Only known documentation of RPC-XXX and RPC-XXX-A connected.


Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Aggression, Sentient, Animated

Containment Protocols: Due to the extremely slow nature and low danger of RPC-XXX, a standard storage locker filled with concrete and sealed heavily is substantial for containment. When being released for testing, RPC-XXX is to be placed in the middle of the test chamber, the lock is to be unlocked, and then all non-expendable subjects are to exit the room.

Description: RPC-XXX is rendering of Elvis Presley's head in a stone like material, 30 centimetres tall, and weighing 25 pounds. RPC-XXX is broken at the base of a neck, with no damage visible otherwise. RPC-XXX is made of an indeterminable material, appearing similar to granite. RPC-XXX is painted with non-anomalous acrylic paint, giving it a life-like appearance. The entirety of RPC-XXX's mouth and upper oesophagus is modelled. This includes teeth, the tongue, the uvula, and tonsils. RPC-XXX is extremely durable, completely surviving all attempts to break it. This includes all heat, blunt force, fire arm, and pressure tests.

RPC-XXX is animate, and capable of a simple form of locomotion inching forward with its jaw. While RPC-XXX is incapable of speech, it will sing on specific situations. If in a scenario where it believes itself to be completely alone, RPC-XXX will sing sombre versions of various Elvis Presley songs at a low volume. These songs are from all albums and include album tracks, b-sides, and scrapped or unreleased songs. RPC-XXX is intelligent to a certain extent, as it will typically refuse to participate in testing. Due to this it in unclear exactly how intelligent it is, if at all.

Despite how it may act when alone, RPC-XXX is extremely hostile towards all others. RPC-XXX will attack all living beings visible to the unassisted eye. When RPC-XXX is present with or made aware of a subject, it will attempt to find it and consume it at any cost. This consumption is typically long, as RPC-XXX is near immobile. However, extreme durability and patience allows RPC-XXX to wear it's victims down. RPC-XXX will typically attack the legs or feet first, disabling the subject with a strong bite or headbutt. Once down, RPC-XXX will stab the subject with its maxillary teeth until it is at a state where consumption is easy. The purpose of this behaviour is unclear, as RPC-XXX does not digest any of the food once it is consumed, allowing it to fall out of the base of it's neck. RPC-XXX regards this "passed" food as eaten, and will not eat it once expelled.

RPC-XXX was recovered from a restaurant in Tupelo, Mississipi. Several locals who visited the establishment claimed that a full sized Elvis replica would sing, dance, talk to customers, and on one occasion, eat out of peoples hands. After several videos of this surfaced and local newspapers began picking up the story, the authority intervened. By the time authority forces arrived, the store was completely abandoned. RPC-XXX was located forty-two metres away. The rest of the body, RPC-XXX-A, has only been briefly documented. See the addendum.

Addendum: Transcript of video log

Forward: On September 14th, 2016, a film camera was recovered in the Gleann Forest, along with the . Indication of blunt impact were noted all over the body. Po's head and left arm were also missing, and while the arm was later recovered forty meters away, the head has not yet been found. Investigation into the recovery of RPC-XXX-A in underway. Disappearances in the forest have risen by just under forty percent since the discovery of RPC-XXX-A.

<Begin Log: 12:33>

(Po is focusing his camera on a tree. The tree slowly comes into focus until a large spider is visible on it.)

Po: Hey Youtube, I was out here in Gleann Forest here in beautiful Tupelo, and I keep hearing this very odd stomping noise. Thinking about getting out of here soon, but now for I'm showing off this little guy.

(He pans the camera down to a pistol in a holster on his belt.)

Po: I think bigfoot is right around the corner, so I've come prepared. This is for you guys at the club, (light chuckle).

(The camera pans back up, revealing an human sized RPC-XXX-A instance charging towards him at full force. Po seems to be shocked by this, as he drops his camera and sprays the can prematurely. The camera hangs at stomach level. Po screams, either out of fear or out of pain from the bear repellent. He stumbles backwards as RPC-XXX-A tackles him. His camera is thrown during this. The remainder of the video is the camera attempting to auto focus on the tree stump it landed in front of, however, audio is still recorded.)

Po: (Screaming for 23 seconds. A loud, wet ripping noise is heard, followed by a loud snap. Screaming ceases.)

(A wet thump is heard, followed by a squeaking noise. More cracking is audible during this.)

(Pause for thirty one seconds.)

Po: (Singing, slightly garbled) Can't… can't help… stop… love… you

(Vomiting noises, followed by retching. Silence for seven seconds.)

Po: (Singing, clearly) Love me tender. Lover me tender. Love me long. Love me tender.

Po: (To the tune of "Only You") Only you, can do make all this world seem right, only you, can do make the darkness bright, only you, and you- Sudden, aggressive vomiting

Po: (To the tune of "Only You") …Can feel me like you do, and do fill my heart with love for only you.

(RPC-XXX-A's voice comes closer, and then farther to the microphone. It continues singing until it is no longer audible. The camera loses power an hour later.)

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