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A strand of dead RPC-XXX cells.

Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols RPC-XXX is to be stored at Site-002 in a 3.5 meter by 3.1 meter by 3 meter sealed containment chamber at all times. RPC-XXX is to remain cryogenically frozen at all times, with the exception of testing purposes. Under no circumstances is RPC-XXX to come in contact with human tissue, with the single exception being testing. In the event that RPC-XXX breaches containment in human form, it is to be immobilized immediately, followed by recontainment. In the event that RPC-XXX successfully leaves Site-002, MST-Foxtrot-21 "Cleaners" are to be dispatched to immobilize and recontain RPC-XXX. As of 19/07/2001, A GPS positioning device has been implanted in RPC-XXX due to the events of Incident-XXX-A.

Description: (TL;DW for now) A mold-like organism. When it comes into contact with an individual, it will take their genetic code, becoming a clone of the person within 1 hour. This human form is not hostile towards the host, in fact, it desires to live alongside the DNA source. It is only hostile when provoked in the human form. Due to its desire to become human, it breaches containment constantly, whether it be in mold or human form. If the source dies, it will retain the host's form until it is forcefully removed. Cryogenic freezing destroys the human form.


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