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Non-anomalous versions of RPC-XXX.



Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocals: Do to the extremely slow nature and low risk of RPC-XXX, a standard storage locker filled with concrete and sealed heavily is substantial for containment.

Description: RPC-XXX is the head of a statue of Elvis Presley, 30 centimetres tall, and weighing 25 pounds. The bottom of RPC-XXX is broken and cracked RPC-XXX is made of an unknown material, but appears to be similar to granite. RPC-XXX is painted with non-anomalous acrylic paint. RPC-XXX has a fully modeled mouth, nasal cavity, and RPC-XXX is extremely durable, surviving numerous tests that would otherwise shatter normal granite.

RPC-XXX is animate, and capable of a simple form of locomotion via thrusting it's head forward suddenly, which in turn moves it's base forward. While RPC-XXX is capable of speech, it rarely chooses to do so, only speaking when absolutely required. For examples of this, see research director Dr. Fleet. There are some documented occasions where RPC-XXX, if in a scenario where it believes to be completely alone, will sing sombre versions of various Elvis Presley songs. These songs are from all albums, and include b-sides and scrapped, originally unreleased songs. It is unclear how intelligent RPC-XXX is, as it is uncooperative in all testing.

RPC-XXX, despite how it may act when alone, is extremely hostile towards others. This is not limited to humans, as it seems to despise all living creatures visible with the plain eye. When RPC-XXX is present with or made aware of a subject, it will stop attempt to find it and consume it. This consumption is typically long, as RPC-XXX is near immobile. However, extreme durability and patience allows RPC-XXX to wear it's victims down. RPC-XXX will typically attack the legs or feet first, disabling the subject with a strong bite or headbutt. Once down, RPC-XXX will beat the subject with its head until it is at a state where consumption is easy. The purpose of this behaviour is unclear, as RPC-XXX can go long periods of time without food.

RPC-XXX was recovered from a Tom Tellers', a Canadian grocery chain stationed mostly on the East Coast. Several locals who visited the establishment claimed that a full sized Elvis replica would sing, dance, talk to customers, and on one occasion, eat out of a person's hand. After several videos of this surfaced and local newspapers began picking up the story, the authority intervened. By the time authority forces could arrive, the store was completely abandoned and only the head, RPC-XXX, remained. The rest of the body, RPC-XXX-A, has only been briefly documented. See the addendum.

Addendum: Transcript of video log

Forward: On September 14th, 2016, a film camera was recovered in the Gleann Forest, along with a near unidentifiable body. Indication of extremely strong impact were noted all over the body. Po's head and left arm were also missing, and while the arm was later recovered forty meters away, the head has not yet been found. Investigation into the recovery of RPC-XXX-A in underway. Disappearances in the forest have risen by just under forty percent since the discovery of RPC-XXX-A.

<Begin Log: 12:33>

[Po is focusing his camera on a log. The log slowly gains focus until a large spider is visible on it.]

Po: Hey Youtube, uhh… I was just out here in Gleann Forest here in beautiful British Columbia, and I keep hearing this weird thundering stomping… uh…

[The camera pans down to show a can of bear repellent in his hand. He pans the camera over to a pistol in a holster on his belt.]

Po: I'm ready for whatever nature wants to throw at me. I just hope I get it on camera, you know.

[The camera pans back up, revealing an accurately sized RPC-XXX-A instance charging towards him at full force. Po seems to be shocked by this, as he drops his camera and sprays the can prematurely. The camera hangs at stomach level. The bear repellent is likely blown back in his face, and Po is audibly pained by this. He stumbles backwards as RPC-XXX-A tackles him. His camera is thrown during this. The remainder of the video is the camera attempting to auto focus on the tree stump it landed in front of. However, audio still occurs.]

Po: Screaming for 23 seconds. A loud ripping noise is heard, followed by a loud snap. Screaming ceases.

[A wet thump is heard, followed by a noise similar to a squeegee on a window. More cracking is heard during this.]

Po: (Singing) Can't… can't help… stop… love… you

Po: (Singing) Love me tender. Lover me tender. Love me long. Love me tender.

Po: (To the tune of "Only You") Only you, can do make all this world seem right, only you, can do make the darkness bright, only you, and you alone Sudden, aggressive vomiting

Po: (To the tune of "Only You") …Can feel me like you do, and do fill my heart with love for only you.

[RPC-XXX-A's singing grows closer until it passes the camera. It continues singing until it is no longer audible. The camera loses power an hour later.]


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