Registered Phenomena Code: 846

Object Class : Beta-Red

Hazard Types: h-transmutable.png Transmutation Hazard h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-memory-alteration.png Memory-Alteration Hazard h-visual.png Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-846 is to be contained by MST Alpha - 3 by blockading all routes leading to RPC-846 are to be blockcaded by MST Team Alpha 3. It is to be monitored overhead by RPC deployed drones. Or ground units on-site with cameras. RPC-846 is to be protected and monitored at all times to prevent a breakout of RPC-846-1. Nobody is to conduct any experiments. Unless Dr. Gradkova grants permission for another experiment. Under no circumstances are anymore experiments to occur on-site, by direct order of Global Director 06. All unauthorized personnel upon nearing a 100 meter radius are to be put into Authority custody under the impression the church is private property.


Picture of the church taken in Circa 2010.

Description: RPC-846 is abandoned Orthodox Christian church in Eastern Ukraine. Over 50 kilometers away from the nearest civilization or any human lifeform other then RPC Protection Division that guards the area. RPC-846 is extremely dangerous to enter. Entering the RPC will trigger mutliple anomalous effects on the subject, who is refered to as RPC-846-1. Any being or living object that has entered the facility. Only if it is human, will result in further anomalous effects that will and can kill a human being. The effects include church doors dissappearing due to lack of eye contact, praying, laughing and crying can be heard coming from nowhere, and strange unnerving noises coming from the floor. Upon entering the church begins a various collection of effects on the subject who will now be refered to as RPC-846-1. RPC-846-1 is the main hazard of the church, having their minds altered, a new language, and memory alteration.

Since RPC-846-1 entered the church, they become different in features and accent, RPC-846-1 will find a door and enter through it, if they are able to see it. The door's location varies, for example, on the ceiling, on the floor, in the walls, etc. After entering these doors, subjects are greeted with a anomalous statue that will vary in shape, size and model. Most importantly, the starving child. Being the biggest, and strangest statue. Surrounded by the most candles and one apple. Upon entering the room RPC-846-1 will hear crying sounds and general mourning sounds from nowhere. RPC-846-1 will then begin body changes, language changes, and memory alteration. RPC-846 will begin manifesting into RPC-846-1, which will begin some decomposure in the body. Over the span of 2 months, RPC-846-1 will continuesly decompose. Even if RPC-846-1 is able to leave the Church, it will continue decomposing until death. RPC-846-1 will shape into the statue's model, for the starving child being the most important, as the child knows most about the church, but is vague when speaking or being interviewed by the Research Division.

RPC-846-1 if found is to be apprehended, and put into the RPC Authority's custody and interviewed by the Research Division. RPC-846-1 will die in a 2 month period after leaving, meaning it is critical to authority research to capture RPC-846-1.

RPC-846's anomalous effects have been escalating in danger and extremeness for each experiment, therefore the Global Directors have issued an order to cease all scientific, organic, or any and all experiments on the church. Nobody is to enter, nobody is to exit. All containment procedures should be followed to the point always or another incident of RPC-846-1 may escape the church and attack humans, personnel, and damage property.

Addendum: RPC-846 is to be monitored and protected at all costs to prevent any more deaths. Or incidents of RPC-846-1 from appearing anywhere near civilization.


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