Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta Yellow

Hazard Types: Gravitational Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC XXX is to be suspended in mid air on a horizontal axis via a specially designed holding unit, the holding unit will be composed of an exterior of a flexible rubber casing attached to the containment chamber wall and ceiling via multiple titanium wire ropes. The holding unit is to include an interior of adhesive glue to help prevent incidents where RPC XXX loses friction with the holding unit and falls.

the holding unit and wire ropes are to be checked for degradation and wear monthly, if they are showing signs of degradation, they will be replaced. in the case that the adhesive glue on the interior of RPC XXX's holding unit shows signs of wear, RPC XXX is to be taken out of its holding unit via two level 2 personnel and held in the horizontal position until a replacement for its holding unit has been supplied.

Under no circumstances are either of the tips of RPC XXX to come into contact with any solid surface outside of testing conditions. A level 3 member of staff must be present at all times during testing. It is also a breach of protocol to bring RPC XXX to a desert or any other area with high amounts of sand (see test 02)

Description: RPC XXX appears to be a normal FinnFlier Javelin, no major discrepancies are visible between the anomalous javelin and a non anomalous javelin of the same design. RPC XXX's anomalous properties only become apparent when one of the tips on either end of the javelin contacts a solid surface, if this happens, RPC XXX will invert the gravity of the surrounding area based on what distance it traveled, and its final velocity before it hit a solid surface. it is to be noted that when in mid air, RPC XXX will attempt to re arrange itself into a vertical position through unknown means,

There are 2 different factors that can impact the severity of RPC XXX's anomalous effects, final velocity, and distance traveled. The distance traveled will directly affect the duration of a RPC XXX event, where the more distance traveled, the longer the duration of RPC XXX's effects, whereas the final velocity before RPC XXX hits the ground will directly impact the force at which gravity is inverted e.g. If RPC XXX were to hit the Earth's surface while traveling at 9.81 m/s² then the area surrounding RPC XXX's area of effect would seemingly have no gravity. Additionally, RPC XXX's final velocity will affect its area of effect, the higher the final velocity, the smaller the area of effect.

Discovery: RPC XXX was discovered at a warehouse located in [DATA REDACTED] Michigan. the anomalous effects of RPC XXX first became apparent when an incident involving a shelf accident caused RPC XXX to fall and hit the ground, this caused other objects that were currently falling to slow their decent for approximately 3 seconds in what is believed to be a 50 meter radius due to the results of testing. Authority employees were sent to bring in all objects that were being stored in the warehouse at the time of the incident, and testing found that the javelin was the cause of the incident.


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