Registered Phenomena Code: xxxx

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Bio-Hazard

Containment Protocols:
RPC-xxxx is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site-28, equipped with an emergency incapacitating agent located beneath RPC-XXXX's bunk, which may be activated in the event of a breach. RPC-XXXX's chamber is to be guarded by two four security personnel, armed with a baton and a handgun. All of RPC-xxxx’s experiment results are to be stored in a sterile vault located in Biohazard section of site-██.

RPC-XXX's cell is to be monitored via continuous video surveillance. In the event of a containment breach, additional security personnel are to be notified in order to secure and quarantine the surrounding area. In the event of a containment breach, additional security personnel are to be notified in order to secure and quarantine the surrounding area. During the event that a nearby containment cell is compromised, or if a GoI is within Site-28, a total of six armed personnel must guard RPC-XXX's containment. in addition to this, the emergency incapacitating agent is to be activated immediately, either automatically or manually by the personnel on the location. The Site's laboratory and aforementioned container of RPC-XXX's experiment logs must be guarded by two armed guards until the threat is neutralized.

Description: RPC-xxxx is a laboratory rat from the species of Rattus norvegicus1. Although its species' primary form of locomotion is quadrupedalism, RPC-xxxx prefers to stand on its hind legs. RPC-XXXX contains an increasingly enlarged stature, measuring approximately 1.5 meters tall when standing on its hind feet. RPC-xxxx is normally seen wearing a white lab coat, belonging to its laboratory of origin, While capable of removing said attire, RPC-XXXX ultimately refuses to do so. RPC-XXX behaves equivalently to that of a standard human. Following the events of Addendum 3, RPC-xxxx doesn't perform many activities and spends most of the time sitting on its bed. RPC-XXXX has exhibited proficiency in the understanding of the English language, although it is incapable of vocalizing. RPC-XXXX is additionally capable of comprehending, memorizing, and analyzing various topics of advanced inorganic chemistry.

Addendum 1: RPC-xxxx first discovered in 201█ in an abandoned laboratory in ██████, ████████ when several reports to the local police station about sounds of activity inside were received. The laboratory itself was known for conducting research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, which is believed to be the origins of RPC-xxxx (see addendum 3). However, the laboratory was shut down because the project failed. The Authority dispatched an Anomaly Recovery Team (ART) to capture and contain RPC-XXX, after it was reported to be seen within one of the laboratory's corridors. RPC-xxxx tried to fight the Authority Personnel (using a handgun), causing the death of agent ██████ before RPC-xxxx could be sedated. Further investigation in the laboratory revealed that one of the drugs tested on RPC-xxxx caused RPC-xxxx to accientaly evolve its size into an adult-human size and gave RPC-xxxx a superior level of intelligence (see addendum 4).

Addendum 2: On 9/12/20██, RPC-xxxx managed to breach containment. Security footage indicated that RPC-XXXX indiscriminately seized a keycard from a junior researcher during an intelligence test. Following its escort to its containment chamber, RPC-XXXX inserted the keycard into the containment chamber's scanner by utilizing its tail to bypass a nearby feeding chute. RPC-XXXX then quickly escaped during a guard rotation. RPC-XXXX also drugged the personnel it encountered with some sort of pill. Personnel immediately noted the absence of RPC-XXXX and alerted nearby security personnel to quarantine the surrounding area. RPC-XXXX utilized its natural agility to enter a ventilation shaft and allude nearby security. Research staff later located RPC-XXXX within the site laboratory, appearing to prepare an unknown chemical experiment via a fume hood to make (what its referred to as) the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Addendum 3: Following the events of Addendum 1, twelve red pills, composed of an unknown substance, were discovered to have been synthesized during RPC-XXXX's experimentation. Currently, RPC-XXXX motives have revealed inconclusive results. On 11/12/20██, analysis of said pills has been initiated by research personnel with clearance by the head researcher, Dr. ████.

Event Log: RPC-XXXX's experiment 11/12/20██

Subject: D-19756
Procedure: A table with one of the experiment pill is prepared inside the test room. The subject is ordered to consume the pill.
Results: Results: Five minutes after subject consumed the pill, D-19756 reported a terrible headache, two minutes later, D-19756 started to scream and acted erratically like an animal(walking on all four extremities, biting the table, running around the test room). Five minutes after that, D-19756 completely acted like Rattus norvegicus. No physical change in the subject's body.
Analysis: After seeing the effect of the pills, all RPC-xxxx's experiments are to be stored in the Biohazard section of site-██.

Addendum 4: Following the results of RPC-xxxx's experiment, RPC-xxxxx will be interviewed today on 12/12/201█

Interviewed: RPC-xxxx
Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Information: The interview will be done in the interview room of site-██.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: Hello, RPC-xxxx.
RPC-xxxx: [no response from RPC-xxxx]
Dr. ██████: Do you fully understand of what I'm saying?
RPC-xxxx: [RPC-xxxx nodded it head.]
Dr. ██████: Can you write?
RPC-xxxx: [RPC-xxxx nodded again]

[Dr. ██████ give RPC-xxxx a paper and a pen]

Dr. ██████: Try to write something.

[RPC-xxxx started writing. The following conversation with RPC-xxxx is done via RPC-xxxx handwriting]

RPC-xxxx: "Thanks, Doctor."
Dr. ██████: Good, I must admit that your handwriting is very good. Back to the topic, do you aware that you used to be a rat.
RPC-xxxx: "I will always be a rat. but I understand what do you mean. It began in that laboratory, you probably know about that fact. One day, they injected me with one of their drugs for testing the safety of the drug for the human. At that point, I begin to gain some intelligence. Those researchers saw this and thought that their experiment succeeded. But pity them, when they test it on a human subject, the subject shakes a lot before he dies. They abandoned this project after this event."
Dr. ██████: I see. now, what did you do in that laboratory and why when we tried to contain you, you resist and try to fight the Authority Personnel? You even shot agent ██████.
RPC-xxxx: "After I got this size, I wander around the lab, looking at the project files, finding foods, etc. When your personnel arrives, they just start to shoot me like I was a monster or something. So, I had no choice. Sorry for the death of him."
Dr. ██████: First of all, did you mentioned about finding foods? Where can you find foods in there?
RPC-xxxx: "There are some apple trees near the laboratory."
Dr. ██████: Second, the personnel camera show that you the one who shot first. Is that true?
RPC-xxxx: "You recorded that ?"
Dr. ██████: Yes. Any problems with that?
RPC-xxxx: "No. Maybe I did accidentally shot them first. Sorry."
Dr. ██████: It's okay, but I still got some question about your breach a few days ago. What are those pills?
RPC-xxxx: "Those are my own version of the cure for Alzheimer’s disease. I made all of them in my lab before you contain me. "
Dr. ██████: Really?
RPC-xxxx: "Yes. I was trying to improve those pills effects in your lab. I feel like I can finish their project and dreams. If you allow me, I can finish the cure and bring happiness to humanity."
Dr. ██████: Then why did those pills cause human to act like a rat?
RPC-xxxx: [RPC-xxxx seems to be surprised b this question.]
RPC-xxxx: "No. It's a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. I bet you don't even understand half of it substance. How do you make that conclusion without testing it ?"
Dr. ██████: Lying from us is useless, RPC-xxxx. We tested it using our D-Class personnel.
RPC-xxxx: "That sound inhuman."
Dr. ██████: So you know that is not a cure for Alzheimer’s disease in the first place?
RPC-xxxx: "Yes."
Dr. ██████: How many pills that you made in your old lab?
RPC-xxxx: "15. now there's only 12 left."
Dr. ██████: So those pills cause the guards to [DATA EXPUNGED]?
RPC-xxxx: "When I escape, I haven't modified my experiments yet, that's why the guards [DATA EXPUNGED]. The effect is too dangerous, even for me. So I reduced it."
Dr. ██████: What's your plan with those pills?
RPC-xxxx: "That's my weapon to eradicate the humans"
Dr. ██████: [Dr. ██████ seems to be surprised when he read RPC-xxxx's answer.]
Dr. ██████: T…Tell me m…more about your plan. If you not-
RPC-xxxx: [RPC-xxxx nodded]
RPC-xxxx: "Rats. A trouble for humans. Nobody ever loves or think about us. You love what you think cute, like the hamster. But our kind is far from that. Humans hate rats and Rats hate humans too. But you win this war using several dirty ways. You poisoned our food, destroying our home, trap us. Because you have a big size and brain to think, you underestimate our species. What I do in that laboratory is the same as what I do here, making the Darwin evolution on our side. Make humans become what they should become, a primate. or even more, a rat. And I will accomplish that today."

[at this moment, RPC-xxxx tries to escape the interview room, but manage to be sedated. Before RPC-xxxx loses consciousness, RPC-xxxx wrote something on the paper.]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After this interview, RPC-xxxx cell will be guarded by four personnel 24/7.

Addendum 5: Further investigation of RPC-xxxx origin (the abandoned laboratory) has been approved. Two important items have been recovered. Here are the items:
Recovered Item #1:

Test result:
The following are the result after one week of the injection of ADC1-8 to the 8 lab rats:

LR-1(Male rat) : Died.
LR-2(Female rat): Died.
LR-3(Male rat) : Died.
LR-4(Female rat): Alive, No physical or mental change.
LR-5(Male rat) : Died.
LR-6(Female rat): Alive, had some mental changes(further information below).
LR-7(Male rat) : Alive, had some physical and mental changes(further information below).
LR-8(Female rat): Died.

Further informations:
LR-6 and 7 show some enhancement in their intelligence. LR-7 even start to grow bigger. Further research of this effect will be done tomorrow with LR-6 as the subject. For now, LR-6 and 7 will be placed in a glass cage.

Additional notes:
"LR-6 and LR-7 show interest between each other." -Dr. ██████-

Recovered Item #2:


Subject: LR-6(Female rat)
Result: When sedated, LR-6 can't handle the tranquilizer's effect and start to shake a lot before it dies. It seems that ADC6 can't tolerate other medicine. testing with ADC7 with LR-7 as the subject is delayed.

Additional notes 1: "LR-7 seems to be really depressed by the death of LR-6. Heh. Kinda feel sorry for it." -Dr. ████-

Additional notes 2: "Today we were surprised when we saw LR-7 cage. it has the word 'LR-6' on every side of its wall. It seems that LR-7 writes it using its teeth. We don't know what it means. Hell if I know." -Dr. ██████-


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