RPC-1488-J: The Forbidden Word

Item #: RPC-1488-J

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: RPC-1488-J is not to be uttered, especially in the workplace. Any Authority personnel who say RPC-1488-J are to have their employment terminated, or demoted to Class D. MTS November-6 "PC Police," are stationed in major cities and townships to deride civilians who utter RPC-1488-J. The Authority has highly advised civilian business owners to assist in the containment of RPC-1488-J. However, certain personnel are allowed to use RPC-1488-J, given a special security level by the Board of Global Directors known as the [RPC-1488-J REDACTED] pass.

Description: RPC-1488-J is an anomalous word in the English language that triggers the termination of the employment of anyone who utters it. Anyone who hears RPC-1488-J have reported mild discomfort. These effects are amplified when RPC-1488-J is pronounced with a hard R sound at the end of the word. Members of certain ethnic groups, however, are immune to the consequences of uttering RPC-1488-J. As well, effects can be reduced from "outright offensive," to "cringeworthy," via a complicated inoculation procedure known as "The [RPC-1488-J REDACTED] Pass."

Addendum: Incident Report I - First Instance of RPC-1488-J in the Authority

Foreword: The following is a conversation between Dr. Rape and Dr. Wellington

<Begin Log>

Rape: Hey, man. How's it going?

Wellington: 'Sup, Rape?

Rape: It's pronounced Rah-pay you [RPC-1488-J REDACTED]!

Wellington: Woah, woah, not cool, Man!

Rape: You called me rAEp when it's pronounced rah-PAY!

Wellington: Well I didn't know. I'm new!


<End Log>

Closing Statement: Afterwards, Dr. Rape was fired from his position, demoted to D-Class, and was promptly raped by his cellmate that night.

Addendum: Incident Report II - Containment Breach

Foreword: The following is an excerpt from a livestream by Daniel Keem, when confronted on whether he had pushed his colleague, named Alex, to the front page of a livestream website.

<Begin Log>

Keem: Fuck this! I'm on Blog.tv with my fucking hands up; I'm not starting [it] my fucking self! You fucking stupid bitch! This stupid fucking; all-righteous fucking [RPC-1488-J REDACTED], Alex, is running this shit! You fucking [RPC-1488-J REDACTED]!


Keem: Yo; everyone type in the chat: "Alex is a stupid [RPC-1488-J REDACTED]." Everyone type in the chat: "Alex is a stupid [RPC-1488-J REDACTED]." Fuck him; fuck him…

<End Log>

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