Researcher Ezekiel's sandbox 2

RPC-XXX travelling through the Pacific Ocean, 15/7/2009.

Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be used as a mobile base of operations by MST Sierra-14 "Sailors". As of 1/12/2003, it is to be considered harmless to all Authority personnel, due to Colonel Henk Kleinlansing becoming the current instance of RPC-XXX-1. When not in use, RPC-XXX is to be docked at Site-001. An armory has been built inside of RPC-XXX for use by MST Sierra-14. In the event that RPC-XXX receives damage, it is to be immediately returned to Site-001 for repairs. As of 17/4/2004, RPC-XXX is to receive 100 anti-submarine torpedos every 3 months.

Description: RPC-XXX is an De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate, presumably built from 1998 to 2000. Despite a self-regenerating supply of ammunition, RPC-XXX possesses no armament differences from other ships in its class. RPC-XXX also appears to generate fuel in a similar manner. As of 17/4/2004, RPC-XXX has been modified to contain anti-submarine armaments. It is to be noted that ammunition for these armaments is not self-generated. In addition, RPC-XXX has a multitude of CCTV cameras spread throughout itself, however, none connect to any apparent power sources or outputs.

RPC-XXX has no manual controls. RPC-XXX is instead controlled by an anomalous structure within the lower deck of RPC-XXX. RPC-XXX's anomalous properties manifest when a human enters this structure. Upon entry, A mass of wires will ensnare the subject, while 5 hooks proceed to restrain the subject. This process leads to extreme, but short-lived pain. From this point onward, the subject is to be considered RPC-XXX-1. There can only be one instance of RPC-XXX-1 at any given time period, with entry by additional subjects leading to no anomalous occurrences. RPC-XXX-1's eyes are to be considered non-functional by this point, with "sight" being reported from RPC-XXX's security cameras. RPC-XXX-1 requires no sustenance or sleep. RPC-XXX-1 instances are capable of speech, both in proximity to RPC-XXX's structure, as well as through "speakers" found throughout RPC-XXX. In the event that RPC-XXX is damaged, RPC-XXX-1 will experience pain1. RPC-XXX-1 possesses full control over RPC-XXX's movement and armaments. RPC-XXX-1 instances can be neutralized via any methods that would kill an average human, although this has only happened twice. It is to be noted that RPC-XXX-1 instances are immune to the effects of RPC-625, due to their eyes being non-functional.

Discovery: RPC-XXX was discovered on 19/2/2002, inside the Parera Naval Base on the island of Curaçao. Upon inspection of RPC-XXX, one of the inspecting sailors cited the lack of controls inside of RPC-XXX. 15 minutes later, another inspector entered the structure inside the lower deck, causing RPC-XXX to move. The other inspector quickly left RPC-XXX, informing his commanding officer of the incident. On 20/2/2002, The Dutch government informed the Authority of RPC-XXX's existence. RPC-XXX was contained at Site-001 until the "controller of RPC-XXX agreed to work with MST-Sierra-14. A replacement for RPC-XXX was quickly put under construction on 21/2/2002, and was completed on 27/11/2004.


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