Item #: RPC-XXX


RPC-XXX 12 minutes after impact with ODIN-II 8463.

Object Class: Eskalion

Containment Protocols: Proper containment is currently impossible to achieve by current means due to RPC-XXX's non-standard space time properties and location. RPC-XXX's last known location was reported at 34 000 km outside the solar system prior to observation log-XXX-1 (See Addendum XXX-1).

Description: RPC-XXX is an ophidian creature approximately 283.5 million km in length and 24 000 km in diameter. RPC-XXX's body, with the exception of its head, appears string-like with sections of it's body intertwining into more solid contour such as its tail-end. RPC-XXX's head features eye sockets but no apparent eyes, however, its behavior proves awareness to its surroundings.

Though hypothesised, yet not fully understood, RPC-XXX's anomalus effect is of multi unviersal scale; allowing it to exist and not exist in every possible universe. In context to direct contact with RPC-XXX, the object and or organism inherit RPC-XXX's current state and position in every universe connected to it for the duration of the interaction.

Addendum XXX-1
Note: The following transcript of audio logs were taken from the initial contact of human interaction with RPC-XXX. The team was tasked with observation, sampling and secured on-site field tests due to RPC-XXX's size and nature.

The team was comprised of a large group of researchers, physicists, astrophysicist, mathematicians and highly trained astronauts. Before the team's launch, several interstellar station components were launched to construct a fully functional interstellar research station.


Dr. Miller: Are we prepped for launch?

Command: Shortly… (away from mic) Err… the fueling pod is still attached, can someone get on that?

Command: Everything is prepped and ready for launch, run the checklist before dismount.

Dr. Miller (lists- and checks off all marks) We are good to go.

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