Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Epsilon-Black

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional, Memetics, Immeasurable

Containment Protocols: There are currently no mechanisms to contain RPC-XXX as it does not respond the same way to either organic or inorganic matter. It appears to not adhere to the laws of physics, existing outside of our physics laws. Access to RPC-XXX its to be forbidden to all personnel with level-3 credentials or lower, experiment and tampering are strictly prohibited. A six-month withhold period must be given to all applications where testing should be required.

Description: RPC-XXX is a shining white sphere, it circumference ranges between 3.5 cm and 71 acres. Metaphysical light distortions surrounding it. The only known way to access RPC-XXX is by RPC-██, the extra-dimensional Hitachi elevator. RPC-XXX can be found on "floor" 448, where it is circulating in an infinite void. The entity appears to exist on its own laws, which don't correspond to our physics laws. RPC-XXX is capable of communicating through numerous languages known in the planet Earth and other languages currently unknown by humankind. The subject has displayed the capability to recognize our laws of physics and our reality, that way, creating an ability to reproduce objects presented to it (See Interview Log-1). Notably, RPC-XXX exhibits the ability to travel through dimensions by itself through an as of yet undiscovered method. It is equally able to send a smaller white orb hereafter referred to as RPC-XXX-2.

Currently, the full extent of RPC-XXX's anomalous properties remains unknown, as it can produce memetic effects on newcomers to its dimension (See Incident-032). RPC-XXX has previously accessed our dimension, designated as 7986, seeking information regarding organic life and what it refers as the "cycle." No clarification has been made about what this cycle is as of yet, theorized as being the cycle of life or the universe itself. The Authority has put this entity under surveillance in case it could pose a threat to humanity, however, it has displayed no hostility. It seems to be focused on learning about other dimensions to create its own. RPC-XXX personality is very collected, as it contains a significant and vast amount of knowledge, but doesn't find it useful to brag about it. RPC-XXX knows a variety of information and how to use it. From our repeated observations, RPC-XXX exhibits behaviors that could be termed as a cold, calculating, and also playful. RPC-XXX has been observed to make deals and tricks. It is unafraid however to use whatever means are necessary to obtain the pieces of information necessary.

RPC-XXX-2 appears to be instances of shining orbs, that travel through dimensions seeking information of any sort, such as an object, sound, or even light itself. These orbs can alter properties of the reality they are on to resemble their original universe to restore any information in existence. These orbs can acquire existing matter to store within them, leaving a void where whatever they took was. While traveling the orbs appears intangible, becoming solid to touch when carrying information. Upon touching RPC-XXX-2 subjects report a feeling similar to cold steel. Upon close inspection, the orbs show a polished surface, reflective as a mirror. It is able of displaying the information it contains when viewed from outside, containing a kind of memetic hazard effect on the viewer. Their resilience is similar to steel, testing reveals that when destroyed, the orbs will regenerate in a maximum of 2 hours and continue to seek information to store. RPC-XXX-2 is able to increase and decrease in size if it's necessary to contain the information. Containing RPC-XXX-2 is possible. But experiments show that restraining the orbs in any form of containment for up to 30 minutes causes them to vanish, leaving behind what was contained at the moment.

All instances of RPC-XXX-2 found are to be exterminated on sight and contained immediately. Any information leaks caused by RPC-XXX-2 incidents are to be dealt with by administering amnestics to civilians exposed.


*Addendum 1: Interview Log

*Addendum 2: Incident-032



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