Protection Hub

Good morning, recruit. My name is Warrant Officer Briggs, and I welcome you to the Protection Division. You have selected, or have been selected, to become a part of our division due to your exceptional physical abilities and achievements in the field. We acknowledge that it has been a long journey to get to where you are, but this is only the beginning. The simulations of teleporting monsters, a dog that endlessly pursues you as soon as you fire a weapon? Our daily routine. Some of you may feign shock, but you always knew it was true. The kind of pay we get? This is not your typical grunt work.

As for your job, it’s very simple. You are the sword and the shield. We are the only ones who safeguard the Authority from whatever ungodly creation that has spawned from the darkest depths of the world. You’ve been selected for this position because you are the best of the best. Prove it.

(CW-05) ██████ Briggs.


Welcome to the Protection Divison! This division is responsible for the Authority's military operations, operating a sizeable ground and naval force. The Protection Division are the first responders in the event of a discovery of a potential anomaly, quickly securing and containing the area of occurrence. The Protection Division is also responsible over the Authority Intelligence Agency, rooting out potential espionage and securing intelligence leaks.

The COD, also known as the Civilian Obstruction Department, is a division within the Protection Hub that seeks to limit the knowledge and minimize the civilian loss of life from anomalies outside of their designated black zones or containment breaches. While it is one of the non-infantry branches of the protection division, it is still authorized for lethal force and the use of artillery, in last case scenarios.

To this day, the number of civilian lives lost under the Civilian Obstruction Department's oversight has been limited to a low ██ thousand, with extraneous outliers included, such as the ████ attack on the Tibetan mountainside. It is to this end that COD operatives must prioritize the safety of all civilians over their own lives, even if it means terminating civilians on-site to prevent the spread of memetic hazards.

COD operatives are to be equipped with amnestic dispersal devices for on-site memory wiping, and are given a standard issue Sig Sauer P320. These are to be concealed carry at all times, and in situations where the operative must be disarmed, the use of taser batons with up to 100 milliamps on human and non-human targets is authorized.

Operatives are entrusted with the safety of the civilian populous, and are to ensure the protection of them by any means necessary. To give their own lives to protect the general public, a honor; to give their lives to protect the world, their duty.


The ASF, also known as the Authority Security Force, is the military wing in the Protection Division responsible for the general defense, security, and coordination of logistics within the Authority's sites, mobile command centers, and listening stations. The ASF serves as a rapid response force in the event of an internal or external threat within Authority installations, being able to rapidly organize its manpower within minutes of an occurring incident. All ASF personnel are additionally trained to specialize in various combat and support roles.

Personnel who excel in their duties may be provided various opportunities to advance in rank through available induction courses in order to obtain non-commissioned or commissioned officer designations. Upon graduation, personnel will be prepared to issue and relay commands to subordinate personnel and assume control over individual sections of garrisoned units.

While senior commissioned officers are charged with the administration of individual ASF garrisons at their respective facilities, all ASF personnel adhere to a centralized command structure, with central command being the senior-most platform. All orders pertaining to the function of the ASF and its personnel are issued by central command and serve as the final authority; all measures are additionally subject to redaction or modification by central command.


The AIA is a specialist agency within the Protection Division. Officially, it does not adhere under the aforementioned division, as it has been dissolved after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unofficial end of the Cold War, instead existing as a ghost entity. AIA primarily operates from an undisclosed location in ██████, Greenland, but maintains smaller listening posts across the entire world. AIA operatives are sworn to secrecy upon entering this group, and do not fall under normal rank structure, only taking orders from superiors that are also within the AIA.

AIA operatives in the field are not recognized by other divisions, and if they are recognized, are not to have attention drawn to them. Operating silently and efficiently, AIA is not to interfere with the object of their observation unless ordered to, in which case it can be terminated by any means necessary. AIA has authorization to all weaponry and clearance to all sites; the only circumstance in which these are to be not allowed is a direct order from any Director.

The AIA doesn't work like any other part of the protection division. They don't work in squads, they don't require help, and they don't communicate their presence. If you notice them in the field, repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE, and for the love of god, do not bring attention. AIA handles the most delicate recon missions with the most precise of observation tactics, and even the slightest suggestion of their existence may lead to failure.


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