Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Yellow Neutralized

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Teleportation Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: On ██/██/20██, RPC-XXX died due to natural causes and has been reclassified as Neutralized.

Description: RPC-XXX is a human male of European descent in its mid-60s, standing at 178 centimeters and weighing 68 kilograms. RPC-XXX has never stated its name, but it prefers to be called by its RPC designation. RPC-XXX wears a torn dark grey shirt and jeans. Despite being given a standard uniform to replace its clothes, it has consistently refused.

RPC-XXX was formerly a street beggar before it came under Authority custody. Despite its conditions, it does not require any food, water, or medicine to live. Surgery on RPC-XXX has found that its internal organs are non-anomalous. When asked why it used to be a street beggar, RPC-XXX stated that it wanted to "remain unnoticed"1.

If RPC-XXX does not engage in social interaction with an individual who is familiar with them for more than 24 hours, it will vanish and re-manifest at the nearest populated area at midnight. Individuals are categorized as familiar with RPC-XXX if they can describe their physical description and personality. RPC-XXX cannot control the location of its manifestations. However, an observation in the pattern of RPC-XXX's recent manifestations indicates that it manifests near populated areas on the east side of its' previous location.

RPC-XXX's secondary anomalous properties will manifest when it's physically harmed. Anyone who physically harms RPC-XXX will receive a harmful incident less than 24 hours after they damaged it. These effects range from minor injury to catastrophic events that are fatal to the individual, sometimes even causing the fatalities of those in close proximity to said individual. Though the current hypothesis is that the severity of the reprisal correlates with the severity of physical damage sustained by RPC-XXX, these events are sometimes inconsistent. In some case studies, retaliatory damage significantly escalated or decreased in terms of scope or scale2. RPC-XXX does not try to retaliate or defend itself from physical harm applied to it, possibly due to its age factor, and seems to resignedly accept it.

RPC-XXX's third anomalous attributes are anti-memetic. When RPC-XXX does not manifest for 15 days, individuals who recognize RPC-XXX will start to forget its existence until reminded about it. This will damage the containment protocol. This act could be done by describing RPC-XXX, whether it is done verbally or written. From the 15th day up to the next 15 days later, the anti-memetic effect will become more severe, starting from it affect more than one individual up to multiple pieces of information mentioned about RPC-XXX will suddenly disappear. On the 30th days, refer to Addendum II.

Discovery: RPC-XXX first brought to the attention of the Authority on 28/02/2007 in ██████, Southeast Asia. RPC-XXX got arrested by local police at 11:27 P.M local time. When the local police checked on RPC-XXX in the morning, the cell is empty. Surveillance camera placed on its cell shown that it had demanifested from its jail cell into the nearest crowded area. An embedded Authority agent inside of the police station notified Authority officials. A group of field agents eventually found an individual matching RPC-XXX's description sat on the sidewalk of the road and detained it. RPC-XXX was brought to the nearest Authority facility for questioning.

Addendum I: 9 Hours after RPC-XXX transported to Site-079, the police office where RPC-XXX was held up accidentally burned down. 6 people died in the incident. RPC-XXX stated that it has nothing to do with the incident, but it does say that its experience there was "unpleased". Embedded Authority agent on the police station, who luckily survived, stated that RPC-XXX was knocked out by an officer for trying to escape and left locked up until manifested in another area.

Another incident occurred 5 hours after the surgery of RPC-XXX. One of the machines was exploded due to an electrical short circuit. Dr. J. Lynn, the surgeon of RPC-XXX receive a serious burn, while two of his assistant, L. Russel, and S. Catz receive minor wounds. All victim was sent to the medical bay immediately. These two incidents raise a question regarding RPC-XXX possible second anomalous attributes. The test was arranged shortly after.

Addendum II: After multiple tests being performed on RPC-XXX, RPC-XXX was left in its room until there was a new test. On 03/04/2007, RPC-XXX died due to natural causes. At that moment, all memories regarding RPC-XXX's existence were erased from all personnel's memories, except one.3. All documents mentioning RPC-XXX also disappeared, except for a few4. RPC-XXX's death was discovered 4 days later when there was a room checkup for a new specimen. When RPC-XXX's room was checked, RPC-XXX's corpse was found. At first, no one knew whose corpse it was, and after a few checks in the Authority database, multiple test entries with the designation RPC-XXX were discovered, all of them blank. It had been considered safe to assume that the corpse was of RPC-XXX, but due to the lack of reliable documentation, no conclusion could have been made.

On 09/04/2007, Dr. J. Henwood, the Lead Researcher of RPC-XXX who temporarily replaced Lead Researcher [REDACTED] in Site-██ for a few days, returned to Site-79 and asked about RPC-XXX's status. He was able to remember everything about RPC-XXX and somehow had unaffected RPC-XXX's documentation in his possession. An interview was conducted regarding this.

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