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An iteration of RPC-XXXX along with officers of the NKVD in 193█

Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Gamma Beta

Containment Procedures: An active instance of RPC-XXXX and RPC-XXXX-01 is to be monitored by MST Charlie-8 "Bureaucrats". In addition, de-manifestation of RPC-XXXX is to be actively prevented by MST Charlie-8.
The present RPC-XXXX-01 is to be, if possible, put under the influence of Protocol Gentle Wave.
In the event that RPC-XXXX-01 is not cooperative, Authority Agents are to enact Protocol Tidal Wave.
Protocol Gentle Wave comprises of anti-memetic conditioning of the RPC-XXXX-01 instance. Following successful implementation, RPC-XXXX-01 is to ahere to RPC-XXXX in a fashion that allows MST Charlie-8 to counteract the entity with minimal costs.
The form of Protocol Tidal Wave is left to the discretion of the MST Charlie-8 leader. Its ultimate goal, however, is to replace RPC-XXXX-01 with a political leader who can be put under the influence of Protocol Gentle Wave, as its delicate nature demands reliable cooperation between the Authority and RPC-XXXX-01.
In rare cases where neither protocol can be reliably carried out, MST Charlie-8 is to cause the re-manifestation of RPC-XXXX. Excluding approved exceptions, interaction with RPC-XXXX that could potentially cause de-manifestation is strictly prohibited and is grounds for disciplinary action.
The discovery of newly manifested RPC-XXXX instance is carried out by MST Charlie-8 with the use of specialized surveillance equipment, a dedicated server room at Site-██ and [REDACTED].1
Documents produced by RPC-XXXX are stored in Site-██'s Level 2 Archive Room.

Description: RPC-XXXX is a humanoid entity that manifests as a government official of a country. The entity's physical appearance varies between every manifestation but typically resembles an "average-looking" person. The position RPC-XXXX takes is not universal between manifestations, but in all cases is reported as seemingly superficial or non-sensical2 and is unnoticed or ignored unless specifically mentioned.3 The entity's sudden appearance in the government is noticed only by RPC-XXXX-01.
Following manifestation, RPC-XXXX contacts the current government's leader of the executive branch, hereafter referred to as RPC-XXXX-01, monthly with the purpose of discussing a proposition of enacting changes in the law of the host country. The entity expresses professional knowledge of processes that govern law-making. After a meeting, the entity produces an appropiate document identical to those that are needed for the legislative process in RPC-XXXX's host country and follows all procedures required by law.4 Observation of RPC-XXXX revealed that documents materialize from inside the briefcase typically carried by RPC-XXXX.5
If carried out, the laws proposed by RPC-XXXX ultimately have a negative effect. The magnitude of its impact rises with each successful implementation. The effect is considered anomalous, as a number of similar laws passed in unaffected countries have been reported to have a positive effect.
Confirmed examples of RPC-XXXX's influence are as follows:

  • The Great Purge which occured from 1936 to 1938 in the USSR.
  • Hyperinflation of the Zimbabwean Dollar(ZWL) in the 1990s.
  • The US housing bubble in the early 21st century
  • The Syrian Civil War in 2011

RPC-XXXX-01 instances are entirely convinced of the aforementioned laws' necessity, irrelevant on the stance of RPC-XXXX-01 on the issue. Invariably, all meetings end with RPC-XXXX-01 following suggestions presented by the entity. Protocol Gentle Wave nullifies the aforementioned cognitohazard allowing RPC-XXXX-01 to cooperate with the Authority.

RPC-XXXX de-manifests and re-manifests in a random country if one of the following events take place:
- RPC-XXXX-01 refuses to follow the entity's suggestions.
- RPC-XXXX or RPC-XXXX-01 is terminated.
- RPC-XXXX is directly hindered by individuals familiar with its anomalous properties or those who were instructed to hinder RPC-XXXX by mentioned individuals. It does not de-manifest, however, if the enactment of RPC-XXXX-created law is hindered.
- RPC-XXXX is unable to meet RPC-XXXX-01 at least once a month.
- RPC-XXXX in inquired about its previous manifestation See Incident Log XXXX-20/07/1972
If, however, RPC-XXXX-01 loses its position as the leader of the executive branch of the government, there is a ~70% chance that RPC-XXXX re-manifests in the same country.
RPC-XXXX's speech degrades to the point of incoherence before de-manifesting as evidenced in Interview-XXXX-01 and other unrelated incidents.

All attempts at revising, removing or re-writing laws suggested by RPC-XXXX proved to be impossible prior to de-manifestation.

Discovery and Retrieval: On ██/██/196█ the Prime Minister of [DATA EXPUNGED] had contacted the Authority stating that a "Secretary of Ballistics" had suddenly appeared in his cabinet with every questioned member of the government stating that the entity was a respected and well-known advisor of the Prime Minister.
An MST was sent to apprehend the entity causing it to de-manifest and an investigation was launched.
After several unsuccessful approaches at containment the current Containment Procedures were drafted and the entity is considered contained since ██/██/20██.

Addendum XXXX-01:

Over the decades of the entity's activity political discourse had been damaged, as there were several cases of identical or similar laws between manifestations which had a positive effect when introduced in countries not influenced by RPC-XXXX. This unfortunately results in the development of modern politics and systems slowing down or even derailing in some areas. It is important not only to the world we protect, but also to our organisation that the evolution of governing systems goes in the right direction, as we are completely dependent on the economies and stability of our supporting nations. That is why the Global Directors approved the launch of a cover-up and misinformation campaign with the goal of wiping the acts influenced by RPC-XXXX from the pages of history.
- Head Researcher Johann Strauss


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