXX attack being reported by civilians, such report must be investigated and concluded whether it is legitimate. If it is confirmed to be related to RPC-XXXX, all records of the event must be erased from civilian-accesible databases and witnesses amnesticized.

Description: RPC-XXXX is an entity which takes the form of a sphere consisted entirely of fire with the size around 10 cm. Attempt to measure the heat of RPC-XXXX is currently impossible due to its nature. It cannot be extinguished by any means. RPC-XXXX is always levitating at least 0.5 meters above the ground. RPC-XXXX is capable of mobility. RPC-XXXX is capable of flying at speeds of ~40 km/h. RPC-XXXX is intangible and is capable of passing through solid objects. RPC-XXXX is only visibly manifest when first summoned and when nearby its target. Apart from this, RPC-XXXX is completely undetectable.

RPC-XXXX is only manifest when a person summoning it to terminate other people. Other than this, RPC-XXXX won't manifest. RPC-XXXX doesn't seem to manifest other than for this purpose.

RPC-XXXX can be summoned by performing a summoning ritual. The following document describes the Requirements and Procedures for this ritual.

If the ritual is successfully completed, RPC-XXXX will manifest and immediately head towards the target’s location. When arrived, it will proceed to approach the target. Upon contact with the target body, RPC-XXXX will lose its spherical form. At that moment, the target's body will burn at 815°C. This process cannot be halted at all. Attempt to distinguish the fire on target by any means (this including throwing target to the water tank, using a fire extinguisher, covering the target with any kind of object to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire) has been proven to be futile. After the target has become ashes, the fire will disappear.

RPC-XXXX can only attack one target, but once the current target becomes ashes, it can be summoned again to attack another target. RPC-XXXX seems to avoid target that currently inside a worship place such as mosque, church, or temple, and immediately abort the attack. RPC-XXXX can also be repelled by a shaman who capable of performing RPC-XXXX summoning ritual. The method used by the shaman to repel RPC-XXXX is to spread [REDACTED] around the site and began to [REDACTED] until RPC-XXXX demanifest.

Incident log: On 01/02/2019 at 10:00 P.M, OL-Site-028 was assaulted by an unknown group. The attackers consisted of more than 40 men, wearing a black T-shirt and bandana mask, they were armed with a sharp object such as machete and sickle. Local ASF assets who guard the site were outnumbered and chose to escape after requesting for backup from Site-028. When the backup arrived, the attackers' group were already left. Several documents such as the copy of RPC-308 document was missing, presumed to be taken by them. Several local ASF assets were brought to Site-028 for questioning.

On 02/02/2019 at 08:45 P.M, several personnel of Site-028 were suddenly burned alive. Most of the victim were MST Echo-25 personnel and researcher who were involved in RPC-308 research last January. Multiple sighting of a “floating fireball” was reported by several witnesses. This is the first sighting of RPC-XXXX.

Site-028 staff meeting regarding this incident was held shortly after. The transcript has been translated from Indonesian to the English language.

Addendum: On 04/02/2019, MST Echo-25 Commander Amir M and MST Echo-25 brown personnel Indra approach Mbah Tirta, a 65 years old shaman who is also Indra’s father. He is capable of performing Banaspati(RPC-XXXX) summoning ritual, which is required for RPC-XXXX containment protocol requirement.

Incident log: On 13/02/2019, one ASF personnel that assigned in OL-Site-028 feel a painful feeling in his stomach. MST Echo-25 believed that this is a black magic. After an operation performed, a mini GPS tracker and a letter were recovered from the subject’s stomach.

The letter was written in the Indonesian language on an HVS paper.


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