RPC-866 strokes the desert camouflage skin of RPC-666. RPC-666 squirms happily under the embrace of her chaotic lover. The eldritch horror shoves its tentacles deep into the helicopter's vagina. The helicopter leaks a shimmering ebony liquid all over the tentacle of RPC-866. "Oh, you like that, 666?" RPC-866 asks RPC-666. The helicopter girl nods. "You're such a dirty helicopter," RPC-866 says seductively. RPC-666 uses its rotor blades to gently stroke 866's clitoris and a blissfully velvety purple blood sprays everywhere. RPC-666 smiles at the liquid pouring over it and slurps it up.
RPC-666 shoves her massive whopping railgun into 866's demonic tight pussy-hole and blows her load all over him.

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