Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta-Purple

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: Every 14th of January, all MST Echo-25 (“Dreaded Out”) personnel of OL-Site-██ must begin to standby on RPC-XXXX-Alpha’s location at 06:00 a.m to be prepared for RPC-XXXX’s manifestation.

All MST personnel must remain outside RPC-XXXX's line of sight by staying inside several small sheds that have been established before by the Authority, located on RPC-XXXX–Alpha’s location until RPC-XXXX began to manifest. When all 30 instances of RPC-XXXX finish manifesting, all personnel must identify which instance is RPC-XXXX-1 and strike it with critical knock using any blunt object that available immediately. Approaching RPC-XXXX-Beta is forbidden for the personnel.

If any unauthorized person attempts to break these protocols, they must be subdued immediately. If any unusual phenomenon occurs outside from 14th of January, personnel must check and secure RPC-XXXX-Alpha immediately.

OL-Site-██ has been established bellow Mt. Cikuray, disguised as a storage facility, for storing several researchers involved in RPC-XXXX research, security personnel, and 50 MST Echo-25 Personnel.

Description: RPC-XXXX are 30 soldiers from the Indonesian National Armed Force(TNI) 32nd Infantry Battalion/Black Garuda from 1948. This collective is composed of 30 pale humanoids, known as RPC-XXXX-1 through -30. All 30 instances of RPC-XXXX wear standard Indonesian army uniform from 1945.

RPC-XXXX does not display normal human behavior. Observations have shown that RPC-XXXX does not have a high level of intelligence and unable to communicate with others. RPC-XXXX is hostile toward any humans and will attempt to terminate any person on sight. Attacks by RPC-XXXX are mostly done via strangulation and beatings and/or kicking the target’s upper torso, throat, and head. RPC-XXXX-2 through -30 seemingly attempt to protect RPC-XXXX-1 from any attacks.

RPC-XXXX are manifested at an area on Mt. Cikuray, West Java, Indonesia, every 14th of January. The time of RPC-XXXX’s manifestation is irregular. However, RPC-XXXX mostly manifests at 08:00 a.m or 09:00 p.m local time. Before RPC-XXXX manifests, heavy fog begins to surround RPC-XXXX's manifestation area and reduces visibility to almost zero.

After a few moments, RPC-XXXX begins to emerge from the fog. When an RPC-XXXX instance manifests, they begin moving towards a stone, hereby designated as RPC-XXXX-Alpha.

When all instances of RPC-XXXX have manifested and reached RPC-XXXX-Alpha, RPC-XXXX-1 then stands in front of the other RPC-XXXX instances and begins to worship XXXX-Alpha by kneeling before it and chanting in an unknown language. This worshipping process, as long as the Authority observed, takes approximately one hour. The longer the worshipping process occurs, several unidentified entities are visible from the fog. These entities, as described by personnel, are tall black humanoids with red luminous eyes. Hereby designated as RPC-XXXX-Beta. The highest number of RPC-XXXX-Beta observed by the Authority to date is 15. This number, however, is suspected to increase as the worshipping process continues. These entities are presumed to be extremely hostile. Personnel attempted to approach RPC-XXXX-Beta through the fog will not return and presumed missing.

All RPC-XXXX instances are resistant toward any damage including bullet shot, cutting, burning, corrosive acids, etc. can only be halt by knocking RPC-XXXX-1's head with a blunt object. When successful, all RPC-XXXX instances and the fog surrounding the area will demanifest immediately.

Addendum: The Authority first known about RPC-XXXX at 20/12/2009 when several people approached one of the Authority’s Site, claiming from the government. These people then showed RPC-XXXX-Alpha location and explaining the anomaly of the location. They claimed has been handled the anomaly since 1972.

On 30/01/2010, The Authority approach the person who suspected in charge of handled RPC-XXXX before.

Incident report: On 13th January 2019, Heavy rain occurred on Mt. Cikuray for 24 hours. MST Echo-25 are unable to reach the RCP-XXXX-Alpha location for yearly protocols. On 14th January, at approximately 05:00 a.m local time, all personnel inside OL-Site-██ suddenly unconscious. This effect remained until 09:00 a.m. 11 personnel that coincidentally outside the Site when the event occurred was unaffected by this event and decided to carry on the containment protocol.

The following interview is conducted to understand what happened during the incident:


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