Robert Bernardo

Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha Orange Beta Red Neutralized

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Organic Hazard, Command Hazard.

New Containment Protocols:1 RPC-XXX is currently located within Site-41 on the 5th floor and is to be contained in a closed steel containment chamber measuring 6x6x6m in area, with 1.5 m thick walls. Additionally, the containment chamber is to be fitted with a proper bathroom and a medical facility2. RPC-XXX is to be provided with food3 when awakened4. If any signs of sickness or injury are noted on RPC-XXX, they are to be reported to site command immediately, as this may trigger an earlier awakening than previously planned. The Authority has developed a machine to medically induce a comatose state for RPC-XXX. This works as a way to contain RPC-XXX-1 as it cannot be active for more than 4 minutes when RPC-XXX is unconscious. As such, the machine is sufficient in containing all RPC-XXX instances. As standard procedure, refills of nutrient paste mixed with 5000mg of ███ should be supplied to the machine every 2 weeks. Maintenance checks must be schedule every week to ensure that the machine is working properly and to check the current status of RPC-XXX.

The following Protocols were created by Dr. J█████ and are to be followed strictly:

Food Related

RPC-XXX is to be provided with one bowl of ████ ████ brand cereal and a carton of ████████ brand orange juice, and a carton of orange juice only found in the midwestern united states brought by the main researcher Dr. J█████. this will be acquired and provided by the senior researcher currently assigned to this project.

Hygiene Related

RPC-XXX is to be awakened by gradual removal from it's induced coma, and once it is established that RPC-XXX is back to normal sleeping conditions, a specially fabricated alarm clock that plays "It's a Fine Day" from the band "Jane" is to be used. This is done to establish a routine so that RPC-XXX believes the time span between each awakening is much shorter than it actually is. Cleansing of RPC-XXX quarters and self-hygiene are to be managed by a checklist, made by Dr. J█████, which SCP-XXX believes was given to it. It is made to prevent boredom, promote muscle activity, and to reduce any chances of hygiene-related health issues.

The checklist must be run through by RPC-XXX itself. The checklist includes:

  • Dish Washing
  • Teeth-Cleaning
  • Put Recreation Tools back in the Box
  • Bathing5
  • Dusting

Recreation Related

Between the Awakening phase and the checklist of activities, RPC-XXX's are allowed to have a recreational time. In this period6 RPC-XXX is to be supplied with toys, such as three custom made rag dolls, tea party playsets, and other toys Dr. J█████ brings. After this period, RPC-XXX is to retain it's energy, for that reason, a cotton mattress with a feather pillow was placed in the containment cell of RPC-XXX. During the Awakening7 only Dr. J█████ or personnel with level 3 clearance and above are allowed into RPC-XXX's containment chambers.


No RPC symbology or uniforms are to be used when interacting with RPC-XXX, as it may trigger the appearance and activity of RPC-XXX-1.

Description: RPC-XXX is a Caucasian female, about 6 years of age with brown hair and green eyes. The subject weight measures about 21 kg and the height is approximately 116 cm. The subject’s IQ is at the ordinary range for a person her age. RPC-XXX has shown to only interact with Dr. J█████. Any attempts of interaction with other members of the Authority will cause the appearance of RPC-XXX-1. RPC-XXX shares a connection to an entity known as 'Jhon', designated RPC-XXX-1. If the name of RPC-XXX-1 has any significance, it is currently unknown to the Authority.8 RPC-XXX has been reluctant to divulge any information relating to the subject. RPC-XXX-1 is an entity that can only be viewed by children under the age of 10.
Subjects who view RPC-XXX-1 typically give the following description:

  • Has 4 limbs, with 3 finger-like appendages housing needle-like protrusions.
  • Is tall (approximately 4.5m), thin and has a White/grayish skin.
  • Wears a hat described to be smiling(RPC-XXX-2)
  • Face damaged by a damage similar to scratching or clawing.9
  • Two bifurcated feet
  • Wears a black-colored zipper cotton bodysuit (Generally described by RPC-XXX as a 'onesie')
  • A long smooth tail ending in a sharp spaded paddle.(Similar to a 'devil')

RPC-XXX-1 is capable of moving at high speeds when using all four arms, being able to match the speed of the average car as seen in the description of the letter made by RPC-XXX.
However, it is still unknown how accurate this might be. The entity is capable of regenerating damaged tissue over a significant amount of time. Observations have concluded that minor injuries dealt to the entity take around 50 minutes to heal, while major injuries can take up to 3 hours to fully recover. It is also capable of slowly regenerating damaged tissue when given a significant amount of time. This healing ability is still much faster than in the one observed in humans. Whenever RPC-XXX is agitated or threatened, RPC-XXX-1 will respond by attempting to attack the subject with it's needle-like appendages. If the entity’s attack is successful, it will inject an unknown substance into it's victims which has a strong sedative effect. It injects it before attempting to brutally mutilate their victim. RPC-XXX-1 can only operate within a 15 meters radius of RPC-XXX. If the entity leaves said radius it will fall and lose all motor functions.
The use of tranquilizers on RPC-XXX instances has been discussed.

Since Incident 09-27, RPC-XXX-1 has shown new anomalous properties, such as allowing people above the age of 10, that are incapable of sighting RPC-XXX-1, to see parts of it's body. It's eyes can produce light that, like the metallic sound produced by it's zipper, cannot be hidden. RPC-XXX-1 appears to share information with RPC-XXX, as it was able to recognize Dr. J█████. RPC-XXX-1 is intelligent enough to open and close doors, but it has difficulty identifying human faces. It needs a total time of 3 seconds to fully recognize a face. The entity can produce a paralyzing substance from it's tail. RPC-XXX-1 is also able to choose not to kill, but paralyze, or stop a person by other means such as:

  1. Using the paralyzing venom from it's tail
  2. Rendering staff unconscious through RPC-XXX-2's abilities
  3. Locking and unlocking doors for RPC-XXX
  4. Pinning the victim to a wall
  5. Tying the victim up using a ball of twine that was in RPC-XXX's toybox

RPC-XXX-1 itself houses a third entity, at this moment designated RPC-XXX-2, within it's 'hat'. This entity has an unknown appearance, as RPC-XXX has refused to describe it. It's only known function is to force humans and possibly any sentient beings to laugh uncontrollably across long distances(Measured to being a 20m radius). Dense walls do not impede this ability effectively, indicating that the effect isn't propagated by the sound generated. This could also indicate that RPC-XXX-1 is incapable of locating the target beyond sight or sound, and is either forming a symbiotic bond with RPC-XXX or produces it to assist in hunting.


*Addendum Log 1: Interview with RPC-XXX

*Addendum Log 2: Recent Incident 09-27

*Addendum Log 3: Letter from RPC-XXX

*Addendum Log 4: End Results

*Addendum Log 5: Autopsy of RPC-XXX-1


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