Registered Phenomena Code: 358

Object Class Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types Sapient, Info-Hazard, Organic

Containment Protocols: RPC-358 is to be stored in a locker in the Research Wing of Site-88, only accessible to personel cleared for research with RPC-358, interviews/lessons with RPC-358-2, or security personnel stationed to RPC-358-2. Persons designated RPC-358-1 are to be closely monitored by on-site security, and any ethical infractions towards RPC-358-2 are subject to disciplinary action par the Stability and Integrity Commission.

RPC-358-2 is to be contained in a modified humanoid cell, and given basic needs and requests, but no request that compromises Authority security or containment of RPC-358 shall be granted. RPC-358-2 is to be fed thrice daily, with a diet comparable to modern Japanese cuisine, but can be given local foods if RPC-358-2 requests. RPC-358-2 is also to be instructed daily, given basic education, including lessons on English Language and Literature. Whenever leaving it's containment chamber, RPC-358-2 is to be accompanied by at least two (2) armed guards, both of whom are RPC-358-1 instances.

Description: RPC-358 is a standard DVD copy of a japanese animated series titled [REDACTED] produced by AMAZING! Co. Studios. The box containing RPC-358 measures 190mm x 135mm x 14mm and weighs approximately 74 grams, while RPC-358 itself is a CD 6 centimeters is radius, the front of which is decorated with an uncolored AMAZING! Co. Studios Logo. The box containing RPC-358 and RPC-358 itself emit no anomalous properties until RPC-358 is placed into a DVD player with connection to any viewing device.

Upon a individual's full viewing of RPC-358 contents, the individual is hereby designated as RPC-358-1. Upon individual becoming RPC-358-1, they would then have the ability to view RPC-358-2. RPC-358-2 is described as a 18 year old brown haired Japanese woman standing at 157.2cm and weighing 46.3kg. In this description, RPC-358-2 greatly resembles the heroine of [REDACTED], and refers to itself with the same name, Tomoko Hatanaka. RPC-358-2’s personality has been described by researchers as being mature, confident, and brash.

Discovery Log: RPC-358 was discovered when 22 reports of schizophrenia along with 12 cases of homicide had occurred at █████████, Japan. The circumstances behind each murder were identical; Blunt force followed by a complete inability to identify fingerprints to any individual. The Authority was eventually contacted by Japanese police after reports of a Sōrei in a rural northern town led to panic from the local populace.


Note from Senior Researcher Manson (2/26/201█): With consideration of RPC-358's discovery, the testimony of RPC-358-2, and Incident Log 358-1, investigation is currently ongoing for another possible subset of RPC-358, assigned RPC-358-3. What happened to Takahashi is regrettable, but we know that it is a high aggressive entity, and is to be classified gamma2

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