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To support and sustain the logistical necessities for operations and management, the Authority maintains and operates a worldwide network of facilities and infrastructures to contain and research anomalies known as RPCs. Varying heavily in manpower, responsibilities, and secrecy, they take on many forms and employ personnel across the world ranging from tens to thousands of researchers and security forces.

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Primary Facilities


The Authority maintains and operates facilities known as Sites. These facilities are important for their operational basis in the containment and research of RPCs, and may have various of integrated sectors that houses Alpha, Beta, and Gamma RPCs onsite.

Site Directors report directly to the Regional Overseer.


Unlike Site facilities, Area facilities are assigned to operate a specific type of responsibility and overall functionality, and do not contain RPCs onsite. Area facilities may operate in various functions such as Observational, Research and Development, Garrisoned Operations Base (Armed Facility), Proving Grounds (Training Facility), and many more. For further information, see Miscellaneous.

Area Directors report directly to the Regional Overseer.


Regional facilities are the main management and administrative oversight for Areas and Sites within a specific geographical region of a continent. Each Regional facility coordinates logistical operations, approving Site creations, and appointing Area and Site Directors. Due to their crucial role in operations and logistics of subordinate Sites and Areas, security within these facilities are strict and RPCs are strictly excluded from these facilities.

Regional Directors report directly to the Global Directors.

Secondary Facilities

On-Location Site

On-Location Sites, or OL-Sites, are often referred as secondary facilities as these types are established to specifically contain anomalies that cannot be transferred to a primary Site facility, or are simply too unpredictable to be present with other anomalies or personnel onsite.

While these facilities are generally responsible for containing specific RPCs, OL-Sites may garrison minimal departments such as security or research for that anomaly. Oversight for these secondary facilities are relatively conducted by its closest primary facility, but are rarely oversighted by a Regional facility.

OL-Site Directors report directly to their assigned primary facility or Regional facility.


Primarily, Area facilities operate various of specialized roles within their facilities and practically provide logistical and operations support to nearby Site facilities.

Administrative (Admin)

Administrative facilities, unlike Regional facilities, are secondary administrative installations that are responsible for the internal security, ethical regulations, human resources management, and many more, for Site facilities within its designated jurisdiction. Most of the management support for Site facilities are primarily done by Administrative facilities, but are rarely conducted by Regional facilities due to other important matters.

Biological (Bio)

Biological facilities are responsible for the research and management of viral, bacterial, and fungi related diseases along with other inconsistent biohazardous materials. These facilities are clinically-isolated to prevent any biological samples from being contaminated and released outside of the facility. Accessing these facilities will require a hazardous material suit (HAZMAT).

Extra-Dimensional (ExDim)

Extra-Dimensional facilities are responsible for the research and management of phenomenons exhibiting extradimensional properties and affecting physics in an inconsistent behavior.

Garrisoned Operations Base (Garrison)

Garrisoned Operations Base, or Garrison facilities, are facilities the barracks and garrisons the Authority's security forces that ranges in different installations and stations such as Naval Base Installation, Airbase Installation, et cetra. These Garrison facilities also operate as proving grounds, and are mostly occupied by Authority Security Forces and Mobile Strike Teams.

Humanoid (Hum)

Humanoid facilities, unlike Biological facilities, are primarily responsible for the research of humanoid and cryptozoological related entities. Most of the research are on entities that are sapient and sentient, and are studied for their biological behavior and historical related studies.

Observation and Data (O&D)

Observation and Data facilities operate covertly across the globe and are typically responsible for maintaining internal data security, facility communications across the globe, and monitoring worldwide communications regarding RPCs and GOIs.

Records and Archive (R&A)

Records and Archive facilities are responsible for the storage and archiving of the Authority's operational data and information, along with maintaining documents and information of previous investigations regarding RPCs and GOIs.

Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development facilities are the Authority's primary research center that conduct research, manufacturing, and development of technologically advance equipment for containment and Authority personnel.

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