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Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is contained inside an abandoned house in Minnesota. The building contains two floors, one dining room, three bathrooms, one kitchen, and three bedrooms. All of these rooms contain separate anomalous properties. Due to RPC-XXX's remote location and size, transferring RPC-XXX to a nearby Site is currently impossible. The area that RPC-XXX covers is to be restricted from public access under the pretense of privately owned government property, along with establishing a perimeter electric fence around the property. Security personnel is to be stationed within the perimeter as to prevent unauthorized intruders.

Description: RPC-XXX is the designation for a house containing three anomalous entities, referred to as RPC-XXX-1, RPC-XXX-2, and RPC-XXX-3. RPC-XXX-1 manifests as a tree embedded in the wall to the left of RPC-XXX's entrance. RPC-XXX-2 manifests to the right of the entrance, rooted in the floor. RPC-XXX-3 appears to be in the entrance, trembling slightly upon observation.

When any personnel enters RPC-XXX, they will be given the "guidelines" by each RPC-XXX entity, the first being RPC-XXX-1.

After this, RPC-XXX-2 will speak, usually in a frantic tone.

When RPC-XXX-2 stops speaking, RPC-XXX-3 will wait approximately one minute before talking, upon which it will then say the following phrase

None will respond until one of the three actions below is taken:

  1. Physical harm toward any RPC-XXX instance.
  2. Speaking of phrases observed inside RPC-XXX.
  3. Say the phrase "I am ready to go into the Abyss.

All contact with RPC-XXX entities must be approved by Level 3 personnel (or higher). If one is to engage any of the interaction with RPC-XXX-1 through 3, they will appear inside of a void. The ground will reappear, though significantly darker, with rough gravel and vines covering the walls. This location contains no natural light, so it is advised that a light source is among the three allotted items. The location appears drastically different with each visit, with the labyrinth comprised of ten currently known arrangements, designated the following:

  • Bear traps
  • Minefields
  • Normal rooms
  • Cult rooms
  • Dining table
  • Green Camps
  • Destroyed House
  • Picnic tree
  • A broken clinical facility

Others events might appear in future examination of the Abyss.

Only one person at a time can enter in the Abyss, they can take up to three items and his clothes. RPC-XXX-1 to RPC-XXX-3 disappears during the game as they enter in the same. They appear to call the person entering the Abyss the Abyss watcher, and will change attitude towards the same when inside the Abyss. Every RPC seems to have a role in the Abyss, as they got some kind of influence over the game while you play at it, three RPC's has the following properties


*Addendum 1: Log of all attempts

*Addendum 2: Audio log of Dr. K████.


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