RPC-866 strokes the desert camouflage skin of RPC-666. RPC-666 squirms happily under the embrace of her chaotic lover. The eldritch horror shoves its tentacles deep into the helicopter's vagina. The helicopter leaks a shimmering ebony liquid all over the tentacle of RPC-866. "Oh, you like that, 666?" RPC-866 asks RPC-666. The helicopter girl nods. "You're such a dirty helicopter," RPC-866 says seductively. RPC-666 uses its rotor blades to gently stroke 866's clitoris and a blissfully velvety purple blood sprays everywhere. RPC-666 smiles at the liquid pouring over it and slurps it up.
RPC-666 shoves her massive whopping railgun into 866's demonic tight pussy-hole and blows her load all over him.

oh damn
M: “You’re late.”

P: “W-what?”

To my surprise, I’m greeted by a woman wearing what appears to be a skimpy version of the Authority Security Officer uniform.

I can’t help but look down and…

Is she not wearing panties?

oh fuck I have a good idea that just occurred randomly when I reread the fanfic
what if the fanfic was based off 2 perspectives, being an affair within an RPC office and the 666/866 fic, but we somehow tie them together

Hmm. What if they are role-playing as RPC anomalies?

RPC-[REDACTED] walks up to the woman on the operating table. She looks at the good doctor. He unbuttons her uniform carefully. Her brassiere is revealed. She smiles at the doctor and removes her brassiere. He looks at her breasts for a moment before reaching forwards. He places a hand on her breast and gently squeezes it before turning his attention down towards her hips. He pulls her uniform down and reveals her undergarments. She wiggles her breasts at him. The good doctor ignores her and pulls her undergarments to the side, revealing her vagina. He holds onto her undergarments and retrieves a bottle from his operating bag. He uses his mouth to remove the lid then he squirts the liquid onto her vagina. He rubs it in, lubricating her. She wiggles with anticipatory pleasure. He inserts a few fingers into her folds.

-Feesh's contribution-
RPC-866 struts over to 666, wearing fucking stilettoes and tripping all over the bad dragon dildos. 866 falls onto 666, and immediately starts to rubs his pulsing bulge against 666's throbbing vulva. "A-Ah 866 daddy~ Please be gentle with me~" 666 yelps, moaning softly as 866 tore off her thong. "Gentle? Do you have any idea how I am around..you..?" 866 retorts, his husky voice going through the helicopter's ear. He rubs the tent in his jockstrap, pre leaking through the cloth. He then pulls it down, his member flinging up and resting on 666's pussy. 666 blushes heavily and closes her legs in embarrassment. 866 pries her legs apart and positions himself, his tip pressing against her entrance.

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