RPC-013 "The Broken Despot"





Registered Phenomena Code: 013

Object Class: Beta-Black

Hazard Types: Psychotronic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Temporal Hazard, Info-Hazard, Destabilization Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-013 is to be contained at Site-033's underground seclution wing in a standart humanoid cell. This cell is to mantain a stable AC level of ACS-4 with the use of stabilizers in order to prevent attacks from RPC-013-1. RPC-013 is to be feed twice a day via conveyer belt in an attempt to improve it's general physique. Alongside this, RPC-013 is to be suited at all times in wool-packed clothing as to prevent harm to itself.

No personnel is allowed to speak or interact directly with RPC-013 without direct approval from the committee of Global Directors on the basis of high informational leakage risk.1Site-033's Director is to interview RPC-013 once every week for a better understanding of the "December Incident."

No further security measures are required, as RPC-013 spends most of its time standing still on the middle of its cell or aimlessly wandering around it. Should this behaviour change, personnel are to immediately notify Site-033's Director.


Only know picture of Vsevolod Baranov. Taken during his time in German POW camps.

Description: RPC-013 is a human male of Russian descent, presumed to have been alive since 19222 and going by the name of Vsevolod Baranov.3 RPC-013 suffers from several mental and physiological health conditions such as: blindness, severe malnutrition,4 dissociative identity disorder, and an inability to differentiate between past, present, or future tense at the time of communicating. It is to be noted that RPC-013 does not seem to be capable of being terminated by it's own injuries or external forces, with lethal force only temporarily incapacitating it.

The anomalous properties of RPC-013 are documented to have been caused by a series of experiments conducted in Germany during WW2, in coalition with GoI "Omega Iota." The purpose of this experiments was the creation of an advanced form of life by the use of primitive methods of anomalous genetic modification on several POWs. This experiment, however, was considered to be a failure, with RPC-013 as it's sole survivor.

Amongst it's anomalous properties, RPC-013 has shown an advanced degree of psychotronic abilities, seemingly being able to perceive the thoughts of all humans in a non liner spectrum of time. Due to this, and despite a lack of aggressive behavior, RPC-013 is considered a grand informational hazard, with the possible risks of a containment breach being unfathomable. Alongside this, RPC-013 is theorized to be capable of manipulating matter around its near vicinity, as well as affecting the outcome for events to happen.5

Omega-Iota Collected Documents and Interviews in Chronological Order:

Discovery: On September the 3rd, 2021, an unidentified nude individual carrying what appeared to be a file on its right hand began sprinting towards the near vicinity of Site-033. Despite multiple warnings, said Individual never ceased until fired upon after entering in a 30m radius from the Site's entrance.

After being shot 5 times in the chest the individual fell to the ground, presumably death, only to raise once again after 5 seconds, where it was fired upon a second time, only to attempt to run again.

When trying to fire at the entity for a third time, all magazines from ASF personnel suddenly jammed, allowing for the individual to reach the entrance door of Site-033, which it was able to open without any type of pass card or clearance.

After accessing the Site, the individual began to sprint towards Site Director Elliott Benedict's office before being physically apprehended by on-site security. After temporary containment and classification, an interview was held to determine the origin and motivation of the individual.

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