Arkham Maximum Security



Established: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Front Cover: Military Research Base

Location: Brunette Island, Newfoundland

Codename: Orchard Skies

Hex-code: [042]

Site Occupation: Maximum Security, High-Containment Area, Biological Research

Division Jurisdiction: NORTHCOM [Protection, Containment]

Total Area: ~ 14 km2

Background Information: Site-042 is currently the largest maximum security facility for Beta and Gamma anomalies, with a threat level of Red and above. Due to the severity of anomalies contained here, security is highly prioritized and strict onsite policies are heavily enforced.

While the facility is known for its strict protocols and policies, personnel onsite strictly maintain professionalism during work hours. Personnel discovered for misconduct or in violations of the facility's regulations will be detained and removed from the premise until further notice.

Authority Security Forces stationed within Site-042 are comprised of personnel from the Crisis Response Team.1 Anomalies transferred to Site-042 undergo strict process to ensure the safety of personnel and infrastructure of the facility.

Due to the site's high mortality rate, personnel assigned to Site-042 are temporary for a two-year contract, prior to being permanently reassigned to another facility.

Offices & Wings Section

Level 0: Surface Area

  • Level 0-A: Reception Area
  • Level 0-B: High-Containment Transfer Area (HCTA)

Level 1: Administrative Wing

  • Sublevel 1-A: Control Room, Armory Room, Medical Wing
  • Sublevel 1-B: Archives, Server Room
  • Sublevel 1-C: Office Wing, Staff Lounge, Cafeteria

Level 2: Security Checkpoint Level

  • Sublevel 2-A: Hazardous & Quarantine Center, Decontamination Area

Level 3: Low-Containment Area

  • Sublevel 3-A: Research Wing
  • Sublevel 3-B: Environmental Chamber Area

Level 4: High-Containment Area

  • Sublevel 4-A: Humanoid Containment Area
  • Sublevel 4-B: Biological & Environmental Area
  • Sublevel 4-C: Extra-Dimensional & Euclidean Area


Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Dr. Hirobumi Suzki2
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. Daniel Morris
  • Chief Ethics Officer: Stephen J. Martin
  • Dir. of Site Security: Col. George H. Forsberg
  • Dir. of Policy & Procedure: Alan Rispoli
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Katherine Constance
  • Dir. of Containment Infrastructure: Dr. Heather Travis

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: +15
  • Administrative Assistants: +20
  • Medical Personnel: +65
  • Research Personnel: +40
  • Security Personnel: +1350
  • Maintenance Personnel: +950
  • CSD Personnel: +200

Total: 2,640

Garrisoned MSTs


Mobile Specialized Team Foxtrot-4 - Detachment Alpha:

Specializing in asset recovery, a detachment within the taskforce was established and permanently stationed at Site-042. This was due to security policies being revised following an incident in [DATA EXPUNGED].


Mobile Specialized Team Echo-8 - Detachment Bravo:

Due to a large stockpile of biological and hazardous anomalies contained within the facility, Detachment Bravo consists of members from Echo-8 and coordinates with Detachment Alpha in the event of a containment breach of hazardous anomalies.

Anomalies Contained








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