RPC-210 "Just Keep Walkman"

Item #: RPC-210

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-210 is to be kept in a reinforced containment room measuring 1m x 1m x 2.3m at Site-015. Additionally, the door to RPC-210 is to be reinforced with 3 layers of steel in order to prevent any sound from exiting the containment room. (See Incident Log-210-1)

RPC-210 is to be monitored on a daily basis to ensure that the object maintains it's orbit away from earth. Any signs of RPC-210 returning into orbit is to be reported by a Senior Research and action's towards removing RPC-210 from orbit is to commence as soon as possible. Additionally, RPC-210 is to be monitored for any shuttles approaching it. In the event that a shuttle is approaching RPC-210, a messaged is to be sent a message to desist their activities. Should the shuttle not comply after 2 hours, personnel are authorized to destroy the shuttle by means of ground to space missiles.

Description: RPC-210 is a standard green 1993 Sony WM-FX21 Cassette Player, with headphones connected to the aux connector of RPC-210. The inside of RPC-210 contains a black cassette tape labeled in red marker on a white sticker "William's amaz…"1, with the sticker showing signs of degradation. RPC-210's tunning mechanism appears to be missing, and the volume mechanism is incapable of being turned down. Additionally, RPC-210'S volume mechanism can continuously be turned up with seemingly no gap or limit

RPC-210's anomalous effects manifest by continuously playing music with no regard for battery life, environment, or

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