Protection Hub

Good morning, recruit. My name is Warrant Officer Briggs, welcoming you to the Protection Division. You have selected, or have been selected, to become a part of our division, due to your exceptional physical abilities and marks in the field. We know, it has been a long road to get here, but this is just the beginning. The simulations of teleporting monsters, a dog that endlessly pursues you as soon as you fire a weapon? Our daily routine. Some of you may feign shock, but you always knew it was true, the kind of pay we get? It ain’t for grunt work.

As for your job, it’s very simple. You are the sword and the shield. We are the only ones who safeguard the Authority from whatever ungodly creation that has spawned from the darkest depths of the world. You’ve been selected for this position because you are the best of the best. Prove it.

(CW-05) ██████ Briggs.


Welcome to the Protection Divison! This division is responsible for the Authority's paramilitary operations, operating a sizeable ground and naval force. The Protection Division are the first responders when there is suspicion of an undiscovered RPC, heading to the scene. The Protection Division is also responsible over the Authority Intelligence Agency, which roots out spies and keeps our intelligence secure.

Civilian Obstruction Department

Authority Security Force

Authority Intelligence Agency

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