Research Hub


Welcome to the Research Division of the RPC Authority. The objective of the Research Division is to research and understand the various objects and phenomena that the RPC Authority is able to acquire. Our Division offers a wide variety of professional opportunity in many different fields from Viderics and Experimentation to Cybernetics and Astronomy. Our goal here at the Research Division is to further humanities knowledge of the universe, by means of understanding objects that seemingly defy its laws. The offices under the Research Division includes the following:

The Office of Acquisition deals with various expansions on the human existence and perception. The Office of Acquisition contains the Theistic and Kaballic Division and The Department of Viderics. The Theistic Division studies anomalies perceived as "Gods". The Kaballic Division studies the Occult and other hidden knowledge. The Department of Videric studies the mechanism and uses of the Viderics neurotransmitter.

The Regulatory Committee ensures the competency of research employees, including re-certification and level of production. Complaints and appeals are handled by the Committee, as well as major section goals.

The anomaly experimentation team explores the limits of each RPC and tests them for possible beneficial uses. Being the largest team in the Research Division, many different types of experiments are performed. Finding the capabilities of each object can open up doors for other research teams and lead to valuable discoveries. Experiments may be requested by other research teams to be performed as well as the cross testing of multiple anomalies.

The Office of Letters and Science houses a number of subsidiaries relating to the sciences and other fields of study that pertains to the natural world. The purpose of this office is to able to base the objects the RPC Authority encounters in some form of general scientific understanding. Because of the structure of this office, it houses a large number of subsidiaries focused on a specific field of study, such as Psychology, Philosophy, Botony, History, and Chemistry.

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