To support and sustain the operational security of the Authority, the Authority maintains a worldwide network of facilities and infrastructures to contain and research anomalies known as RPCs. While many facilities vary in terms of manpower, responsibility, and jurisdiction, the Authority employs personnel across the world ranging from hundreds to thousands of researchers and security forces.

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Primary Facilities


A Site facility is a facility directly operated by the Authority that facilitates the security and containment of housed anomalies. While primarily focused on overseeing contained anomalies, Site facilities have various departments onsite, such as research, maintenance, medical, or security.

Site Directors report directly to the Regional Overseer.


Unlike Sites, Area facilities do not house anomalies onsite. These facilities provide various roles within the Authority, such as Observational, Storage and Logistics, Research and Development, Garrisoned Operations Base, Proving Grounds, or Medical Center.

Area Directors report directly to the Regional Overseer.


Regional facilities are the logistics and administrative hubs for Sites and Areas within a specific geographic region, often an entire continent. Each Regional facility coordinates with Sites and Areas within their adjacent regions. Due to security restrictions, anomalies are strictly excluded from these facilities.

Regional Directors report directly to the Global Directors.

Secondary Facilities

On-Location Site

On-Location Sites, or OL-Sites, are often referred as secondary facilities as these facilities are established to specifically contain anomalies that cannot be transferred to a primary Site facility, or are simply too unpredictable to be present with other anomalies or personnel onsite.

While these facilities are generally responsible for containing specific anomalies, OL-Sites often garrison minimal departments, such as security or research for that anomaly onsite. OL-Sites are overseen by its closest primary facility, but are rarely done so by a Regional facility.

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